Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daemonique: Darkfall

The full story of Sylenna Lightstride's journey into a sinister underworld of demonic corruption, intrigue and depravity that will ultimately change the elven heroine, and perhaps the world around her, forever.

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Now that I've had some time to rest, I can look back on this release more fondly. It's been a troublesome release where nothing except Amazon has just gone according to plan. There's probably some irony in that, but nevertheless. This project is a culmination of work over months, so far back as the very first publication, Daemonique I: The Darkest Desire. I've changed a lot of things and come a long way since then, I think. Even looking back at the oldest of release posts compared to the now is a bit amusing. Darkfall brings with it all the lessons and improvements I've gained over those months and creates new ones for me to go forward with.

So, what's changed?

First of all, the first four volumes of Daemonique have had extensive editing and proofing passes after at least a month of publication. Only minor tweaks, fixes and formatting issues have been needed, but for anyone who's bought a serialised volume of Daemonique; the most up-to-date edition is perfected. 
For anyone who has not gotten into Daemonique and the darkly erotic story of Sylenna Lightstride as of yet, now is the best time, as all options are available. Tempted and want to sample the starter of the series? It all started here. Or enjoy the sound of a specific section's scenes rather than the whole overarching story? Not a problem, I write each serial volume of every series to make enough sense on its own merit, leading in on unique sexual encounters as a demonic gangbang of a massed crowd rubbing and fucking every inch of elven skin, or a spitroast best explained by the adjacent picture that inspired the idea. 

All four volumes have their own kinks and merits, so they're all easily accessible on their own, but perhaps none of that matters. You like erotic demons, pretty little elves and the dark, twisted corruption of that purity that comes with them meeting, and want to see her get dragged the whole nine yards. You want the whole story, uninterrupted with chaptered headings and even a glossary of terms used throughout. Darkfall is now available to do just that, saving about 25% on the price of getting the whole story through serial volumes alone.

Being such a large release, it wouldn't really work to take out one of the standard small excerpts as an indication of content or style, but I will leave this feature with the prologue preview to Daemonique V: The Succubus Within and reminder that the extra short story added in Darkfall, now Chapter 23 - A Red-Handed History, can be found here: The Darkest Memories. Over time, I'll be releasing some chapters and other material to personal social networks. Keep an eye on the blog and join me to watch out for those.

Prologue preview follows the pagebreak:

A preview of

The Succubus Within

The next serialised instalment of Daemonique

Volume V

A Question of Faith

Mother forgive me, for I have sinned. Forgive me this affront, for whilst I see it to be sin, I do so only in the name of shielding our people with knowledge to better combat the darkness you test us with. Who if not us – your humble servants, the people of Kinsgard, port town closest to the nameless isle where evil sleeps – whom would stand against the darkness whence it crosses the ocean? I fear it has done so already, but I hold to faith that it is not so. 

I hold true to purpose, yet I do not know if I can redeem the Lady Vernan. I cannot deliver her to the Cathedral, nor ignore her presence, for this chance would be lost. Nay, I must keep her, and I must learn before the whiles of her wicked tongue draw me from your light. Lend me strength that I might not be led astray, Mother, for her guile is unknowing, and the Lady Vernan is a beauty to capture the heart of any man before such darkness had taken her. 

Just last night, whilst she was chained to the cellar wall for inspection, I did witness my serving maid draw close to the woman, begin to touch and undress the Lady, much to her approval. On my faith, the women even kissed one another before I could gather my wits to intervene.

I was shocked, and several minutes passed before I regained my senses to enter and cease the madness. I have banned the girl from the basement floor of the manor, along with all others. Only I hold a key, now. I may have to keep an eye on the maid, it is likely she has already been charmed by this demon possessing the good Lady and will seek entry once again. 

Perhaps I must lock her in chains for safety, also. Time shall tell.

The creature holding Lady Vernan seems not to understand pain as any sane being would, however. After having expelled the girl, I turned to the Lady in a fit of what I must accept was not my clearest mind. I tore away the clothing to see her bare, shame the creature and affirm my position over it. I turned the good Lady Vernan’s back to me and flogged her so perfectly rounded rear. Of course, I sought to shake her senses and punish the demon, yet Mother preserve me but each stroke seemed to please the creature more, no matter how hard my strokes, nor how red the skin. 

The Lady’s most sinful wails of delight, her pleading moans for more, for harder took me aback. It felt difficult to stay my hand and leave the woman. For a time, every fibre within wished to oblige her, and I am not certain of why. I fear her already lost. I do not understand, but I have documented this event among those before. I shall think upon what to do with her and return to the cellar tonight. Grant me vigil, impart me judgement, and hold me in your graces, O’ Mother Eternal.

Journal entry of
Lord William Eldin

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