Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shoes of Glass: Pledge - A Short Story Challenge

It's experiment time again, because I enjoy those. They let me figure things out, come to better understandings and try out things that need to be seen to be appreciated.

They also tend to queue inane rambling but I've been working to keep that to a minimum of late. That doesn't mean there won't be any, though, and the header for this sampled story challenge is one of them. 

Nah screw it, I'll do that tomorrow. It'll mark six months since I started publishing, so I intended to write some retrospective thoughts anyway. Instead I'll talk a bit about this story and what it's doing here. I think I've said it just about every time but I enjoy connecting with people that enjoy what I do. Sometimes that's really hard, and as much a matter of chance, time and place as someone being comfortable about coming forward, so it's understandable. I'll talk more about personal crap later.

Short version: Got talking with some good people, some discussion for a story premise of a femdom that finds and seduces a man into a world of accepting and enjoying cross-dressing and clothing was made. I really enjoyed the direction and initial thoughts behind it, so it became a sure thing that I said is happening, and here we are.

Beyond the pagebreak: [~7k word story][M/F][Addiction][Stockings][Femdom][D/s][Crossdressing][Footjob/Worship][Face-sitting][Cunnilingus][Sex Through Clothes]
Shoes of Glass - Pledge
Across a courtyard of youth in the early afternoon sun, a breeze carried the scent of pollen and sounds of life to high windows, wafting into vacant rooms and ruffling light curtains. The breeze carried a breath of change. To one such room, the breeze greeted a young woman with raven-black hair brushing her cheeks and sharp, dark brown eyes that glowered at the intrusion.

She had come here to be alone for the time being before the afternoon’s swim session began, and didn’t care for the whimsical company of the outside. It was not so much the gentle summer breeze that bothered the girl as the distraction and reminder of how pleasant everything was. An air reminded her of things no longer as pleasant as they should have been.

Must be nice, to still have wings.” She sighed out quietly, brushing the cheek of the small doll in her hands before tugging on its gown, sewing in a seam and removing a pin. Her face was a mask of focus and attention, for all her hands seemed to struggle with the sheer fabrics. Tightening and fixing the last petticoat snuggly onto the small mannequin’s shoulders, she stopped to take another look.

It was a beautiful work; layers of strawberry pink silk slashed with whites in a number of pleats to make up a luminous and flowing bottom, wrapped in a cream sash centred by a rose buckle. Above the waist, a traditional corset overlain with frilly billows of sheer white cotton hugged the form to give it the trim, buttoned front bordered by more of the supple pink overcoats that built the body of the dress. A lady’s fan covered porcelain cheeks and unblemished lips, framed by beautiful golden reams of hair and bright blue glass eyes.

For all its small scale, the attention to detail it held spoke of its owner’s ability and love for the craft.

It was a thing of fairy tales, a heartfelt little work of art, but one tinged with hopelessness, as they often seemed to be. The dress, the doll, and her hobby for the craft in all were little more than a dream she struggled to even work on. Winter had been a nightmare for Erica Nylund, one she was still in process of recovering from, physically and mentally.

Throughout the building, an intercom sounded its familiar pin-pon-pan-pon, chiming the end of sessions and start of the new. That meant it was time for her to head to the pool. Sighing in vexation, Erica picked up the bag tucked under her seat and carefully set her doll-work and needle case into it. Slinging the bag strap over her head to rest on the left shoulder, leaving it to dig into her breasts uncomfortably, she picked up the crutch almost hidden away beside the table.

Crutch underarm with the bag to balance, the lonesome girl made her way out of the uniform room into a uniform white hall, and it down under sickly dim lighting through the building, descending to the ground floor in one of many elevators.


Shut up already.” Erica muttered, closing her eyes and ignoring the announcing chime. Down two floors, Erica moved with an accustomed autonomy, turning on a limp supported by the crutch down the hall. When Erica finally arrived at the pool facility, the changing room was as vacant as was to be expected. Everyone had already changed and moved on, leaving her to the solace she’d come to prefer. Undressing silently and packing her things into the bag she’d brought with her, Erica carried on with her crutch to the shower room naked, leaving the aide to one side.

Under warm jets of water, Erica’s sigh was less of exasperation and more of relief, her smile more relaxed and natural beneath closed eyes. This was one of the few things that truly calmed and soothed her, beyond needlework – a sense of cleanliness and warmth. Under the drumming of water, feeling it trace down her body, matting her dark hair to the nape of her neck before riveting into the smooth of her back and around her supple breasts, she could feel at ease.

Downward it trailed, meeting the slender curve of her waist and stomach to curl around the accentuated curves and gnarled ridges. The stitches in her side caused any streams to filter into smaller rivets and disperse before merging back into one stream around the thigh. It became no smoother beyond that point, leaving her fingers to caress the marring scars, hiding them with those across her forearm.

Touching them always reminded her of the day, a flash of terror in the back of her mind that would as likely always haunt her. She accepted it for all she was able, but alone under the hot water’s embrace, she felt more at peace from the constant reminder.

Balancing with one foot forward, one jutted inward and a hand rested against the wall, Erica soaked in the warmth and peace of the shower, letting the water and steam – if only for the moment – wash away and hide what she felt was a hideous visage.

If only it were so easy as to wash away.” Erica breathed, the dousing of water hiding the tears that streaked her face, but unable to mask the breaking of her voice. Balling her fist, she punched the pure white of the tiles. Nothing. No flinch, recoil or stab of pain ran up her arm. Her hand fell away, knuckles red from bruising, yet she felt nothing.

If only.” She breathed, wiping her eyes and cheeks regardless of the shower wiping her face clean. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t feel the tears for the shower, she would live out the motions to feel something.

Leaving the shower stall carefully, careful of the wet tiles and limping her weight onto the right foot until she had the crutch, she walked naked back into the changing room. What greeted her almost threatened to sweep her crooked feet out from under her more than the wet tiles ever had. A man was there, perhaps no older than herself, seemingly looking for something. Erica treaded carefully on light feet, using the padded base of her crutch to sneak from spot to spot and peek around sets of lockers.

It gave her time to look him over, gauge what he was up to and whether she could confront him. Handsome to a point, his physique almost made her wonder on his age. It almost seemed he hadn’t finished puberty, but everyone on campus was over eighteen.

Slender, almost small. Erica found herself wondering about his measurements, how a tunic would hug those less defined shoulders and tuck down to his waistline the way the simple drab of a shirt he had on would never do.

Really, he seemed to have no sense for dress and properness, but then if he did, he would not be in the women’s changing room, seemingly searching for something. Erica’s complexion went pale in the next moments, a clenching twist grabbing her stomach. So intent had she been on sizing the boy up and considering his sizes that she hadn’t paid attention to where he was or what he was doing. He was in front of her bag, and was it not for her legs; Erica would have bolted out to lunge on him.

A cold, calculating vice grip won over her senses. No matter that he had the black lace of her panties out of her bag, pressing his fingers into the trim line almost wonderingly, she would be calm, collected, and murder the damn pervert before he knew she was there.

These can’t be hers, like hell she’d have this brand. They’re not even her size.” The intruding boy muttered to himself as she drew closer, leaving Erica to raise a brow. He knew of the name? And what did he mean ‘not her size’, did he think her fat? Not murder, she’d torture him. She could see him tied wrist to ankle already, a heel of one of her knee-high leather boots in his rib as she dripped candle wax and laughed at his pleading groans, muffled by a ball gag.

Erica was breathing faster, and almost fell forward in shock from it. Why had that aroused her so? Why had she made it seem so perversely sexual? The confusion turned to frustration, sending a lance of pain up her leg as it took too much pressure in her next step. That did make her wince and cry out, causing the startled intruder to turn on the spot to see who it was.

That was bad. Very bad. Erica was standing naked but for the scars and stitches. The last thing she needed was some pervert seeing her body. Adrenaline dulled the pain and saw her launch forward in a thoughtless craze, swinging her crutch for him. With a blurred expletive, the boy she had dubbed pervert dodged and lowered his head.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Erica shouted, swinging her crutch back and down to where he’d tried to evade her. The tip clacked with the ground and vibrated up her arm as he scuttled away, holding up hands pleadingly as Erica raged. She had grown used to manoeuvring on a single foot, balancing and throwing her weight like a pivot, and turned to meet him again, lunging with her whole body to pin him against the row of lockers.

Erica felt the impact in her shoulders, her damp breasts pressing in against him as surely as her crutch lay lengthways across his neck. He really was a little frail to have folded under her lunge that hard, leaving her to soak the inertia, but she’d stopped him, now. Now her head could clear of that haze and leave her to look him over and consider the consequences.

Who the hell are you?” Erica asked through ragged breaths, her sharp brown eyes staring daggers into the gentler, deer-in-headlights blue of his. Short blonde hair framed those eyes from either side, a soft trim arching over the top. He really did seem to be a little more cute than handsome, now that she could actually see him.

Daniel, this is all a misunderstanding!”

Oh sure, I’m misunderstanding a man in the women’s changing room with my underwear in his hand. What could I be thinking?” Erica retorted, her voice as sharp and sinister as the look in her eyes. Daniel could almost see himself being bound and whipped in the reflection of those eyes. He could see as likely being skinned alive now, though.

Those are yours? Oh…” He replied, seeming to try and glance down. Erica couldn’t decide whether in shame or to try and picture them on her. Her response instead was to glare wide-eyed and shove the crutch against his neck before pushing him around.

Turn around and face the wall so I can get dressed. Rather not deal with some damn pervert naked.” Erica grumbled, swallowing back a flair of something a little different. Was she embarrassed around him? Snatching up her panties, Erica glowered at his back and resisted the urge to stab her crutch into him. So long as he didn’t look.

Rather than slip into her swimming suit, Erica got back into her normal jeans, long-sleeved shirt and boots. Perhaps not very girly, she knew, but she didn’t care to show off her skin, so far as folding her arms to comfort and hide her hands.

Well, I hope you’ve thought up a way to explain yourself.” Erica declared, watching the boy across from her. He didn’t turn around, which somehow pleased her. Leaning on her crutch, it almost felt like taking pleasure from submission to her order and power over the boy as anything. An interesting thought.

Sorry, it was my sister. She asked me to go put her bag away since she’d forgotten, said the locker key was in it and the changing room would be empty.” He explained, leaving Erica to tut softly.

Oh, so that would make it alright to go through another girl’s things and comment on her underwear being too big, huh?” Erica retorted, and then he did turn around, his eyes setting on her more sternly.

I am sorry, but bigger is better!” Was his response, leaving her to stare dumbfounded for a moment before shaking her head.

You’re an idiot. What’s her name, then? I’ll at least stop you going through every girl’s vacant bag. Pervert.” Erica muttered, righting herself and leaning on the crutch for support.

Ah, uh, Sarah, Sarah Wiltz.”

Ah, I know her. Pretty girl. I suppose we do have similar bags.” Erica reasoned, if reluctantly, working her way through the changing room to find the other girl’s bag. It wasn’t far. Had she placed hers differently or he had better judgement, it was as likely the pair would have never met. An odd pull of fate. Erica found the key in short order, handing it to the boy with an unimpressed glower about her.

Thanks, and I’m sorry again for looking at your things.” He prostrated, and Erica didn’t let go of the key. Her things? More than just her underwear? Had Alice taken his interest, too?

Uh, please?” Daniel asked, tugging on the key before she tugged back, harder.

Tonight – I don’t care what you were doing before, come to my room, 307 in the dorm block nearby. Not far.” Erica explained, pulling him closer until she could feel his nervous breathes on his lips. “If you don’t, I will make this trouble for you. You can call me Erica, for now.” She whispered, releasing the key to watch him stagger back as if he’d been struck. Somehow, that made her want to smile, too.

Forgoing her exercise session, Erica instead returned to her dorm. She needed time to think, and prepare. To say things escalated in the coming hours, when Daniel finally arrived would have been an understatement.

Sat back in the single high chair of her room, Erica lounged with her head rested on a hand, legs crossed with a foot raised. She had changed, and now sat in a simple black tunic and skirt number. It hugged and tucked her breasts together behind a sheer fabric that rose to her neck, lined with a soft white lace frill.

The snugness of it squeezed and pushed her chest up every time she sighed or moved too much, but she enjoyed that about it as much as how it concealed everything in long, underlying sleeve-gloves and a skirt that dipped to her thigh. It was short, relatively, but long enough to show a few inches of unblemished skin before being hugged by the supple silk stockings.

Near opaque, the leggings covered the rest of her and gave an even alluring shine till digging into the plump of her thigh. It was down there, gently cradling and brushing the ankle of her foot with tender kisses, that Daniel knelt. Erica had prepared, weaving a plan to ensnare and use him for her own amusement as payment for seeing, even feeling her naked and going through her things. She had little ground to stand on, but as luck had it, the boy was gullible enough to accept to her logic and wishes. Now she could tie a proper noose.

You like it that much?” Erica asked, her tone noncommittal and uninterested. The boy’s lips were pressing up and down around the ankle, brushing her calf with light kisses as his nose and cheek rubbed her leg. Were his hands not bound in a tight leather buckle, latched and locked to the spreader bar that kept his legs apart, she imagined his hands would be all over her, too.

That would have been bad, and almost made Erica cringe with the thought. She didn’t need him rubbing and etching out all her scars. Glancing down at him warily, Erica moved her leg away from his caress to push the sole of her foot into his face. He still didn’t complain.

Pervert.” Erica muttered, pulling the foot away to lower it down and press into his chest. “Sit back.” She ordered, digging and rubbing the toes into his broad chest. He was a little more handsome and well built without clothes on, she had to admit, and left her foot to roam back and forth, like her hand might have.

For all the boy blushed and squirmed, he did concede to her wishes, still. There was something odd about him in that respect, but it didn’t matter right now. She wanted to see him squirm, and lowered her foot further. Her first move – after ensuring he was convinced she could cause trouble over the ordeal and had guilted him into repaying her – was to strip him so that he might be as naked as he’d seen her, regardless of how much he’d actually seen.

Then she’d offered him the panties he’d been fingering to wear. He’d protested, of course, but Erica had assured him he’d enjoy it, and it was what she wanted. He was in no position to argue. Her foot reached those panties, pressing and nudging the head of his cock with curled toes inquisitively. The little gasp and tug on the binding bars he gave put a glint in her eyes.

You liked that, too? Honestly…” Erica murmured in mock-disgust, grinding her toes down the hardening ridge behind her frill-tipped black panties. He really was getting turned on. If he wasn’t locked up on his knees, Erica would have blustered and panicked in fear and shame at seeing his cock swell up, but she felt nothing of that – only power. She was safe to do as she pleased without him being able to move.

The quelled fear instead twisted and warped into a thrill, for her. Were he able to turn on her, he could easily overpower her with no one to stop the lust in his crotch overtaking her. The thought of that in itself made Erica shiver, but would not happen. She was above him, and he locked helplessly at her mercy. Uncurling her toes, Erica rubbed downward, grinding his crotch against the ball of her foot. Daniel gave off another quiet whimper of a sigh and as good as bucked into the caress of her foot.

You really are getting turned on by this, aren’t you…?” Erica asked, the only response a turn away and flustering blush from the boy. Erica’s eyes sharpened, her foot digging in with a firm lunge under the boy’s crotch.

Aren’t you?” She asked again, with emphasis enough to make him gasp.

Aah! Y-yes!” He finally gave, his voice so ashamed and soft. It made her smile again, and pulled her foot away from the uncomfortable position to lean forward out of her throne of a chair, touching his cheek and chin with her gloved fingers.

Do me a favour, would you?” Erica asked, quietly and sweetly.

Wh-what…?” Daniel responded, hesitant and wary of the wicked woman. The glimmer in her eyes and thoughtful press of her lips said he may yet live to regret any and all of this, but she did things to his head that made it hard to think straight. Eventually those lips he somehow wanted to get closer to opened again, her voice an even quieter whisper, barely audible.

Call me Mistress.”

Just like that, she said it. Locked up as good as naked on his knees, he stared speechless. ‘You’re a witch’ was what he wanted to say, but the words would not dare leave his mind. His whole body, especially his groin, throbbed with some disturbed excitement at being bound and toyed with by the woman. Had he really wanted her to abuse him so much? How did it feel this good? He didn’t know, all he could think of was a single word and the weight behind it.


Erica’s lips twitched, stretched and curled as if it was the first time they’d done such a thing. Erica moved her hand, petting Daniel’s head, and she smiled. The simple sight of it was a wonder, the sound of the word on his lips a thrill of its own. He was enjoying this. His cock was also almost painfully erect against the soft frill of the panties.

Sit still.” Erica ordered, bringing her foot back up to smother and press against his crotch. The silken smoothness of her thick stockings met his shaft again, rubbing and moulding the soft underside of her foot around his stiffened cock. Embarrassing as it was, he couldn’t deny the rubbing of her foot was very stimulating, and his body was responding honestly to the soft rub back down with just a little more force.

It almost felt as if she was stepping on him and putting him so far under her as to be smothered and walked on. Something so humiliating shouldn’t feel so sensual and erotic, but he couldn’t help how the feeling left him throbbing and grinding against the foot with soft sighs of relief. It wasn’t stopping, either.

Rather, Erica’s foot was grinding and pressing harder, faster and more fluidly. Daniel’s breath caught as he realised it, but lounged back like a Queen in her throne, Erica was stroking him off with her foot. She seemed enthralled by the act, her lips twisted into a subtle, ever-present smile as that soft sheen stroked and pressed at his rigid cock teasingly, pulling the lace of her panties down properly.

Seeing the dark head pop out from behind the panties – she hadn’t stared at him during her command to strip, and nor was it so big when she had – made Erica bite her lip and shift in her seat. It was just her foot, and he was still locked up, but she was touching a real cock, there was no way of squirming around the fact. Keeping it at leg’s reach and knowing the boy was bound helped, but the rush from sexually dominating him this way was exciting.

Hmm, getting so hard from my foot rubbing you, does it really feel that good?” Erica asked, a mixture of honest curiosity – she knew the stockings felt good to touch and stroke – and a mocking tone of humiliating him to deflect her own embarrassment. It still shocked her a little in an exciting, indecent way that she was getting him hard at all, never mind with something so debased as her foot, so she wasn’t going to pass up on relaying that sensation. Talking dirty and shaming him felt too good to be decent, too.

Haah, y-yes, Mistress.” Daniel blustered in a near whisper, making Erica’s breath catch and lip tug in quietly as she curled and splayed her toes over the warmth of his sensitive cock head. Hearing him use the name again, while she teased and talked down to him made it feel all the more real, and sent a quiver of pleasure up her spine.

Toes spread, splaying to either side of the cleft to rub down its sides. Erica’s stocking stuck on the head, tenting and masking it in a silky sheen till the tugging and rubbing was enough to pull it away. Instead, the dextrous toes pinned the veiny girth between her big toe and the rest, rubbing and squeezing like her hand might with the thumb down one side.

You’re a hopeless pervert, you know that?” Erica asked, lazily reaching over the side of her chair for her phone on the desk, the artificial shutter sound making it very clear what she was doing with it. “I wonder what your sister would think.” She mused, lowering the phone but keeping it nearby to go back to focusing on the playful footjob.

Y-you wouldn’t, please!” Daniel spluttered near immediately, squirming and tugging on his restraints and managing little more than to rock and shake himself on the spot. It was now, in little displays like this that Erica felt the most powerful, the biggest rush of pleasure over dominating him, and laughed softly.

Maybe I would, maybe I won’t. I’ll agree to keep it our little secret if you will.” Erica offered, smiling and leaning forward intently to see his reaction as his cock throbbed and pulsed between her toes. The instep of her foot behind the toes was starting to feel a little damp and sticky, glistening with precum. Another shiver of how indecent it was ran up her leg to ball in her stomach. Nothing had ever felt this good for knowing it was bad and naughty.

Yes, Mistress, I won’t tell anyone, so please…” Daniel pleaded, broadening her smile as she hushed softly and disengaged her foot, letting his shaft slap her foot with its monstrous girth. Daniel wasn’t especially big, but Erica had little experience with the things, and the on-edge thrill of toying with him so intimately had a way of warping perspective.

Relax, your crossdressing foot fetish secret safe with me, pervert.” Erica teased, smirking and giggling softly as she brought her other foot up to lay over the cock marking her stocking with its pearly precum. Pressing down sandwiched the length between the soft of her sole and firmness of the foot under it, all wrapped in the silken caress of her stockings. As strange as it was, it must have felt wonderful for him, the strange mix of surfaces and knowing it was her feet only added to the illicit pleasure.

Haah, I c-can’t help it.” Daniel whined through ragged and sharp breathes while she watched him, drawing her feet back and forth on the over and under as if to let him fuck the snug gap between them.

Mmm? Trying to give Mistress excuses now, are you? Naughty boy.” Erica purred, shifting her feet to pin his cock under a firm heel and grind there, enjoying the much louder groan it took from him. She was enjoying watching him squirm and moan for her, and enjoying being able to talk dirty and down to him all too much. She could get used to enjoying this very much.

Hey… you know how you’re wearing my panties, right? The ones you had an eye for.” Erica asked, her smile taking a slightly wicked curve. Daniel simply nodded raggedly, not wanting to dig himself into any deeper a hole or acknowledge the fact more than he could get away with. It seemed to be enough for Erica, who instead of replying simply moved a hand, slow lifting up the front of her skirt.

Her feet still sawed away at his cock, leaving the shaft to pump and thrust between her feet rhythmically, but everything outside of that curtain became a dull background effect to Daniel. Eyes fixed on that black-and-white frilled skirt line, he witnessed the flash of thigh spilling out of the stocking grow, the single garter strap running up her leg.

That strap, and the ever-rising curtain of the skirt was leading his gaze to a shrouded valley of forbidden fruit. The more the skirt raised and the further back he could see, the darker it became, but that mattered little. There was nothing behind it, no contrast to the smooth skin of her supple thigh.

A perfectly rounded peach was all Daniel could think to compare to what came into sight between those spread and bowed legs pumping and rubbing his cock. Hidden away in the shadow of her skirt, it was all but clear enough. Daniel stared in a lustful rapture for those puffy mounds, so distracted that he barely realised as – with one final, ragged moan – his cock erupted between Erica’s feet, shooting thick jolts of cum over the sole and back of her stocking-clad feet.

The shock of it made Erica drop her skirt immediately, covering her bare thighs and pulling her feet away to stare at the slick cum stains streaking them. It didn’t feel bad, but she wasn’t sure what to think of it, as viscous and real as it was. She hadn’t been expecting it at all.

I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know it would!” Daniel blustered, squirming and blushing a dark red as Erica simply stared at him, quirking a little smile and shaking her head.

I’ll forgive you this time, but we’re done here, I think. Jeez, you really went and made a mess of them. Hm, before you go, I think you’ve deserved a little present.” Erica declared, her smile taking on that wicked glint as she moved her feet to wipe her sole off on Daniel’s chest and get up.

You won’t need these…” Erica explained, picking up the clothing he’d stripped out of, placing it into a carrier bag before tying it and opening the door to her dorm enough to slip out onto the balcony pathway outside. Balanced on her good leg, she simply twisted and put all her strength into throwing the clothes into the distance. Daniel stared, dumbfounded and horrified.

What… what did you just do? How am I supposed to get back now?!” He almost shouted, making Erica tut and limp back in quickly to close the door and not draw attention.

You can use my clothes, obviously. You can keep the panties, of course. I don’t want them back now, and, hmm…” She pondered, looking around the room for more things and smiling quietly to herself.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. You got hard from wearing my panties and came over my stockings, pervert. You even know what kind they are and you were looking at my doll when you went through my bag, weren’t you? You must really like that sort of thing.” Erica asked, her tone sharp and demanding if slightly softer and more playful than before. The silence was a good enough confession for Erica, and made her smile inwardly.

Ah, I know.” She exclaimed, working the buttons at the back of her simple dress and pulling a shoulder down before stopping and eyeing the boy on his knees as though she’d forgotten he was there a moment. “Ah-ah, no peaking.” Erica teased, stopping to get her simple black nightcap off the bed and use it as a quick blindfold

With it in place, she slipped out of the dress and bra too, standing naked but for the sleeve-gloves and stockings. She’d be keeping those. Stood before him like that, knowing he couldn’t see her felt another guilty pleasure and illicit thrill. Every marring tear, notch and scar across her upper legs, thighs and above was on show, but he could see none of how ugly she truly was under the dress.

Her thighs stood so close to his face that she wondered if he could even smell her sex. Maybe one day, she thought, resting a hand on his head to steady him. She just wanted to tease him a little and enjoy the feel of his quick breathing on her mounds.

With him bound, it was easy enough to slip the bra around his chest, tugging and stretching it a little to clip into place, but fit it did. Sat behind him naked, Erica stroked and tweaked the soft fabric against his chest, tweaking his nipples through the layer of silk with a playful laugh.

Mmhm, see, I knew you’d enjoy this. I bet you’re going to get hard again, aren’t you?” She chimed, smiling and getting up to take another picture. That made him flinch and squirm like she’d slapped him, but he didn’t plead for her to not do it. He knew that was pointless.

Happy with her photo, Erica returned to the dressing, putting the frilly dress over his head and tugging it down into place. Unlocking his hands let her guide and thread them into the top carefully, tucking the sleeves up and setting the frills. It looked silly on him without refitting, to be sure, but it had its charm.

Hm, stand up. Let’s have a look at you.” Erica ordered, offering a hand to help him up, seeing as his feet were still bound in the spreader bar. The boy swallowed hard and struggled up with her help as asked, showing off the full frill of the dress sitting around his figure.

Oh yes, very cute. Come here, sit down.” Erica guided, smiling quietly to herself and guiding the boy around to sit on the edge of the chair so she could unbuckle his spreader bar and give him his shoes back. Those were a bit more precious than to be giving him her own, and not nearly as easy to fit.

One more, then you can go.” Erica declared, taking a last photo of the cutely dressed boy in the snug black dress that stopped just below his waist to droop down in frills of black and white. Helping him up again, she guided him to the door this time, and only then did he tense and speak up.

You promise you’ll keep this a secret?” He asked, looking back to her even though he had the blindfold cap on. Erica snorted in amusement, shoved him out and patted his back gently.

I promised, so long as you do the same. You’re on your own, now, though.” Erica explained, taking her nightcap from him while her nudity hid behind the door, swiftly closing it and locking him out on the building’s balcony-hallway overlooking the small park his clothes had been thrown to.

Even the light inside her dorm turned off, leaving Daniel alone, outside, and in a girl’s dress. Shouting and knocking on the door would draw attention, so he left, running as carefully as he could with the night chill brushing his thighs and getting up the skirt. He needed to make sure no one saw him, to get his clothes, key and get to his dorm.

Days passed until the pair meet again on more amicable and open terms, across the width of a lecture hall. It was pleasing to think he’d made it to his dorm unseen and without trouble, as she’d heard nothing to say otherwise. Erica’s disposition was otherwise its usual stoic drawl, lacking interest in everything and everyone around her, aside from the occasional glances she made in Daniel’s direction before playing with her phone.

Attaching the last photo she’d taken, Erica sent him a message to ask if he’d slept well. The immediate reaction almost made her burst out laughing as he closed and hid his phone under the desk, staring over at her imploringly as she simply turned away. That he still wanted to talk to her later intrigued her, however. She couldn’t deny she wanted more of him too, badly.

That was how it all began.

You wearing them now?” Erica asked, her voice holding that edge of teasing mirth.

No! Of course not…” Daniel replied, blustering and looking around as though people might know from the quiet, goading question that he’d gotten a taste for crossdressing. “But I… I couldn’t stop thinking about it, everything you did, and how it felt.” He murmured, looking down at his and her feet till Erica lifted his cheek to pat it lightly.

Come to my dorm, tonight. I told you you’d enjoy it, didn’t I?” Erica ordered, and so he had, whether he could accept the fact yet. That night, when the sky gave to dusk, Daniel found himself on his knees before the wicked woman again. This time his back was to her, Erica seeing to tucking and fitting the dress to his figure.

Well you’re right. If you’re going to be wearing it then it should fit you properly.” Erica agreed, tucking and fixing the dress to his figure, quietly shortening the skirt of it while she worked. “Though don’t think I’m going doing this for free, I expect something back from you.”

From me? What?” Daniel asked, turning slightly to meet her content, thoughtful gaze.

Well that depends on how far you want to go with this. I think you’re already addicted though, so you’d do whatever I wanted, wouldn’t you?” Erica asked, as much a declaration that made the boy in front of her squirm and blush as he looked away from that more assured stare. Little did he know that Erica had gotten as attached to the feelings and fun they’d shared, and also wanted more. That was something he didn’t need to know, right now.

Well, what if I would?” Daniel asked, meeting that gaze again that stared down at him intently. A silence held between them for a long minute before Erica finally broke the stillness with a quiet smile, her hands coiling around Daniel’s neck as she leant down to whisper in his ear.

You know that doll of mine?” Erica asked, and he simply nodded. “I want to make the dress in proper size, but I need a model.” She continued, stroking a finger in an idle circle around his chest. “It’s not something I’d manage all in a day, either. That means you’re in this together with me. You come when I call, do as I ask, and I will feed your little addiction all you want. More than you could imagine.” Erica explained, her smile thin and stare sharp. He didn’t need to know he was feeding her addiction, she barely knew it even had a name herself, yet.

I… that’s…” Daniel muttered, staring up into her eyes as she stared down at his. ‘You’re a witch’, he wanted to say it, but still couldn’t bring himself to summon the thought. He knew he was dancing in the palm of her hand, somehow, but serving her, enjoying what she did with him, free of judgement felt dizzying, liberating and constricting all at once.

You don’t have to say anything.” Erica explained, standing and slowly circling him in the striped sock-stockings and decorative little black corset-skirt number that hugged and tucked her long-sleeved white shirt away without clenching her figure too tightly. A little more homely, tonight, but for someone yet testing the waters of being a mistress, Erica already had the affinity for kinkier clothing.

All you need to do is pledge yourself to me, right here.” Erica explained, quietly if not at all timidly. Her order was clear, but not one she was comfortable enough to say loudly just yet, as she lifted the hem of that sheer black skirt. She was putting a lot of trust in him, she realised, as she’d not bound him at all. He could do anything, and that thrill of uncertainty in whether the power was hers excited her more than she expected.

The lip of her skirt raised, and from beneath, the smooth heart-curve of sensitive skin hidden away behind a translucent black sheen of panties that hugged and emphasised every little curve and tuck. Daniel moved in on that revealing mound with wide eyes as hand rested on his head.

Don’t just stare at it, show me.” Erica whispered, pulling gently on his hair to bring him closer to that sweet, hidden grove of a silken sheet. The scent to greet Daniel’s quick breaths was divine. A natural, musky scent of intimate heat twined with the sharpness of silk overlaying it. The scent and sight of the lingerie, of the little nook riding up between the mounds made him want to press his lips in against them ravenously. To submit to her will and do as she wished. Daniel’s lips touched to silk, and his hands reached for her thighs.

Wait, no, hands here. Don’t move them.” Erica requested, moving his hands to her stockings where it was safest. Accepting him did not mean coming to comfort with her body so fully. With his hands in place, Erica pushed gently on the back of his head, and felt his lips embrace her. Such a soft, gentle squeeze that Erica almost couldn’t feel it, but the tingling rush was there.

Leaving the skirt to droop down over his head, Erica placed both hands into his hair, hugging and pressing him in encouragingly as much as to support and hold herself steady. Those lips parted, pulled back and gingerly kissed the silk again as if tempting and teasing the mounds beyond with a wakening caress. From how Erica’s breath drew quicker as she stared down intently, it was working. Erica felt a warmth of pleasure she wanted more of already.

He moved again, and this time his tongue drew a thick, wet line between that central fold, riding it all the way to the little bean at the head. Erica had to struggle to not gasp from the burst of pleasure that lanced out of that lick. She wanted to pull away and ask what the damn pervert thought he was doing, but could only hug herself closer.

That tongue slid back down, replaced by the tender suckling of the boy’s lips on her panties. Even without making direct contact, that feeling was going to drive her crazy if he kept it up. Standing over him with his face buried in her crotch, Erica wanted nothing else, and he seemed to understand.

The gentle kisses picked up pace and force, squeezing and tugging the wondrous mixture of a scent from her dampening panties. That in turn only encouraged him to continue – licking more firmly and drawing his kisses till he pulled the silken cloth away with each one before letting it slap back into place. Erica simply let the lapping affection continue until – before either of them knew what was happening – she had forced him back into the chair. One of her tall knee socks bent to rest on the chair beside his head as she smothered and grinded down on his face.

Daniel never stopped, tried to move his hands or pull the panties aside. Though breathing grew difficult and her scent filled his head with a dizzying, heady haze, he only wanted more of her taste. Simple, wordless lust overtook the both of them, leaving Erica to grind and rut her mounds into the stabbing and lapping tongue forcefully with sharp and long moans from each burst of pleasure.

She continued for several hazy, passionate minutes, pinning Daniel’s head against the chair to grind and ride out her lust until the swelling ball of pleasure finally came to a head, setting off an explosion of bliss in her stomach. With it, she tensed and quivered on the spot, arcing forward to the point of falling forward in a slump onto the chair as she rode out her wracking peak.

Haah… damn… pervert.” She whispered, hugging his head against her before gently slipping off to slump into the chair, her legs draped over his shoulder as he sat breathless and dazzled from the onslaught. It had been more than a pledge or promise, but it had fuelled the newfound dependency on one another they had found, without either truly admitting its existence.


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