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Goddess of Sands (Novel Format Monster Girl Erotic Romance)

The full story of Nathan and Astrid's journey into the harsh Zo'qeth desert in a world where monsters mingle with mankind on a daily basis. Summoned by royal invitation, the couple will meet a hard ruler and handle the unquenchable lust shared between one another before heading out to explore the archeological history of newly unearthed ruins.

What they find within will be beyond reckoning, for the deity of the desert, a being of divine fable sleeps within. A giant lamia, a Goddess with the lower body of a snake will rise to greet and ultimately bless them as her own. Their journey for truths will provide answers they never thought to find.

Happy holidays, everyone! Unless they've long since passed, but there's always one around the corner. At time of writing, this saw the closing one of my last projects of 2013, which has been a pretty interesting year.

That's not for now, though. Now is talking about this book, which is pretty straightforward. Essentially I could just link the Deity or Monster Girl tags, the latter of which a little wanting, but this has always been a thing that I build on and adjust as I go.

Goddess of Sands is the novel format culmination of my Deity of the Desert monster girl series, spanning three volumes of varying kinks and characters, beginning with a simple introduction to the world full of monster girl types, moving on into some Daddy/Daughter roleplay, erotic spanking and what makes it special when really done right, meeting the desert city's Queen which is going to spawn its own novel, maybe two! 

Then it all ends with moving down into the unearthed ruins, where I could make any number of size jokes, and maybe some snake ones, but really, once it gets into the third volume, things do get a lot bigger, including the size of insertions being put into Astrid, or that Nathan is being used as. One post down gives you an idea of scale. Maybe a bit bigger, but the general concept of that she could pick up and put a man into her to suck out all his cum isn't so farfetched when she's that big.

Now being a novel format release, an excerpt is a bit redundant again - as much because there's already three excerpts, a couple reviews and other things in the backlog. Instead, I'll be sharing the short new prologue I gave it, so any of the awesome people to have picked up the series when it was in serial, telling me the people that want to read this sort of thing are out there, don't feel left out. It's also available in the reach of preview pages, so can be downloaded in book formats from Smashwords, for instance.

Prologue follows the pagebreak.
* * * *

An Ancient Tale

“If you leave now, I will not forgive you.” Stood on a balcony of smooth marble under the efflorescent glow of moonlight, a woman glares into the back of a man who refuses to meet her gaze. He stares out into a city asleep and chuckles softly.

“I know that. Nor will I, but one day you will understand.” He tells her morosely, watching the dark horizon. His sharp blue eyes are dark in the night, overcast and dark with thought. His usual sharp and stubble-jawed grin little more than a faint smile.

“I am not some child!” The woman behind him shouts, lunging for his back. He moves, and her face strikes his chest as his arms go around her. Rich, sun-dark skin, sheer black hair and a gown of purest white rest against his bared chest from between the folds of an open shirt. The sound of her wrenching back tears almost breaks his heart.

“You are Queen, and these people need you. You need me elsewhere, lest all you have done unravels beneath your feet.” He all but whispered, stroking his fingers through that silken hair. Truths never made the weight of responsibility feel less like a mountain. The Queen’s sniffling ceased, her hands reaching up to grab his rugged shirt, her watery violet eyes staring up at him with little sense of power.

“Stay with me tonight, just one more time, make me feel that way you do. Accept everything I am.” The Queen whispered, her tone more pleading than demanding, but not without a quiver of hope in it. His grin did not return, but the smile softened and broadened as he leant down, holding her cheek in his hand and pressing his roughened lips to the velvet sweetness of hers.

The dream faded.

Lady Naiqeth awoke to the soft crackle of a grand hearth in one of her tall-backed chairs. They were nefariously comfortable, and she had fallen asleep in it again. Her eyes stung, making her blink, wince and wipe away the tears with a soft scowl. Why did she have to keep having that dream? He was gone.

Sighing in resignation, the Queen picked up the leather folder that had been left with her once more, flicking through its pages of reports. The recent shifting sands and quake beneath it all hadn’t damaged the city, though investigations were still being done amongst the sewers and surrounding regions. The one thing that did stand out was some way away from the city, a place that whispered of its own mysteries.

“Someday I’ll understand, huh? Remith!” The Queen barked, pushing out of her chair to round on it, golden bracelets and necklaces clattering softly, the heavy ruby bobbing and rolling across her bosom, wrapped in a dress of white. From of the shadow of her chamber, a tall and stoic man, dark as the shadow around him, wearing a much more muted shade of black came into the light and knelt.

“Find me a messenger, it is high time I invited guests.” The Queen ordered, a slow, considering slur to the drawl of her words. The guardsman nodded, and quickly made his way from the room. Alone to her thoughts, the Queen flicked through the papers until she found the parchment she wanted – older, written in a different hand from what felt like a different era, now.

He had called it a prophecy of sorts, but said nothing more. That elusive nature still rubbed her the wrong way, making her scowl at the paper quietly.

Though I devour the land,
The oceans welcome me not.
Though born of divinity
I am powerless against the sky.
Yet just as the tides rise,
And skies darken,
The land shall change.
Mourn not the end of an age,
For it heralds the birth of another.
The Blood of the Nine will never run dry.

Prophecy of the World Snake
- Sir Anthony Feison

“Let us meet this prodigal child of yours, fiend…” Lady Naiqeth whispered, near inaudible over the crackle of the roaring fireplace, filing the parchment back into place and closing the folder.

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