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Daemonique V: The Succubus Within (Dark Fantasy BDSM Erotica)

When the noble Lady Vernan learns of dark secrets buried in the archives of her House, a new-found will to seduce will allow her to explore desires she never knew she had. A visit to the good Lord William Eldin with an old book will see her desire for him sated, and a darkness none in the sleepy coastal city expect to take root.

She looks to have been waiting a while for this release, or afraid of what lurks in her shadow. Maybe both. I decided it's been '(Coming Soon)' on the catalog section of my books for long enough, and it's been a pleasure to get back into the Daemonique series proper.

As stated, it's a new arc and opens a new chapter in the story. I'd pondered over the naming convention for a time for sake of making it accessible, but I think the note that it's a new story fits well enough while telling those who've picked up the story beforehand that there's a new chapter out there.

With 'The Succubus Within', I'm moving the immediate focus away from Sarandin Isle and to the coastal city nearest to it. It's there in Kinsgard that the people bear the closest affinity to the events that brought demons into the land on the now cursed island. It's a city rich with prosperity and faith, shown by the noble houses and cathedral that take focus in this chapter. 

I've experimented with style a bit in the use of notes. Originally the plan was to do more of a first-person journal entries affair of it with the corrupted Lady tempting and seducing her Lord into dominating her. While I've still kept an air of that theme, I've mixed it up with more of the usual observing narrative and ability to jump between perspectives. There are moments where the reader is left blindfolded and gagged as surely as Lady Vernan, and others where they're given to appreciate just how irresistibly sensual and erotic the whole act is, and how that affects the Lord over her. 

It lets me add more immediate and visceral emotion whilst also dabbling with jumping from the present to past and even to scenes unrecorded. As such it has a bit of both - soft and hard kinks. In the privacy of Lady Vernan's house, there's some wonderful breast play, titfucking and passionate sex. Saturday SmutMoved forward several days by magic of journal notes and external character narrative, and you're taken to wax play, delighting in BDSM, clamps, stockades and rough oral sex.

Lord William Eldin intends to fight fire with fire, but he may not be fighting the battle he thinks.

Extended excerpt follows the pagebreak.

*  *  *  *

“I’m only a slave to you, William. That won’t change.” Lady Vernan spoke, her voice soft and almost believably sincere, but William had steeled himself to not be so easily swayed by the silver-tongued guise of wickedness that came with demons possessing the good of heart. Instead, he scowled, wiping his finger off on his overcoat and stepping back. 

The Lady Vernan did not move to follow, and had not moved at all since the man entered, for her hands and feet were bound in the grip of metal shackles to the ends of an X shaped backing board. A number of candles surrounded her spread and bound body, illuminating her from all sides as completely naked. The ones above her arms and legs had been tilted to drip their hot wax onto her as they burned, and a trickle of hardened red wax peppered down her bare limbs from hand to shoulder and thigh to foot without relent. 

Even as William rubbed off his finger and looked at the naked woman bound at his mercy, the hungry flames melted and sent drips of hot liquid wax down to spatter on her limbs, making the woman twitch and squirm from the sharp pain of each drip miraculously finding a new patch of untouched skin to land on. 

Between her legs on a lower stand lay a thicker block of a candle left upright, pooling and burning the wax under a bolder flame. That one licked and tempted her sweating and glistening mounds with uncomfortable heat, without truly harming and burning the Lady. Lord Eldin had no intention of assaulting or doing violent harm to the good Lady, but to learn and excise the possession holding her, sacrifices and choices had been made.

“Mmm, I might like calling you Master.” The Lady crooned, her smile twisting with the scald of wax, but holding that look of playful depravity so tempting and strange to the Lord. 

“If you will not learn, you leave me little choice.” William intoned, reaching down for the heavier candle. Picking it out from between her legs, he unceremoniously tipped the pooled wax over the Lady’s breasts as though emptying a cup into a sink. Liquid fire lashed across and mauled into Lady Vernan’s sensitive skin, and William wondered if the pitched scream as her body bucked and thrashed could be heard on the street above. 

Perhaps it was time to block up the windows, lest anyone discover what was happening and take her from him. Somehow, the thought struck William more deeply than seemed proper for academic and righteous purpose. Surely, even if she were taken, they would see her corruption and continue his work. 

Yet – as he placed the candle back between her sweltering and reddened legs, listening to the erratic, whimpering pant of the woman as the wax set and bit into her heaving breasts that would so wonderfully fill a hand to squeeze and knead – William could not accept that. This was his task, and he would suffer no other’s hand upon the Lady.

“Haah, nhah, aah… mmn, oh, forgive me, Master.” Lady Vernan breathed out, finding it difficult to stop twitching, writhing and catching her breath as the scent of smouldering wax filled her senses. Agitated red blotches under every drip of wax that set marred her pale skin with angry blossoms of colour. The older from hours past were much more calmed than the new, letting a vivid clash of tormented welts and life to bloom across her figure.

“I forgive the Lady Vernan any sin under your control, but not the foul temptation that has taken her. I will do as I must.” William explained, his tone low and firm. The gaze to meet him this time was more scattered and pained with a glassy sheen, though the woman still managed to twist a quiet smile.

“Then we’re going to be here a while, aren’t we? I won’t break that easy, you can push me. I want you to push me, William. I’ve been a bad girl.” The Lady whispered, her smile all too assured and proud, too wicked and sinister, as William saw it. He wanted that wicked demon broken and on its knees, begging for him to relent and release it, pleading to give him its secrets for sanctuary. Her sultry whisper set his jaw and emblazoned his determination. If that was what it took, then he would push her.

“I see, then that’s the last I’ll have you using those lips and eyes for.” William explained, moving back to the table to leave the Lady to lick her lips and shiver from the stabbing jolts of heated and agitated masochistic pleasure running through her body. When he returned, he was holding a ball with straps and a long piece of cloth that sent a thrill down Lady Vernan’s spine as she wiggled and bit her lip.

“Ooh, and what are those for? Are you going to gag and have your way with me? Keep me quiet while you break me?” She asked, her voice full of that mirth and pleasure that said she was in no danger, for all her limbs twitched each time a new droplet of wax rolled down her arm or thigh. William gave no response, and merely pried her jaw open to push the gag into place – though she did not resist it, so much as even lowering her head forward to make it easier for him to buckle the strap into place. 

The cloth that had laid under it he used to blind the demon holding Lady Vernan, tying it tightly to cover her eyes and plunge her into a blank darkness. The Lady could no longer speak or see, only hang in her cross bondage at William’s mercy with the biting heat of wax dripping onto her limbs and brooding between her legs. With sight and speech taken from her, the droplets of wax felt somehow even more intense for being the only thing she could feel and focus on.

The sound of rattling chains perked the Lady’s interests, though without being able to see, she was left to nothing more than the looming dread and wonder as William gazed at her figure wonderingly. She was beautiful, even now, with her skin spattered with wax and reddened welts. They only seemed to add to her beauty, creating a chaotic tapestry of discipline and triumph over the demon’s wicked torment of the Lady. 

In pain, there was purity.

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