Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Question of Fear

I just had a thought, while finishing off some touches to my next release and pouring over plans for October, and it stuck me as something I could really branch out and interact on, and so I have a question for you all. As October is known for Halloween, I'm going to be doing a series of suitably themed stories throughout the month.

More than just paranormal or costume play, I do that throughout the year. What I'm looking to do is work on more of a darker angle on actual horror erotica to suit the month. I have a good number of ideas, kinks and scenes in mind, but it begs the question; What are you afraid of?

What little creaks in the dark makes your skin crawl and mind race? I've always said erotica is a very intimate and powerful genre that works its way closer to the core of people, but what about when it touches on the darker things down there? The sort of things people never want to be plucked, yet can't help but be morbidly fixated to letting it happen, as if they're now captives of their own desire.

Aside my own plans, it'd be interesting to hear the sort of things others, for lack of a better way to put it, wouldn't want to see. Not just sexually, that's a matter for my writing to spin into an erotically charged scenario that can't be put down, I mean fears in general.

I'd love to make this project a touch more interactive and personal in places if I can, and then perhaps that broader, more intimate closeness to home will make the stories a little more powerful than they could be through my work alone. An author exists by grace of readers, so for all I'm a very reserved and quiet person I thought it'd be fitting to put this out there and circulate on that strength that others who take an interest create.

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