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Thank you for taking an interest in my works and coming to browse the library for more! Enthusiastic and passionate readers have really made a world of difference to a life that wouldn't be possible without you. Below is a running list of currently published works that will be updated frequently, so check back soon! You can also join my mailing list to have updates and interactions delivered direct to your inbox, along with three free samples as a thank you for taking interest. 

To clarify on some things in this page, the "Tag" link shows every post referencing the story or series in this blog. This generally gives you the series you're looking for, but may include books that cross-reference or have a direct influence in the title's development. One big offender is the Carnival tag, as "A Carnival of Phantasms" was written as a stand-alone story with side-stories that go into unique, isolated genres, keeping sensitive content clearly segregated.

The "Includes" section will never really do a series justice whilst keeping it to a concise list that is easy to skim through. I throroughly encourage browsing through pages and articles of interest throughout the site to get better ideas of what is on offer.

Not all books have categorised tags in their title line, as some don't deviate from their categorised genre enough to warrant note. It's most useful for Contemporary, illustrating differences between straight-laced contemporary and modern with fantastical elements such as the paranormal.

Use of "Dark Fantasy" especially is very intentionally to indicate darker fantasies that readers should take caution with, be sure they check over the warnings posted in the preview pages on any storefront and to please enjoy them as works of erotic fiction!

Novel Formats
The bigger & serial-bundled

Daemonique: Darkfall (Tag: Daemonique) - Demonic Fantasy
Includes: Daemonique I-IV, Corruption, BDSM, Gangbang, Futanari

A Carnival of Phantasms (Tag: Carnival) - Dark Fantasy, festive celebration of characters
Includes: Tickle torture, BDSM, Tentacles, Horror

Goddess of Sands (Tag: DeityDesert) - Monster High Fantasy
Includes: Deity of the Desert I-III Monster Breeding & Lamia Giantess

New Adult, College & Contemporary Fiction
Assorted stories in the modern day.

"For Love of a Succubus" (Tag: Succubus) - Paranormal BDSM Incest
Includes: Older Sister / Younger Brother Incest, Succubus, Corruption, Orgasm Denial

The Dressmaker's Doll (Tag: Doll) - BDSM Dark Fantasy
Includes: BDSM, anal sex, dollification. Not for the faint of heart.
--- Nominated Golden Flogger award for best BDSM book of 2015 by BDSM Writers Con.

"Hide" series (Tag: Hide) - BBW Paranormal
Includes: Paralysis, sleep & breast play, public exhibition, rough sex

"Shoes of Glass" series (Tag: Shoes) - Femdom BDSM & Crossdressing
Includes: Crossdressing, female dominance, footjob, facesitting.

Her Wicked Webs (Tag: Carnival side story) - Dark Fantasy
Includes: Drider/Spider Monster Girl, Femdom Milf, lactation, orgasm denial

Becca's Birthday Wish (Tag: Becca) - Daddy Daughter Incest
Includes: Virgin deflowering, May/December relationship, mild electro play.

Down the Bunny Hole (Tag: Bunny Hole) - D/s & Tentacle
Includes: Mild exhibition, latex petplay, consensual tentacles (consentacles)

Lesbian Fiction
Girls loving girls in any period of time.

Tied Up in Good Company (Tag: Carnival side story) - Swingers BDSM threesome
Includes: First time lesbian threesome, bondage, tribadism, oral & anal

"Soulflame" series (Tag: Soulflame) - Historic Lesbian Incest
Includes: Sisterly incest, masturbation, oral, tribbing, mild bondage & spanking

Hot, Wet and Tied Up (Tag: Hot, Wet & Tied Up) - BDSM
Includes: Toys, rope bondage, foot caning, steamy hot shower sex

Gay Male Fiction
Because boys' love is a fine thing, too.

Boys will do boys (Tag: Carnival side story) - Swingers First Time Threesome
Includes: First time gay threesome, crossdressing, oral and anal sex.

"Into the Femboy's Trap" series (Tag: Femboy)
Includes: Femboy/Trap, gay oral and anal sex, crossdressing, feminisation.

Realm of High Fantasy Fiction
Tales from across the ages and lands of my own fantasy realm.

"Dhampyre" series (Tag: Dhampyre) - BDSM Dark Fantasy
Includes: Vampire & Dhampir, multitude of monsters, divinities & more.

"Umbral Coil Chronicles" series (Tag: Umbral Coil)
Includes: BDSM, Femdom, Divinities, Monster Girls incl. Lamia & more.

"Daemonique" series (Tag: Daemonique) - BDSM Dark Fantasy
Includes: Demonic corruption, BDSM, rough sex & more per volume.
Vol.I-IV available as Daemonique: Darkfall

"Darkfallen" series (Tag: DarkfallenDaemonique) - Dark Fantasy
Includes: Futanari/dickgirl on male, female, Demons, Slime Monsters & more per volume

"Huntsman" series (Tag: Huntsman)
Includes: Dark Elf maids, trapper bondage, royalty, rough sex.

"The Lusty Dark Elven Maid" series (Tag: Lusty Maid)
Includes: Dark Elf maids, rough oral sex, mild lesbian teasing, gangbang & more.

"Deity of the Desert" series (Tag: DeityDesert)
Includes: Salamander, Breeding, Divinities, Lamia, Hermaphrodite Giantess.
Now available as Goddess of Sands

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