Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sizzling Ghost Stories Anthology

From some of the bestselling names in erotica comes a book full of sizzling encounters with ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, guaranteed to leave you breathless in more ways than one. Authors like Selena Kitt, Carl East, Delilah Fawkes and more, bring you paranormal chills with the sexiest of thrills - stories that are sure to raise your temperature a notch or two! 

Warning: not for readers of a delicate disposition - these stories are likely to set the heart racing and fill the reader's head with wild and erotically charged sexual fantasies. You are advised to read these on your own but be sure to keep the lights on - just in case!

So this post is going to be a little different. I can imagine some are looking at the cover art and thinking anything from "what the hell is that?" to "Ah, one of those?"

Short and simple of it is in addition to my own release, Hide From Him was set to be part of an erotic ghost story bundle I had about two weeks to cook up - right before christmas. Looking back at it, it may have been crazy, alongside editing and formatting for Goddess of Sands and Christmas shopping, but it was doable for me and I really wanted to get in on this opportunity.

There's some real big names in it, which feels like a pretty fucking awesome way to end the year on being associated with, if also really anxious. I'll talk about the year gone by later and tomorrow but suffice to say I haven't been at this nearly as long or prominently as some of the names.

I can't really tell you anything about their stories, and mine is detailed with excerpt below, but bundled promotional sets like this are a generally safe bet if you know what you're in for with even one. 

This month alone has been really amazing for me, so I'm really hopeful about the future going forward from here. If this is the first you've heard of me - through the bundle no less - or one of the first to have found what I was beginning; thank you for reading.

Hide From Him (BBW Paranormal)

Lynne Hill feels like she's being watched in her apartment since receiving a small statue gift through her college's Secret Santa. Consulting a friend in the New Year, she's advised to play a simple game with the 'devil' haunting her. Deciding to try it and hide from him, Lynne will discover the game is anything but simple. The feeling of eyes on her body isn't just her self-conscious shame. 

He’s been waiting to play with Lynne.

This one has been a fun little project to work on alongside editing and formatting Goddess of Sands, hence having both of them out at just about the same time. I've been juggling chainsaws that concept a bit of late, infact I started editing Deity of the Desert I-III before I was done with Darkfallen: Taking Jacob, the quick hot series started for what I might make a consistently futa/dickgirl series. I'm not sure, I rarely settle or fix something down. It's at least going to be my demonic prison erotica series while the Daemonique plot ploughs along on longer, slower releases. That's the charm, too. I get to release some of the best of both worlds without getting in the way of the other, like with this!

Hide From Him is a paranormal, ghostly story that hits home with that feeling of being watched, or not being alone. Those incorporeal feelings that gnaw at the back of your mind, like the chill up your spine. What this story does is asks; what if it was real? Who's to say it isn't?

For Lynne Hill, a lovably soft, deliciously rounded and cuddly girl who doesn't think that highly of herself, it becomes more than real. Playing a simple, silly game of hide and seek to handle her seemingly irrational fear and effectively convincing herself it doesn't exist through autohypnosis, everything goes wrong. That feeling of being watched was a very real ghost, and as soon as it finds her - winning the game - it makes short work of enjoying her paralyzed and trapped body, as per rules she wasn't aware of.

By the end of the night, there's a nice undertone of worrying less about looks and just enjoying what comes, carried on an air of having no choice and being held down by a ghostly man who comes to resemble all her darkest fantasies. 

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goddess of Sands (Novel Format Monster Girl Erotic Romance)

The full story of Nathan and Astrid's journey into the harsh Zo'qeth desert in a world where monsters mingle with mankind on a daily basis. Summoned by royal invitation, the couple will meet a hard ruler and handle the unquenchable lust shared between one another before heading out to explore the archeological history of newly unearthed ruins.

What they find within will be beyond reckoning, for the deity of the desert, a being of divine fable sleeps within. A giant lamia, a Goddess with the lower body of a snake will rise to greet and ultimately bless them as her own. Their journey for truths will provide answers they never thought to find.

Happy holidays, everyone! Unless they've long since passed, but there's always one around the corner. At time of writing, this saw the closing one of my last projects of 2013, which has been a pretty interesting year.

That's not for now, though. Now is talking about this book, which is pretty straightforward. Essentially I could just link the Deity or Monster Girl tags, the latter of which a little wanting, but this has always been a thing that I build on and adjust as I go.

Goddess of Sands is the novel format culmination of my Deity of the Desert monster girl series, spanning three volumes of varying kinks and characters, beginning with a simple introduction to the world full of monster girl types, moving on into some Daddy/Daughter roleplay, erotic spanking and what makes it special when really done right, meeting the desert city's Queen which is going to spawn its own novel, maybe two! 

Then it all ends with moving down into the unearthed ruins, where I could make any number of size jokes, and maybe some snake ones, but really, once it gets into the third volume, things do get a lot bigger, including the size of insertions being put into Astrid, or that Nathan is being used as. One post down gives you an idea of scale. Maybe a bit bigger, but the general concept of that she could pick up and put a man into her to suck out all his cum isn't so farfetched when she's that big.

Now being a novel format release, an excerpt is a bit redundant again - as much because there's already three excerpts, a couple reviews and other things in the backlog. Instead, I'll be sharing the short new prologue I gave it, so any of the awesome people to have picked up the series when it was in serial, telling me the people that want to read this sort of thing are out there, don't feel left out. It's also available in the reach of preview pages, so can be downloaded in book formats from Smashwords, for instance.

Prologue follows the pagebreak.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Size, Scale & Coming Soon

For those familiar with my Deity of the Desert series, this is a pretty good idea of the scale I had in mind for the giantess in the third chapter. It's relevant because I'm in the closing stages of having that series re-edited and formatted into its novel format. It's also a really nice picture, and obviously, rather than legs, the lamia in my story's lower half would be considerably longer, but the upward, humanoid scale is about this. Maybe a little bigger, but I like this scale of Giantess, compared to ones that make you cringe over what would amount to standing on lego when they're shadowing a city.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Darkfallen: Taking Jacob (Futanari on Male)

Whilst the world works to forget what happened to the underground prison island of Sarandin Isle, it's demonic host remains. The succubus to have captured one such man will drain him down into little more than a sissy on his knees, repurposing the stolen masculine energy, putting it to better use and showing him just how deep it can go, with a little determination.

I'm really quite happy with my publishing schedule for December, things feel a bit on the up. Maybe it's partly due to the festivity of the season, I don't know, and while this cover may not look very festive, there is a little air of that in it. 

One of the little sideline themes I've gone for in this book is the that of gifts and giving. Suffice to say, a succubus taking a man's essence and giving his new, pretty little sissy form the gift that keeps on cumming with it certainly gives someone a white Christmas. I really love the effect I got on the title too, though I might try to highlight its background a bit to make it stand out more.

It's a fun little side series I'm going to do between bigger projects, and the charm of it is really in the sealed demon prison I created in Daemonique, specifically the Darkfall chapters, which is what ultimately inspired this spin-off series name. What it means is, as the synopsis suggests, I have this massive, endless supply of sexual demons and prison cages to play with.

That's great.

I went for Futa on Male to begin with as a sort of gift to a friend who complained that "I'll never write futa mind control on femboy". The niche complaint was a little more of a grouped up thing over stuff I haven't really written seperately. Futa has its time and place - which this certainly is, femboy and sissy I've dabbled with a bit in both Gay and Straight forms and it's fun, but again has its place.

Mind control is very difficult to work with too, at least the headfuck way I would usually want to do it but one night I just wanted to sit down and start writing something without worrying about start point or any real context. I wanted to write that futa mind control on male, and this is how it ended up. It's a pretty fast, hard story of demonic fucking. I'm really happy with how I can just drop in and get going with any sort of demonic violation in this series.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tied Up in Good Company (Lesbian BDSM Threesome)

When Erica and Daniel (from Shoes of Glass) met the Mistress and pet couple Jessica and Kimberly (from Hot, Wet & Tied Up) at the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion, they hadn't expected to end up dancing in the palm of Jessica's hand. 

Having left the main hall with Kim's leash in hand to guide her, that's exactly what's happening. With Daniel ushered out of the picture, Jessica can enjoy the rest of the night to the fullest – behind a closed door with her cuddly lesbian lover and the new girl she's tempted into submitting to the wilder side of pleasure.

 I've been focusing quite a bit on my 'A Carnival of Phantasms' series lately, though for a few good reasons. For one, the stories are wildly different and independent, which makes them interesting to write with that slight background tag that ties them to a greater origin to launch from. It was part of the idea when I wrote A Carnival of Phantasms, one that became very evident as I went along, I just wasn't going to have time to fill out the whole story I wanted while entertaining all these side stories. 

And besides, I spent an hour debating keywords for this side story alone, there was no way in hell I was going to make that sort of box of content hit the right audience being a section of a bigger book. I wouldn't have been able to write up 15k worth of hot lesbian action, either.

The font for 'Tied Up in Good Company' might look familiar, and that's intentional. The leading couple are the same girls as from Hot, Wet & Tied Up, with a new friend to play with in this story of what happens after they get behind closed doors. With that pretext already in place, and a little warming up, it lets me write what I think is one of the more intense things I've written so far, with barely any stops in the erotic exploration and fun the three women have with one another until Erica has satisfied both Kimberly and Jessica.

So of course, there's lots of cunnilingus and tribadism, there's shackles and rope bondage to keep the new girl where Jessica wants her.  There's facesitting from both the petite little blonde domme and her pet girl Kim whose big ass practically smothers and suffocates Erica until she's let up for air. Perhaps most controversially, there's anal play and giving Erica an enema slipped in, though I've been very careful to focus more on the urgency and pressure of it than anything more graphic. The last thing I want to do is put people off, so there's no real focus in how that ends.

More importantly, there's just a lot of lesbian fun, forced orgasms and Jessica making the girls compete for her that I really went the distance to make even more hot and wet than its predecessor. I hope people give it a look and enjoy it!

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Her Wicked Webs (Monster Girl Femdom)

There's a monster in the attic, a thing of myth. Eight legs, six eyes, a taste for classical music and long nights of passion. Declan Cooper has already been introduced to the refined lady, and taken her potentially deadly kiss during an estranged party. He wakes now in a bed of the finest silk webs, the terrifyingly beautiful lady with the lower body of a black widow spider – Latrodia Variolus – tending for his recovery with motherly care.

She'll see him back in health, but not back on his feet. The night has only begun.

This is the first in a series of extra branch stories leading off from A Carnival of Phantasms (one post down). They won't all be coming right now - maybe one or two more will, I have so much I can do - but the purpose is they stray off the beat of the main story and head into some of those kinky rooms for things too extreme or specialized for the main story. A Carnival of Phantasms has received five star review reception to its mansion of kinks and dark fetish play, so check it out then follow up with the purely erotically charged side stories like this.

Now with that said, this side story was created as a point of contention I go on about constantly. I made a point of including the icon at the bottom of the cover, and being very clear in content warning, but this is a spidery monster girl story. For those that haven't run away screaming, that's why it wasn't part of the main story. It practically could have been, but then I wouldn't have made it all of 9k's worth of near pure erotic acts. Without that fear of upsetting people, it's really picked up some speed.

Courtesy of 'Monster Musume' manga
The adjacent image is pretty much what (if not who) you're in to meet with this story, and to be fair, the majority of my focus is on her upper body, so it isn't all that off-putting, beyond the motions, reminders and use of spider web bondage. The focus is upper body to point of starting with an erotic lactation scene that leads into titfucking, and then hours of sex.

Latrodia Variolus (the name of my spider lady) has a very motherly and mature air to her which works well with lactating and her dominance over Declan. She doesn't get men to play with often, so she's going to make sure he enjoys it, and takes her time enjoying him in turn. 

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Carnival of Phantasms (Latex, Monsters and Tentacles, oh my!)

You are cordially invited to an exclusive party shrouded in mystery and decadence. It's a party where fantasy and reality blur into a night of pleasure and terror alike where guests mingle and swap partners among the most racy of fetish costumes and monstrous beings roam the halls.


So, I've been quiet for a while. There's been some stuff posted on twitter, but no noise in terms of releases. That's because I've been hard at work with a feature length (I'm taking that to mean really nice in length but not 50k+ novel format length) story that began as some Halloween special. While it's still themed around Halloween, it's special for bigger, better reasons.

This commemorates my 20th publication, pulling in at 110 pages with a five star reception to its fetishes and story.

Anyway, so what is in this juicy feature? Not first, but foremost, since it's a little rare; sexual tickling torture. There's a whole chapter dedicated to it, and some teasing use of it outside that. I like to try different things, and that was really fun, while also jarringly frightening when you look back on what just happened in the scene as a whole. I'll leave discovering the details to the reader.

There's BDSM, latex and pet play, a whole chapter of which is shared as a Halloween treat recently, which includes some sensual lesbian kissing and not one but two femdoms. Give that a look for another idea of what I'm doing here. It's a huge, kinky party with all sorts of fetish-loving people sharing a night together. Some of them that make cameos aren't even precisely human, some you may be familiar with, and that's what makes this party so fun.

There is also - as you may have gleaned from the title - monsters and tentacles. Some of the monsters are so big, or so creepy (Not everyone appreciates spiders, I understand that), that they don't even fit in this book. As such, some only manage a lead-in cameo or a softer teasing scene, while others, primarily the juicy tentacles, get a full on virgin defiling messy cum overload.

It was a lot of fun to write, and around those sexual scenes, there's a good amount of character interaction and simple fear and tension or plain weird, otherworldly comedy moments that I threw in just because it was a fun thing to do with the freedom. 

I hope people get to enjoy it for what it is, I've put a lot of heart and soul into it. No excerpt this time, as the next post down is a whole chapter's worth of excerpt, and it's currently $0.99, what more d'ya want?! I can't actually make it free on Amazon without being clumsy or restrictive, this'll have to be the click of faith!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Halloween Treat: Good Puppy

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone's been enjoying the festivity and theme, whether or not it's been actively celebrated where you are. For me, it's been very fun, and given me a chance to work on something I've muttered incoherently about doing in no descript sense. That is to say I've only as much realized I wanted to do it.

In lieu of a proper festive image, I've borrowed this one from TRIGGER animation studio, because they're an awesome bunch that love witches, Halloween and the likes, too. Personally, I have more writing to work on, as this is proving to be one of my biggest projects that I haven't been able to clean-sweep finish in time for Halloween.

Mid-November update: You can now find the author feature and details for the 110 page publication [here]. It's available for $0.99 for a limited time from Amazon.

And that's okay. That's how it should be, how I wanted it to. It's currently sitting just shy of 20k words, and I have at least... four to maybe five scenes and effective chapters to work through before I dig into editing. I don't want to rush or shortchange this at all, so I'm not going to. The chapters might not all be in the realm of 3k+, I'm not sure, but I'm really enjoying the interactions and themes. Keep an eye out for me and more news of that in the future.

For now, though, since it's Halloween and all, I have a treat for all the amazing readers and supporters that make what I do possible. It might give you an idea of what I'm doing with this big project, it might just be confusing or not click and be pretty hot irregardless. It'll differ from person to person, so I'll let you decide, but I'll throw some hints anyway. The main pair of couples are returning characters from Hot, Wet & Tied Up and Shoes of Glass. If you were to check the Library, there'd be a high chance any character you land on knowing has a cameo at this party. It makes it very fun to write.

I will say the initial narrating group - Amber, Dee and co. - may seem a bit vague or faceless. That's because they've had a large amount of set up before this scene opens, and aren't integral to the core of this little arc, once it gets down to it.

Short story shy of 6k words follows the pagebreak. Includes the following:
[F/F][F/M][Femdom][BDSM][Pet play][Chastity][Lap dance][Rubbing through clothes][Sensual Kissing]

Friday, October 18, 2013

Daemonique V: The Succubus Within (Dark Fantasy BDSM Erotica)

When the noble Lady Vernan learns of dark secrets buried in the archives of her House, a new-found will to seduce will allow her to explore desires she never knew she had. A visit to the good Lord William Eldin with an old book will see her desire for him sated, and a darkness none in the sleepy coastal city expect to take root.

She looks to have been waiting a while for this release, or afraid of what lurks in her shadow. Maybe both. I decided it's been '(Coming Soon)' on the catalog section of my books for long enough, and it's been a pleasure to get back into the Daemonique series proper.

As stated, it's a new arc and opens a new chapter in the story. I'd pondered over the naming convention for a time for sake of making it accessible, but I think the note that it's a new story fits well enough while telling those who've picked up the story beforehand that there's a new chapter out there.

With 'The Succubus Within', I'm moving the immediate focus away from Sarandin Isle and to the coastal city nearest to it. It's there in Kinsgard that the people bear the closest affinity to the events that brought demons into the land on the now cursed island. It's a city rich with prosperity and faith, shown by the noble houses and cathedral that take focus in this chapter. 

I've experimented with style a bit in the use of notes. Originally the plan was to do more of a first-person journal entries affair of it with the corrupted Lady tempting and seducing her Lord into dominating her. While I've still kept an air of that theme, I've mixed it up with more of the usual observing narrative and ability to jump between perspectives. There are moments where the reader is left blindfolded and gagged as surely as Lady Vernan, and others where they're given to appreciate just how irresistibly sensual and erotic the whole act is, and how that affects the Lord over her. 

It lets me add more immediate and visceral emotion whilst also dabbling with jumping from the present to past and even to scenes unrecorded. As such it has a bit of both - soft and hard kinks. In the privacy of Lady Vernan's house, there's some wonderful breast play, titfucking and passionate sex. Saturday SmutMoved forward several days by magic of journal notes and external character narrative, and you're taken to wax play, delighting in BDSM, clamps, stockades and rough oral sex.

Lord William Eldin intends to fight fire with fire, but he may not be fighting the battle he thinks.

Extended excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Monday, October 14, 2013

I have no title for all this madness.

You know, I never thought I'd have a use for the "Suddenly: Madness" tag again, nevermind so soon, but I guess I should have seen it coming.

In some ways I suppose I did see it coming, if only vicariously. Independent publishing has proven to be a real Pandora's Box, made no better by how much storefronts have just jumped on something that looked sparkly and popular without putting half a day of effort into their interface.

WH Smiths is offline and Kobo sabotaged itself to appear like it, by proxy, was being a social justice warrior of the modern age and correcting heinous crimes, too.

It's okay though, Kobo. Don't worry, WH Smiths, it was impossible to find shit on your storefront anyway. Zero options for keyword searches, genres not even listed on the book's page? Though I guess if you're going to half-ass providing a service you should also half-ass fixing your mess and just take the whole storefront offline.

So basically, they're suffering the repercussions of their own greed, now. You don't just open gates on a global scale and expect no one you disagree with to come in. You don't accept running a platform of this scale and be surprised when you're incapable of controlling it. I've said it for however many years running, probably at least ten after watching Serial Experiments Lain, but a lot of the people responsible for these things don't seem to be ready to handle a digital age.

It's frustrating, but at the same time I can't help but default to laughing at it. You have to, really. You can't let everything weigh down on you too heavily at face value, because you're gonna carry that weight.

The box is open and the ride cannot be stopped, so there's no fear of that it will. That's why I haven't even touched on Amazon's reaction to these recent events. For a wonder, they've been much more controlled and effectively reasonable about it. I say effectively in emphasized italics because of course this happening at all will never be a nice, good or straightforward thing that people can just bounce back off or feel comfortable being around. Consider though, that if they handled it as awkwardly as Kobo, none of anyone's books would be available until they did the sweep they've done. That would be utterly ridiculous.

Also consider how they've handled it. As an author to have to deal with the ADULT Filter which is likely now gone in place of putting the offending title on Draft and contacting you, I honestly prefer this method, if not what's caused them to go into a refreshed search for offenders. This way, there is open contact over the issue. That was one thing sorely missing from their old system which may as well have put most people's work back on Draft status. If there's at least some open dialogue, I can appreciate the effort.

I was affected by it as many have been, and had Becca's Birthday Wish pushed back to Draft with a mail about what I need to do about it. Perhaps what wasn't as clear as could be, and led back to knowledge garnered from having dealt with their trial-and-error system in the past, but after tweaking the synopsis to remove the word Daddy, it was accepted, published and sold once again. I still need to re-submit the CreateSpace version but that isn't so important.

Unless they hate money or something, I'm expecting Kobo's poor excuse for a storefront to do the same once it's done with handling the damage control as poorly as they handle the storefront in general, so I might be down a book that needs republished with more neutral wording. We'll see.

Moral: Persevere and flow with the subtle changes in the current. Also WH Smiths can go fuck itself.

Now, I have real writing to get back to finishing now available here as if nothing's on fire, because the only thing that will let your publishing die is your resolve. Now to start running through the All Hallow's End specials.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid: All In A Day (Rough Oral Erotica)

In the high reaches of Castle Olvang in the chilled Northlands, many servants and maids man the halls about their tasks. Whilst expected duties range from the mundane to the carnal and literally breathtaking, something feels missing from one elven maid's days. An overheard conversation will put an idea in her head on how to get it, and a chance meeting see things put in motion.

I'll get this out of the way first; Argonians need not apply. Only lovely dark-skinned elves here. But yes, for those that know of Elder Scrolls, I couldn't help but borrow the title format for this release. It's purely coincidental otherwise, this all takes place in my own realm as a sort of (highly erotic) side-story to the scene that consisted of my excerpt from Huntsman two posts down. 

What that means is there's some crossover between tales, looking at things from different angles and lives, and leaving much less to implication. The characters in this story, down to the surprise appearance at the end are all very relevant in their own way to my writing of the realm, and will continue to both cross over and only have scenes perhaps relevant to the other story in the adjacent story. 

I'm not going to go too overboard on it, it'll be primarily little things that help enrich who and what's going on while letting me seperate the tone and strengths of each tale. For instance, the suffocating deepthroat in this tale, and the implication of what's to come would have been entirely jarringly out of place (and taken much longer to release) if it had been a focused scene at the start of Huntsman, which took a gentler direction of romantic sex. 

Sure, Huntsman still included some oral sex, but it wasn't roughly deepthroating the girl to point of her fainting around it. Different stories, different paces, independant tales twined to a common theme. I'm going to be doing something a little similar going into October with my Halloween specials, effectively telling the same story from start to end but via different perspectives and places. It'll make more sense when I get down to it. If you're interested in contributing to making the erotic horror a little more personal or real, I made a post here to better explain how. It's always possible to post Anonymous.

 Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Question of Fear

I just had a thought, while finishing off some touches to my next release and pouring over plans for October, and it stuck me as something I could really branch out and interact on, and so I have a question for you all. As October is known for Halloween, I'm going to be doing a series of suitably themed stories throughout the month.

More than just paranormal or costume play, I do that throughout the year. What I'm looking to do is work on more of a darker angle on actual horror erotica to suit the month. I have a good number of ideas, kinks and scenes in mind, but it begs the question; What are you afraid of?

What little creaks in the dark makes your skin crawl and mind race? I've always said erotica is a very intimate and powerful genre that works its way closer to the core of people, but what about when it touches on the darker things down there? The sort of things people never want to be plucked, yet can't help but be morbidly fixated to letting it happen, as if they're now captives of their own desire.

Aside my own plans, it'd be interesting to hear the sort of things others, for lack of a better way to put it, wouldn't want to see. Not just sexually, that's a matter for my writing to spin into an erotically charged scenario that can't be put down, I mean fears in general.

I'd love to make this project a touch more interactive and personal in places if I can, and then perhaps that broader, more intimate closeness to home will make the stories a little more powerful than they could be through my work alone. An author exists by grace of readers, so for all I'm a very reserved and quiet person I thought it'd be fitting to put this out there and circulate on that strength that others who take an interest create.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Huntsman Volume I: Lodge (High Fantasy Erotic Romance)

In the rugged Northlands, the hunt is both sacred and necessary to survival. Retiring to his lodge after a hunt, the Huntsman finds something ensnared in one of his traps that no other man would ever dare to imagine taking. His prey is one the rugged man more than expects, however. The night will not be nearly so cold for the couple, now.

I like to think she's dubious about the title, it was one of those that the more I tried to find a good font for it, the less I liked the damn thing as a whole. Then I just cut it back to 'Huntsman'. Like Batman, only... not at all. 

That said, it published in the sort of speed to imply the Bats was behind it. It passed review in under an hour was up on Amazon quicker than B&N, and that never happens. Between that and Deity of the Desert vol.3 and Darkfall publishing before vol.1 on iTunes, I'm wondering if someone in the review stage likes my work and has seen it enough to just move it along. I don't know, it sounds silly but I really wonder what sort of process books go through in the 'review' stage, especially erotica. Is there a bunch of private cubicles where people with their own "massage" toys "scrutinize" every submission?

Anyway. This tale goes back to some good, old fashioned high fantasy setting, in a frozen north. One thing I wanted to do with this story, but only lightly so it's not off-putting, was link it back to other books I've written. From the start, there's reference to creatures previously only touched on in Daemonique in a foreboding but off-handed sense. The Blackguard Hounds weren't present on the Isle, but they are in the Northlands.

It doesn't impede on story, the Northlands are leagues away from the island over tall mountains and kingdom borders. At the same hand, the Zo'qeth desert from Deity of the Desert is an indeterminate distance off to the east. Perhaps on another continent even, I haven't decided, but the point is I get to weave and knit these worlds together into one cohesive fantasy realm that people can enjoy expansion of lore, life and consequence within it. I think that's pretty cool.

As for the story itself, it's a bit of a two-part thing and pretty vanilla or sweet compared to some of what I do. The initial part has some Dark Elf maid action in the background that I'm already working on building in The Lusty Dark Elf Maid, Argonians need not apply. The latter half is a private affair between a very special couple, with the young lady getting caught in one of the Huntsman's binding traps, a humiliating start to an otherwise heated night of love.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shoes of Glass: The First Pledge (Femdom Erotic Romance)

Erica Nylund is a woman struggling with injuries that changed her world. When she stumbles across a man searching through her bag in the women's changing rooms, things change in ways neither would ever have expected.

Shoes of Glass is, as commented in a post last night, a bit of an experiment for me. Time and again I'll say I enjoy connecting and talking with people who enjoy what I do - I'm a person before author but I'll leave that talk for the retrospective post later on.

Point is Shoes of Glass has come about predominantly through talking and discussing things with people interested in this sort of thing. A premise was suggested, molded and later made to fit the monthly story challenges I take a part in. This month wanted addiction and stockings as prompts. It fit all too well.

Originally, the story challenge piece was going to be a chapter for 'Queen of Sands', expanding the monstergirl universe from Deity of the Desert, after the 5 star reviews the first two got, making me want to develop on the story of Zo'qeth and its Queen. After I got talking about this premise though, it took over.

It was nice to get back into writing some BDSM stuff again, if only really in principle. Erica is just beginning her venture into really trying and enjoying the title of Mistress, for her very personal reasons. There's a lot of focus on the thrill of power, manipulation and control that comes with dominance for her. For Daniel, of course, he's wrapped around her little finger and can't seem to stop wanting it. The freedom he gains from being with her is its own rush, and while he might not quite understand it yet, he likes the way she looks at and talks to him compared to other people. 

It's a story that's going to go places, and it's starting here. Now you're wondering where the usual excerpt is - that's where this release is a bit of an experiment too. The next post down has the story challenge version of this publication in full. Releasing a full story on the blog and selling it at the same time? I must be mad! Well, chances are you're right. 

There's some method though, it's the story challenge version which has a 7k word limit. I've had to cut some things out and other things short. I've gone back and extended those for publishing, maybe not doubled in content as with Hot, Wet & Tied Up or Deity of the Desert expanding into three volumes, but it's not quite the same story. It's a sample, or a short, an idea of the sort of content and emotion I put into my work.

There are other factors, such as the the number of people that have influenced the story, it needed to be publicly shared with them, the connotations of ownership and support that come with buying, that this is the start of what could develop into several volumes and that traffic is very transient. If you're still with me, check the next post down for the lightly abridged blog post version.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shoes of Glass: Pledge - A Short Story Challenge

It's experiment time again, because I enjoy those. They let me figure things out, come to better understandings and try out things that need to be seen to be appreciated.

They also tend to queue inane rambling but I've been working to keep that to a minimum of late. That doesn't mean there won't be any, though, and the header for this sampled story challenge is one of them. 

Nah screw it, I'll do that tomorrow. It'll mark six months since I started publishing, so I intended to write some retrospective thoughts anyway. Instead I'll talk a bit about this story and what it's doing here. I think I've said it just about every time but I enjoy connecting with people that enjoy what I do. Sometimes that's really hard, and as much a matter of chance, time and place as someone being comfortable about coming forward, so it's understandable. I'll talk more about personal crap later.

Short version: Got talking with some good people, some discussion for a story premise of a femdom that finds and seduces a man into a world of accepting and enjoying cross-dressing and clothing was made. I really enjoyed the direction and initial thoughts behind it, so it became a sure thing that I said is happening, and here we are.

Beyond the pagebreak: [~7k word story][M/F][Addiction][Stockings][Femdom][D/s][Crossdressing][Footjob/Worship][Face-sitting][Cunnilingus][Sex Through Clothes]

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Into the Femboy's Trap II: Dominance

Having fallen into the femboy's trap, Alex Hunt is finding it hard to think of anything but the pretty boy that has shown him a whole new world of pleasure. Alex's business in London is coming to a close. Knowing this, Daniel promises a night that Alex will never forget. Nothing will be held back, tonight.

Fun point I want to start off on; This is still the only real result for Femboy on Amazon among others. As for the other two book results that cropped up recently on Amazon, I couldn't see anything specifically femboy or erotic romance about them, they seem to be traditional fantasy so I don't know.

Still, I thought femboys were more well-received and loved than this, at least to a point of at least someone else among all the thousands of writers would have used the phrase before. I don't really mind, but it's startling to have basically put precedence(*1,2) on it.

* Disclaimer 1: If anyone is reading this and has written and published femboy stuff before, awesome, but it hasn't grabbed the word at all in search results. There was one result for "Femboi" a month after I published the first volume but that's an iliteration no one searches for.
* Disclaimer 2: Now the caveat is, as I've come to understand and better orientate my search terms around, people generally refer to feminized males as just "sissy". That works well enough that it's included in my keywords, but strikes me as a bit derogatory or downplaying on position to apply as a whole to the androgynous, crossdressing and potentially transgendered pretty male archetypes.

No no, nonono, I'm not going all political correctness, feminism or whatever the hell else ranting, I just mean I like creative freedom and broadness of definition. I'm making a point out of it at all - aside from that femboys are lovely - because as anyone who's taken an interest in the first volume can attest, there isn't all that much in a submissive or weak connotation about Daniel, the crossdressing pretty boy star of this series.

This second volume goes back to that unique relationship - now that I know there's an audience to continue and maybe complete the story in this volume for - and kicks it up a notch. They're more comfortable together now, so that reluctance from the first volume is filled with kinkier things, daydreams, cameos and references. Perhaps most importantly - Alex finally has his anal virginity taken.

I'll most likely tweak the cover just a little, later, but this book ended up at 18k words, I think my biggest single release so far, so I was a little tired and wanted to get it out there. The first volume cover was also nice anyway.

Crossdressing excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Deity of the Desert Reviewed Five Star - On Sale!

I've touched on this a bit in recent posts, but felt I should give it its own article for sake of exposure, and now have another excellent reason to. The first two volumes of my High Fantasy Monster Girl Breeding Erotic Romance are available for .99c for a limited time, and have also been rated highly.

I've set them to .99c for a time after a solid period of getting little to no love. With prices lower than the usual $2.99 mark, authors only receive 35% of royalties, so it has to sell several copies to match up to the sale of one sale at the $2.99 70% royalty mark. That's all very math, and I have spreadsheets and calculators to do math so there'll be no more of that. Instead; some feelings.

What I want to do with the Deity series is write with a broad spectrum of fantasy races for those who have always enjoyed the cross-combination of races. It's a very traditional fantasy, D&D, mythology and fairy tales sort of thing and I know it has an audience that want to see more fun and interaction with races such as lamia, harpies and draconic women, and maybe some that have never considered it, but they have to be found first. so perhaps this will help awareness that it's here.

The latest installment, is one of my latest works and perhaps more of a niche on it's erotic content, so I'm okay with leaving that at the $2.99 mark, but the other two volumes cultivate their own characters and world even if you leave out the culmination. While I'm bias as the author, it really is an amusingly sweet and happy ending for the trilogy, leaving all three to be picked up at the $4.99 mark for three volumes of rich erotica.

But don't take just my word for it, they've also received reviews!

Deity of the Desert I: Arrival [Amazon|UK][Author Feature][Review]
Deity of the Desert II: Discipline [Amazon|UK][Author Feature][Review]

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Deity of the Desert I: Arrival 5.0 out of 5 stars
Out of the ordinary and out of this world
Beautifully written like a piece out of time and place, it makes me think of lovely fantasy and scifi tales I'd read long ago, but with totally shiver-inducing eroticism.

I'm completely susceptible to tales of breeding and exotic monster (or monsterish) women, yet that doesn't necessarily mean I'm prone to go easy on the two. However, the crafting of them both in this story is as good as it gets. I was surprised by how much it resonated with me, and how it continues to hang in the back of my mind.

Astrid is the kind of fantasy woman I yearn for, there's no use in denying that. Her curiously inhuman good looks, her abnormally hot embrace, and her unquenchable lust all mask a strength and power that makes her anything but a mindless breeder. I'm smitten with her.

I couldn't help but be inspired reading this, and I suspect there'll be more than one story of my own that'll take life from that seed.

Normally I don't reach much these days with my busy schedule, but I'll be looking forward to squeezing in more time for this authors tales. With this introduction at only 99c, I can't recommend it enough. If you like the topics explored in this at all -- breeding, submission, inhuman half-breed women -- get it.

Deity of the Desert II: Discipline 5.0 out of 5 stars 
New character obsession for me, and the plot progresses
A great followup to the first part, it opens with a very steam sexy scene that holds back nothing.

The author has a beautiful way with words, and manages to turn a spanking into something so involved and poetic.

Though the sex ends and the story moves on, the sensuality that pervades the remainder is rich. And I could go on about the lashing of the young woman and how how it was, instead I found myself fixated on the introduction of the Queen herself.

The power and grace of that woman, that was accentuated so well in the writing, jumps off the page and I'm desperately hoping that something more comes of her in the future with this series.

Tremendous followup, highly recommend this. Will definitely be following this tale, it's so far rich with well crafted writing and characters I adore and am fascinated by. 

But don't just take our word for it. Here's a late-coming star from the third volume's thoughts, too.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daemonique: Darkfall

The full story of Sylenna Lightstride's journey into a sinister underworld of demonic corruption, intrigue and depravity that will ultimately change the elven heroine, and perhaps the world around her, forever.

Reminder: Deity of the Desert I and II (Monster Girl Breeding Erotica) on sale at Amazon for limited time. All books on sale at Smashwords until August!

Now that I've had some time to rest, I can look back on this release more fondly. It's been a troublesome release where nothing except Amazon has just gone according to plan. There's probably some irony in that, but nevertheless. This project is a culmination of work over months, so far back as the very first publication, Daemonique I: The Darkest Desire. I've changed a lot of things and come a long way since then, I think. Even looking back at the oldest of release posts compared to the now is a bit amusing. Darkfall brings with it all the lessons and improvements I've gained over those months and creates new ones for me to go forward with.

So, what's changed?

First of all, the first four volumes of Daemonique have had extensive editing and proofing passes after at least a month of publication. Only minor tweaks, fixes and formatting issues have been needed, but for anyone who's bought a serialised volume of Daemonique; the most up-to-date edition is perfected. 
For anyone who has not gotten into Daemonique and the darkly erotic story of Sylenna Lightstride as of yet, now is the best time, as all options are available. Tempted and want to sample the starter of the series? It all started here. Or enjoy the sound of a specific section's scenes rather than the whole overarching story? Not a problem, I write each serial volume of every series to make enough sense on its own merit, leading in on unique sexual encounters as a demonic gangbang of a massed crowd rubbing and fucking every inch of elven skin, or a spitroast best explained by the adjacent picture that inspired the idea. 

All four volumes have their own kinks and merits, so they're all easily accessible on their own, but perhaps none of that matters. You like erotic demons, pretty little elves and the dark, twisted corruption of that purity that comes with them meeting, and want to see her get dragged the whole nine yards. You want the whole story, uninterrupted with chaptered headings and even a glossary of terms used throughout. Darkfall is now available to do just that, saving about 25% on the price of getting the whole story through serial volumes alone.

Being such a large release, it wouldn't really work to take out one of the standard small excerpts as an indication of content or style, but I will leave this feature with the prologue preview to Daemonique V: The Succubus Within and reminder that the extra short story added in Darkfall, now Chapter 23 - A Red-Handed History, can be found here: The Darkest Memories. Over time, I'll be releasing some chapters and other material to personal social networks. Keep an eye on the blog and join me to watch out for those.

Prologue preview follows the pagebreak:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deity of the Desert III: Lamia (Interspecies Giantess Breeding)

Summoned by the Zo'qeth desert's Queen to investigate newly discovered ruins, Astrid and Nathan Feison finally find themselves traversing the caverns and halls of history undisturbed for centuries. What they find within is greater than they ever could have expected.

Deity of the Desert I: Author Feature 
Deity of the Desert II: Author Feature 

Get Deity of the Desert I and II at a reduced price on Amazon for a limited time. Get all books at 25%-50% off on Smashwords until August 1st.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again but I like monster girls. It's such an expansive set of fantasy races to play with, the likes of which is usually just relegated to werewolves, vampires and existing fairy tales. They're fun, sure, but what could be more fun than tentacles? How about a Scylla, seemingly charming sea-bound woman hiding a multitude of such octo-lengths beneath an elegant dress. As and when I come back to do the next Deity, that may be the mythical star. Similarly, everyone knows of mermaids but what about moving that symbiosis out of familiar grounds waters and putting entirely different twists on it than the classic tragedy of worlds and suchlike that comes with them. 

What about snake instead of fish? Now we have the lamia, and the focal point of my third release in Deity of the Desert. This third volume was the core of what brought the series to life, with the previous volumes full of more normal breeding desire and world building that I'll be adding to over time.

That's a matter for another time though, as this feature is about monster girls needing love too. And they do. Miia from 'Everyday Monster Girls' to the right is a good example of monster girls that need love too, and in part the inspiration for why I went with lamia. Lamia are fun, and pretty straightforward, since you can compare them directly to mermaids. They're not very disagreeable on form, either. For instance I could have worked with a Spider Girl, the latest addition to that monthly manga, but without its fanbase, I don't think that would have gone well as a starting point. She's interesting but not as easy to appreciate as a snake girl.

Now, in addition to lamia, the original story challenge that sparked this series asked for size play. That's where the giantess feature of this release comes in. I've gone easy on scale, she's not 'fit them both in the palm of her hand' big, since you wouldn't be able to do much with that. Most of the size of Eylissia, the lamia in my story, comes from her lower half that can coil around the chamber she resides in. I make some references on scale otherwise, and basically Nathan - full grown man - is about the size of a big toy, give or take. Something pretty snug or tight. That's entirely relevant for how the encounter with the giantess plays out. Similarly, it's important to the continuation with Astrid, who gets treated to an androgynous hermaphrodite extension that so much as deposits a clutch of ovipositioning eggs in her warmth. 

It all takes breeding that little bit further and bigger again, with a pretty happy feeling to the ending, and why not? When you're going monster girl and giantess already, you know you need to go wider. Excerpt follows the page break.