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Things I don't do well: Drink wine,
sunlight or take photos.
Author: Leona D. Reish
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A Little Biographical History.

I'm mostly going to drag this out of my standard publishing biography and chop it up a bit. Stop me if you've heard it before but Blogspot's 'More About Me' section was severely lacking. 

I am (not) a vampire. I say that both to spark humour and because you have to imagine vampires would get bored of the same eclectic castles and slowly developing society after a few hundred years and travel the world a bit. While not over hundreds of years, I have had the opportunity to travel and lived in such places in the United States as New Mexico, Arkansas, New Jersey, Philadelphia visited friends in New York and Washington DC.

Born in and returned to England, I've had a similar stint of living the length and breadth of this island nation and chance to visit the art galleries in Paris and dark reaches of the most northern Norway.

I am a writer, and creating such diversity and colour as exists in the world has been one of the few consistencies in my much-traveled life. Perhaps it was growing up with such things as Mario Paint, a typewriter and Father that had worked in military communications that drew me to creativity and writing.

My typewriter is now a mechanical keyboard on a PC capable of more than you could imagine back then. Now one of the other consistencies that's remained true to my life since then is my desire to do something that moves people. If I can enter your life with my writing, and make you feel good, smile and enjoy what I've done, that's exactly what I live for. It's something reflected in a history of graphical design work where I aimed to design involving and moving imagery, voluntary employment with Oxford Famine Relief (more commonly known as Oxfam) and nationally certified customer service.

I sincerely hope you enjoy any, if not all of my work here the way I've enjoyed putting heart and soul into every piece.


  1. As a long time lover of fantasy-erotica, particularly that which dabbles in the darker worlds of demons, succubi and darker arts, I absolutely adored your Daemonique: Darkfall story. Actually, adored isn't quite a strong enough word. I found it utterly magnificent. You have such a wonderful grasp on words, as well as how to describe each and every action with perfect clarity. My favourite scene was, of course, when Xianesh finally had her way with Sylenna. The way you described her every motion, from the gentle whisperings in the ear, to the quiet murmurs of pleasure, was just phenomenal.

    It was money well spent, so thank you!

    1. Seeing this gives me the silliest grin, thank you so much! Daemonique was and still is a sort of flagship series for me, I've really loved writing where it went with Darkfall and what opportunities it opens for the future. There's so much I have in mind for the series and the little details change and develop all the time, so I'm really looking forward to getting it all down as something you can really enjoy!

  2. Hello friend! I'm wondering if you at all take commissions for stories? I have an idea swimming in my head I would love to share with you!

    1. Ah hey! Got a bit caught up in Valentines there, hope things are going well for you. Have done on occasion, sure! Would love to hear from you about it, can email LeonaDReish@gmail.com any time.