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Into the Femboy's Trap II: Dominance

Having fallen into the femboy's trap, Alex Hunt is finding it hard to think of anything but the pretty boy that has shown him a whole new world of pleasure. Alex's business in London is coming to a close. Knowing this, Daniel promises a night that Alex will never forget. Nothing will be held back, tonight.

Fun point I want to start off on; This is still the only real result for Femboy on Amazon among others. As for the other two book results that cropped up recently on Amazon, I couldn't see anything specifically femboy or erotic romance about them, they seem to be traditional fantasy so I don't know.

Still, I thought femboys were more well-received and loved than this, at least to a point of at least someone else among all the thousands of writers would have used the phrase before. I don't really mind, but it's startling to have basically put precedence(*1,2) on it.

* Disclaimer 1: If anyone is reading this and has written and published femboy stuff before, awesome, but it hasn't grabbed the word at all in search results. There was one result for "Femboi" a month after I published the first volume but that's an iliteration no one searches for.
* Disclaimer 2: Now the caveat is, as I've come to understand and better orientate my search terms around, people generally refer to feminized males as just "sissy". That works well enough that it's included in my keywords, but strikes me as a bit derogatory or downplaying on position to apply as a whole to the androgynous, crossdressing and potentially transgendered pretty male archetypes.

No no, nonono, I'm not going all political correctness, feminism or whatever the hell else ranting, I just mean I like creative freedom and broadness of definition. I'm making a point out of it at all - aside from that femboys are lovely - because as anyone who's taken an interest in the first volume can attest, there isn't all that much in a submissive or weak connotation about Daniel, the crossdressing pretty boy star of this series.

This second volume goes back to that unique relationship - now that I know there's an audience to continue and maybe complete the story in this volume for - and kicks it up a notch. They're more comfortable together now, so that reluctance from the first volume is filled with kinkier things, daydreams, cameos and references. Perhaps most importantly - Alex finally has his anal virginity taken.

I'll most likely tweak the cover just a little, later, but this book ended up at 18k words, I think my biggest single release so far, so I was a little tired and wanted to get it out there. The first volume cover was also nice anyway.

Crossdressing excerpt follows the pagebreak.

*  *  *  *
“Oh yes, very pretty.” Daniel cooed, grinning happily at his work. Applying it to himself was a matter of course, seeing it on another and being able to share an intimate moment with them was something else entirely. Picking up the little vanity mirror from the case, he handed it to Alex to let him take a cautious look at the transformation.

“Oh… wow, that…” He blustered in a tone that sounded all too familiar of the recent shock he had received on discovering the truth of Daniel’s identity. 

It was clearly Alex under the makeup, but subtly different. Not enough to look silly or in excess, but handled by a hand that understood the contours and process of applying makeup to a man’s face, of smoothing and accentuating the contours. If he ignored the eyeshadow, he could even say he just looked younger with it on. Daniel laughed happily and ruffled Alex’s hair, hugging himself against the now a little prettier man he rested in the lap of.

“See, it suits you. If you want, I borrowed this to help the image.” Daniel explained, reaching over to the bag and rummaging to pull out what turned out to be a wig of short blonde hair with front-hanging curled bangs. It matched Alex’s own hair colour well, and did little more than extend and style it in a much more feminine way that left the normally sharp-witted man speechless for a moment. Daniel had obviously been busy, and knew just where to get these things, but was it too much? Too far? 

Wait, hadn’t he already driven past the line of ‘too far’ and ‘no return’ the day before, and was now lost somewhere in the realm of ‘let’s keep going and see what happens’? There was heat in his cheeks again, and he found himself nodding quietly.

“Good boy.” Daniel whispered, and Alex felt a chill run down his spine. There had been another line he hadn’t crossed. In his mind’s eye – while a slick gel rubbed into his hair to smooth and flatten it back – he could just about see the line fading into the distance behind him. On top of it all, the effeminate wig fit perfectly, sealing and somewhat hiding his identity under a faux head of prettier hair.

“Mm, it’s good, but you still need the special lingerie.” Daniel explained, pressing a finger to Alex’s nose as he ran a hand through the head of hair, setting and spreading the slight curls and soft lengths to sit naturally. It felt decidedly foreign, but nice, as Daniel disengaged from the dolled up man’s lap. The lacy underwear was just as he’d seen it in the store as Daniel carefully unpackaged the set, grinning intently up at Alex. 

“Give me your leg.” Daniel instructed, waving for him to raise a foot out. Obeying, Alex’s foot and leg slipped into an amazingly soft cut of stocking, running up his thigh with a smooth chill of a caress that made him tingle as the other came up. They really were a special fabric, unlike anything he’d tried before. That seemed to promise the rest would only get better. Next were the panties, slid them up to Alex’s knees before stopping.

“Stand up.” Daniel instructed, smiling up at the man who simply watched, nodding and standing. With him, Daniel stood and drew the silken underwear up, tucking it into place snuggly. Where the stockings had given Alex a chill, the underwear was a supple rush of a thrill – like resting his twitching shaft on clouds. Coupled with the sight and knowledge of what it was, his shaft began to swell and rub against the soft fabric from how good and wrong it felt to enjoy it. Daniel laughed in that soft, breathy tone and ran his fingers across the lingerie slowly, tracing the outline of the other man’s shaft.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? Just remember that feeling; it’s never quite the same as the first time, but getting used to it feels nice, too.” Daniel whispered, smiling quietly and running his fingers back across the clearly defined cock trapped behind the lovely pink panties. There was more to the set yet, but the dressing was a thing to take slowly and enjoy to its fullest. 

Even up the back it felt snug and lacy, like nothing but a silken string rode up to splay out above his cheeks in a frilly little pattern. That left his rear free to the soft caress of Daniel’s hands tracing circles into them as he kissed the feminine boy again, hugging the slender naked figure before him.
“Mm, ready for more? Just a couple more things before you get to see it in the mirror.” Daniel explained, grinning and gently licking at those plumped up pink lips he’d made of the usually much more masculine man in his arms. Alex simply nodded, guided along by a more experienced hand.

“Here, I’ll let you get into this.” Daniel chimed, offering the garter belt with its dangling lace-frilled clasps. Alex nodded again and stepped into it, pulling it up above the panties while Daniel smiled and leant down to fix the clasps, making sure to lean in and press his lips and cheek against the hardening bulge in the frilly pink teasingly as he reached around for the back clasps. The way Alex shifted and sighed was more than cute, spurring him on to press and kiss at the hidden tip before he was done.

“Mmm, so pretty, and getting you this hard again, huh? One last thing, then you can see just what a sexy little thing you make.” Daniel explained happily, rising up with that playful grin about his lips as he moved over to the bed. To top it all was a fine silk bra intended for a small cup. It would prove enough to cover his chest and rub the lacy trim of it against his nipples, and that would do.

Stepping in behind Alex, Daniel threaded the fine lingerie onto his arms and chest, hooking over his shoulders and snugging it firmly into place around the back before clasping it together. Smiling happily for the finality of it all, Daniel slipped his arms around to hug the bigger man, pressing those smooth pads into his nipples to rub and smother at them as he hummed softly, leaving his crotch to grind and press firmly into Alex’s soft ass cheeks.

“Mmm, come on, mirror.” Daniel instructed, nudging with a press of his hips and slow motion of steps to urge Alex on. The larger man obeyed, of course, and walked through the room to the wall-spanning mirror to stare in shock. Before him stood a wonder of difference. While it was clearly Alex, clearly the astute and masculine businessman he’d always seen, the combination of it all – the makeup, lingerie and hair over that truth – made him feel an entirely different person. 

The affectionate boy resting his own pretty face on Alex’s shoulder, the feel of that ready and intent shaft pressing against his rear was another matter of flustering and stirring his feelings for the situation, but this visage was something else. 

To see and feel the soft embrace of silk and lace, to see the luxurious and sensual strands hugging his figure under such a prettied and pampered face, complete with a feminine head of hair was a liberating thrill. In this moment, he felt like he was anything and anyone but Alex Hunt. All his thoughts, fears and concerns melted into nothing in the face of that, and took his breath away with them.

“See, I told you that you could go further. You look beautiful.” Daniel whispered, and Alex could only quiver in shameful pleasure, fighting down the lump in his throat. He had to turn away from the reflection before he lost himself to it, and leaned in on the femboy’s embrace tenderly.
“This is your doing.” Alex whispered, leaning into the boy’s chest and looking into his eyes with a tender, vulnerable look of his own. 

“It is.” Daniel simply replied, stroking a lock of hair from Alex’s face to cup his cheek and draw him up into a tender kiss. In that moment alone, everything felt as if melting and fading out of reason, again. Nothing but the pleasure shared mattered anymore. Alex could feel his lips parting, could feel Daniel’s tongue slipping into his mouth as the kiss deepened, and could think of nothing else than how much he wants this. The boy was still a divine kisser, for all until it was gently broken. Both their breaths coming sharp and quick, but it was Daniel to whisper the fateful words that followed.

“I want you on your knees. I won’t hold back, tonight.” The feminine boy promised, making Alex weak, almost buckling to drop on demand under that sultry, firm tone. Swallowing hard, he simply nodded and lowered himself down to one knee, then two and sitting. He had a very good idea of what was to come, and if he was to be honest with himself, he had wanted it for far too long.

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