Shorts and Samples

A collection of short samples & occasional full story to interest readers. 

A Halloween Treat: Good Puppy
Genre: Contemporary D/s
Includes: Femdom, BDSM, Lesbian, Swingers, Lap dance, pet play, sensual kissing

Short synopsis: Invited to a private, kinky party, a pair of unique and similar lovers meet, mingle. Before long, they share both tricks and treats with each other to enjoy the special party.


Shoes of Glass: Pledge (Tag: Shoes of Glass)
Genre:  Contemporary D/s

Short synopsis: Erica Nylund is a woman struggling with injuries that changed her world. When she stumbles across a man searching through her bag in the women's changing rooms, things change in ways neither would ever have expected.

The Darkest Memories (Tag: Daemonique)
Genre: Demonic Fantasy
Includes: Female elf & male humans, violence, rape, abstract destruction

Short synopsis: Some memories deter us from a path, some events shape us on to one. Some are best left unspoken, and some are never forgotten. Some words of this world lay only between the folds of the Daemonique. Enveloped in the darkness of Xianesh's power, those dark corners of Sylenna Lightstride's mind will no longer go unperturbed. The truth will be known and forgiven, no matter how terrible.   

Cinders of the Soul (Tag: Cinders of the Soul)
Genre: Historic Paranormal Incest
Includes: Sisterly incest, lesbianism, use of sexual toy, marionette

Short Synopsis: Tragedies of immeasurable scale have been known to scar history throughout time. They leave people displaced, rob us of loved ones, friends and family. The Great Fire of London, which began on Sunday, September 2nd, was one such tragedy to be remembered centuries later. In the more immediate years of it's wake, however, Alice is called back to the charred city on a strangest of whims, and may find her beloved twin sister is not as lost to her as she believed.

Down the Bunny Hole (Tag: Bunny Hole)
Genre: Contemporary D/s
Includes: Mild exhibition, latex petplay, consensual tentacles (consentacles)

Short synopsis: Michelle was a quiet girl that didn't ask for much. That was before she met 'him'. Love does funny things to people, and she's since grown almost dependent on her man's embrace, so it comes as no surprise when she accepts his request to abuse her academic facilities for a vial of something special. This time, her addiction to the sexual pleasure he gives her will send her deep down the bunny hole.
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