Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid: All In A Day (Rough Oral Erotica)

In the high reaches of Castle Olvang in the chilled Northlands, many servants and maids man the halls about their tasks. Whilst expected duties range from the mundane to the carnal and literally breathtaking, something feels missing from one elven maid's days. An overheard conversation will put an idea in her head on how to get it, and a chance meeting see things put in motion.

I'll get this out of the way first; Argonians need not apply. Only lovely dark-skinned elves here. But yes, for those that know of Elder Scrolls, I couldn't help but borrow the title format for this release. It's purely coincidental otherwise, this all takes place in my own realm as a sort of (highly erotic) side-story to the scene that consisted of my excerpt from Huntsman two posts down. 

What that means is there's some crossover between tales, looking at things from different angles and lives, and leaving much less to implication. The characters in this story, down to the surprise appearance at the end are all very relevant in their own way to my writing of the realm, and will continue to both cross over and only have scenes perhaps relevant to the other story in the adjacent story. 

I'm not going to go too overboard on it, it'll be primarily little things that help enrich who and what's going on while letting me seperate the tone and strengths of each tale. For instance, the suffocating deepthroat in this tale, and the implication of what's to come would have been entirely jarringly out of place (and taken much longer to release) if it had been a focused scene at the start of Huntsman, which took a gentler direction of romantic sex. 

Sure, Huntsman still included some oral sex, but it wasn't roughly deepthroating the girl to point of her fainting around it. Different stories, different paces, independant tales twined to a common theme. I'm going to be doing something a little similar going into October with my Halloween specials, effectively telling the same story from start to end but via different perspectives and places. It'll make more sense when I get down to it. If you're interested in contributing to making the erotic horror a little more personal or real, I made a post here to better explain how. It's always possible to post Anonymous.

 Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

The hand on her thigh moved up and in, pushing the hem of her regal blue maid’s skirt up to her waist as his other hand moved around her back to pull her closer. Oh yes, she couldn’t deny the feel of that arm around her felt comforting and good. 

“Well, aren’t you a pretty one.” He intoned in a deep, low voice that put a little heat in Milenna’s cheeks as she snuggled in on his hugging arm, looking up into his eyes with her best timid glance from an already slender, youthful and innocent face. Perhaps she needed to work harder to make it more interesting, though she shouldn’t need to spur and entice them so.

“Thank you, sir.” She near whispered, cute and quiet enough that at least he could hear. No one outside the secluded booth mattered then and there. The hand pushing up her skirt squeezed on the thigh as his other cupped and squeezed a breast, making Milenna gasp and squirm into the hand a little as her legs moved apart welcomingly. The man simply chuckled again, his fingers slipping deeper into her dress as the other sunk into her giving breast.

Her own hands wandered lazily, one slowly tracing up and down his broad chest to admire the firm broadness of it tenderly. She knew the men enjoyed being touched up and admired for their size, and she didn’t mind doing it either.

“Mmm, don’t worry, I’ll keep your hands busy. I’ll bet you know your way around a man.” He murmured quietly, making her glance up at him with a sultry glower and quiet smirk about her lips. Of course she did – this wasn’t her first night of service.

“Oh, of course, sir.” She whispered, smiling warmly as those fingers pressed and rubbed firmly against the black lace of her underwear, teasing her mounds with a slow rub that put a light in her dark eyes. Of course – he knew his way around a maid, too. This wasn’t his first night of station.
The presses pulled a sharp gasp from her lips, opening them to invite his tongue inside as he pulled her in to a rugged and firm kiss. Bigger as he was, Milenna could only rub and nudge her nose against his, giving in to the tugging press of his lips and feel of his tongue encircling and chasing her own. 

Oh yes, he was good at this. The hand roaming his chest dipped down quickly, fumbling with his belt buckle and fondling his crotch intently as Milenna’s lips and tongue struggled to keep from simply being dominated and overpowered by his affection.

The hand teasing and toying with her breast didn’t help matters, either. He had undone the front of her uniform and had the supple ebony mounds of breasts out on display, tweaking and rolling a nipple between his fingers as he tormented her so sweetly. Breaking from the kiss to lean down to that giving, black-tipped mound, he practically engulfed and bit into the nipple, making dark elven serving girl give off a quivering moan of bliss. Hugging him into the breast and arcing her back to smother into it, Milenna bit her lip and fondled more firmly at his crotch to rouse and get it free.

The little stabs and jolts of pleasure that ran through her breast every time he tugged and sunk his teeth in weren’t helping her focus or control of her breathing, but there was little she could – or wanted to – do under such a man. There was little more she wanted to do than be swept away in his strength, but that was true of many who came to be sisters in service. These Northland men were rough, uncompromising and free about sharing pleasure. An entirely different sort of society from those beyond the shadow of Dragon’s Teeth.

Lost floating in the thrumming pleasure of his ministration, Milenna was caught unawares when his hands shoved at her side and shoulder, pushing her down and off the seat. Darkness akin to Dragon’s Teeth enveloped the dainty maid, and immediately she understood why.

“Let’s see just how good you are with those lips, elf.” His voice came to reaffirm her thoughts all the same. A maid’s work was service. He intended hers to be wholly giving, and she intended not to disappoint.


  1. Great sample. Excellent teasing.

    1. Ah thanks, glad you liked it! Finding it's always the problem with doing excerpts, whether it's too far in or far out to be just right, so that's good to know.