Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Carnival of Phantasms (Latex, Monsters and Tentacles, oh my!)

You are cordially invited to an exclusive party shrouded in mystery and decadence. It's a party where fantasy and reality blur into a night of pleasure and terror alike where guests mingle and swap partners among the most racy of fetish costumes and monstrous beings roam the halls.


So, I've been quiet for a while. There's been some stuff posted on twitter, but no noise in terms of releases. That's because I've been hard at work with a feature length (I'm taking that to mean really nice in length but not 50k+ novel format length) story that began as some Halloween special. While it's still themed around Halloween, it's special for bigger, better reasons.

This commemorates my 20th publication, pulling in at 110 pages with a five star reception to its fetishes and story.

Anyway, so what is in this juicy feature? Not first, but foremost, since it's a little rare; sexual tickling torture. There's a whole chapter dedicated to it, and some teasing use of it outside that. I like to try different things, and that was really fun, while also jarringly frightening when you look back on what just happened in the scene as a whole. I'll leave discovering the details to the reader.

There's BDSM, latex and pet play, a whole chapter of which is shared as a Halloween treat recently, which includes some sensual lesbian kissing and not one but two femdoms. Give that a look for another idea of what I'm doing here. It's a huge, kinky party with all sorts of fetish-loving people sharing a night together. Some of them that make cameos aren't even precisely human, some you may be familiar with, and that's what makes this party so fun.

There is also - as you may have gleaned from the title - monsters and tentacles. Some of the monsters are so big, or so creepy (Not everyone appreciates spiders, I understand that), that they don't even fit in this book. As such, some only manage a lead-in cameo or a softer teasing scene, while others, primarily the juicy tentacles, get a full on virgin defiling messy cum overload.

It was a lot of fun to write, and around those sexual scenes, there's a good amount of character interaction and simple fear and tension or plain weird, otherworldly comedy moments that I threw in just because it was a fun thing to do with the freedom. 

I hope people get to enjoy it for what it is, I've put a lot of heart and soul into it. No excerpt this time, as the next post down is a whole chapter's worth of excerpt, and it's currently $0.99, what more d'ya want?! I can't actually make it free on Amazon without being clumsy or restrictive, this'll have to be the click of faith!

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