Saturday, December 14, 2013

Darkfallen: Taking Jacob (Futanari on Male)

Whilst the world works to forget what happened to the underground prison island of Sarandin Isle, it's demonic host remains. The succubus to have captured one such man will drain him down into little more than a sissy on his knees, repurposing the stolen masculine energy, putting it to better use and showing him just how deep it can go, with a little determination.

I'm really quite happy with my publishing schedule for December, things feel a bit on the up. Maybe it's partly due to the festivity of the season, I don't know, and while this cover may not look very festive, there is a little air of that in it. 

One of the little sideline themes I've gone for in this book is the that of gifts and giving. Suffice to say, a succubus taking a man's essence and giving his new, pretty little sissy form the gift that keeps on cumming with it certainly gives someone a white Christmas. I really love the effect I got on the title too, though I might try to highlight its background a bit to make it stand out more.

It's a fun little side series I'm going to do between bigger projects, and the charm of it is really in the sealed demon prison I created in Daemonique, specifically the Darkfall chapters, which is what ultimately inspired this spin-off series name. What it means is, as the synopsis suggests, I have this massive, endless supply of sexual demons and prison cages to play with.

That's great.

I went for Futa on Male to begin with as a sort of gift to a friend who complained that "I'll never write futa mind control on femboy". The niche complaint was a little more of a grouped up thing over stuff I haven't really written seperately. Futa has its time and place - which this certainly is, femboy and sissy I've dabbled with a bit in both Gay and Straight forms and it's fun, but again has its place.

Mind control is very difficult to work with too, at least the headfuck way I would usually want to do it but one night I just wanted to sit down and start writing something without worrying about start point or any real context. I wanted to write that futa mind control on male, and this is how it ended up. It's a pretty fast, hard story of demonic fucking. I'm really happy with how I can just drop in and get going with any sort of demonic violation in this series.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

*  *  *  *

“Nhaa, y-yes, Mistress.” He all but whispered, earning another quick laugh as the succubus leant in, kissing his lips again and pushing her palm firmly against his cock to smother and rub it firmly in her hand. Digging her nails into his crotch, her laugh was low and humiliating as she kneaded and stroked him against the flat of her palm

“Mmm, but I don’t think you can please me with a cock likw this, though. I think I need to show you what a real fuck stick looks like, don’t you? Train your pretty little mouth around it until you can’t think of anything but how good it tastes to serve me.” The succubus whispered, her playful tone sinking deeper and deeper into the man’s mind until her whispers and temptation was as deeply rooted as could be.

Quivering from the mere thought and fondling of her amazingly soft fingers around his cock, Jacob’s hips bucked as he gave off a weak little moan, cumming into his underwear. Simply watching him let it all out filled the succubus with energy such that her eyes lit up with dark pleasure. Her laughter came as a ringing chime of amusement as she kneaded and squeezed on his balls, draining them of seed and energy for her own.

“Aah, you came just thinking about it? Such a weak little boy slut, and to think you were acting so tough, but it’s alright. Now you’re free of such restraints to be the little cock-slave you’ve always wanted to be. Now get that dirty underwear off and get on your knees, boy. I’ll show you a cock worth worshipping.” The succubus purred, focusing all the masculine energy she’d drained from the man down to the cum staining her fingers as she moved her hands down to cover her crotch, stroking it and humming softly as she let the magic coalesce and form as she desired.

“Mmngh, hah, here it is, boy, your gift to me…” The succubus cooed, her voice rising in pitch until she broke into a soft squeal of a moan as a thick, juicy length of cock burst from behind her conjuring hands above a heavy looking ballsac. 

Jutting into life and immediately surging with blood, the demon’s new cock immediately shot a load of cum over Jacob’s unsuspecting face as the succubus howled in pleasure, grabbing the meaty shaft and furiously stroking it through its first climax. 

“Mmngh, haah, yeah… It’s been too long since I last did this. Impressive, isn’t it? You can start by cleaning it off, boy.” The demon cooed, grinning down at Jacob and pushing that spaded head into his mouth easily. With his lips plumped up and softened, the shaft practically glided over the glossy hole to plug it with the thick, demonic dick.

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