Friday, November 1, 2013

A Halloween Treat: Good Puppy

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone's been enjoying the festivity and theme, whether or not it's been actively celebrated where you are. For me, it's been very fun, and given me a chance to work on something I've muttered incoherently about doing in no descript sense. That is to say I've only as much realized I wanted to do it.

In lieu of a proper festive image, I've borrowed this one from TRIGGER animation studio, because they're an awesome bunch that love witches, Halloween and the likes, too. Personally, I have more writing to work on, as this is proving to be one of my biggest projects that I haven't been able to clean-sweep finish in time for Halloween.

Mid-November update: You can now find the author feature and details for the 110 page publication [here]. It's available for $0.99 for a limited time from Amazon.

And that's okay. That's how it should be, how I wanted it to. It's currently sitting just shy of 20k words, and I have at least... four to maybe five scenes and effective chapters to work through before I dig into editing. I don't want to rush or shortchange this at all, so I'm not going to. The chapters might not all be in the realm of 3k+, I'm not sure, but I'm really enjoying the interactions and themes. Keep an eye out for me and more news of that in the future.

For now, though, since it's Halloween and all, I have a treat for all the amazing readers and supporters that make what I do possible. It might give you an idea of what I'm doing with this big project, it might just be confusing or not click and be pretty hot irregardless. It'll differ from person to person, so I'll let you decide, but I'll throw some hints anyway. The main pair of couples are returning characters from Hot, Wet & Tied Up and Shoes of Glass. If you were to check the Library, there'd be a high chance any character you land on knowing has a cameo at this party. It makes it very fun to write.

I will say the initial narrating group - Amber, Dee and co. - may seem a bit vague or faceless. That's because they've had a large amount of set up before this scene opens, and aren't integral to the core of this little arc, once it gets down to it.

Short story shy of 6k words follows the pagebreak. Includes the following:
[F/F][F/M][Femdom][BDSM][Pet play][Chastity][Lap dance][Rubbing through clothes][Sensual Kissing]

*  *  *  *  *

Carnival of Phantasms: Good Puppy

“Well now, people like this is what you meant by freaks, Dee? You weren’t kidding when you said this party was going to be a little kinky.” So Amber claimed, yet little may have been an understatement.

The smaller girl of the couple Amber was looking at stood on tiptoes in boots that rose to the knee with what must have been a foot of bootlace to each and an inches short mini-skirt that did little more than cover the sheer black panties that rose higher around her toned hips than the frilly skirt did. Above her trim, bare naval, she wore little more than what looked to be a black vest, elbow-length satin gloves and a simple black headband topped by fluffy cat ears.

Petite as the little blonde woman was, she didn’t have much in way of a chest to hide or support behind the vest. Her companion, however, was quite the opposite. The little woman was on her tiptoes so she could reach up and hug the bigger woman holding her. A brunette with slim glasses, bigger in every respect with all of the curves on show to prove it.

Her costume was little more than straps and bands of soft leather digging into the supple curves of her figure, overall. A single band hugged her breasts, barely covering the nipples and packing her chest up like sausage. Around her hips, a thick band of leather ran flush between her legs and wrapped around her waist, digging into the soft squish of her stomach.

The centrepiece of that item was a simple padlock of silver metal, glinting clearly below her fair skin and over the snug tuck of chastity the thick leather gave. It’s key dangled on the end of a thin chain around the other girl’s neck.

The girl’s hands – or paws, the hands packed away in gloves of padded leather – were around the smaller girl’s waist to cuddle and support her in standing on tiptoes in the thick boots steadily. It let the little blonde snuggle in comfortably, smothering her petite figure against the single leather band packing her companion’s heavy breasts away.

The smaller girl was leaning in, past the muzzle of a mask that covered from chin to nose, whispering softly. While it was impossible to hear from the distance the group admired the couple across, it was clear from the wicked smile the smaller woman had that her words were likely as explicit as her lover’s floppy-ear crowned costume.

Whatever was being said was enough to make the big girl squirm, nodding and hugging her lover firmly enough to lift her boots off the ground for a moment, making the pretty little woman laugh a sweet chime and pat the back of her companion’s shoulders.

“Hey! Down, puppy!” She squeaked, giggling and swinging her boots until she was back down on the ground to step back and smile up at her pet all the more wickedly. With space between them, a thick collar was visible around the girl’s neck, a simple plaque across its front and metal link leash trailing down to rest over her hard-packed cleavage.

Spilling off that cushiony plateau, the leash trailed down to the little blonde woman’s hand in a snug loop of a black leather handle. The ‘owner’ tugged playfully on the leash, reaching back to smack and grab her ‘puppy’, catching the side of her thigh enough that the bigger girl’s hips and rear jiggled lightly, mewling and giving a sorry look from above her costume’s mask.

The smaller girl simply smiled, digging her fingers into the soft thigh of her pet-girl fondly. Looking up to her pet with a questioning raise of her brows and few quiet words, she tugged on the leash again as the bigger girl nodded, leaning down to let her owner kiss the latex snout of her mask. It was only then the smaller woman noticed the eyes on her, turning her head to smile with something a little more than warmth to the group that had more recently entered.

More than warm, the look in her eyes was practically beckoning and tempting for any of them to come to her. It almost spoke of her waiting expectantly, as though it were a question of when, not if someone wanted to come play with her – and not just aimed at the men.

Any of those watching her, sizing her and the puppy girl up were welcome to come talk to her, even kneel and kiss her fingers. The look in her eyes said she’d treat them very well.

Without a word or glance astray from the woman, Amber’s elbow went into Matt’s side, getting a more authentic undead grunt before she finally gave him a warning glance. She’d felt the urge too, and knowing the men, there was no telling how strong their resolve to turn down such a come hither look from such a sexually dominant woman as her would be.

Giggling softly to herself and smoothing her smile out, the woman looked back to her pet, patting and rubbing the bigger girl’s rear before nodding deeper into the hall, leading her pet off by that chain leash to enjoy the night together. Left behind to their wonder, Dee hummed a soft laugh.

“I don’t know, they were really cute. Pretty rare you get what you want in a partner like that. They must be really happy together.” Dee explained, smiling and looking around the hall. From the corner of her eye, the copper-skinned woman in the ragged robe smiled in her direction, hugging herself against her man’s side more affectionately to his bewilderment as they too wandered and mingled amongst the hall.

“Sometimes you don’t even know it’s what you’re looking for.” An unfamiliar voice put in, drawing their attention to another woman dressed in black with a wide, conal hat much like Lisa’s own. Hers, however, was propped on black pigtails to either side, a gnarled branch of a walking stick in hand that could have come from outside the mansion grounds for all they knew. She seemed to be leaning heavily on the stick, perhaps to keep with the look of her costume.

Much like Lisa, she was dressed in a traditional black witches look, though her own dress came all the way to a high neck and sleeves that all but covered her hands, pluming with lace at the ends. Over the simple dress with its buttoned down front rested a tight, black corset that gave the new witch a look of refinement and billowing in the dress that spooled down past her feet. She offered Lisa a hand in greeting, smiling quietly.

“My, a sister witch. We’ll have to trade secrets before the night’s out. I’m Erica.” She chimed, squeezing and shaking the returned hand lightly. Lisa’s cheeks flushed with colour, leaving her to look down at her feet and hide behind her hat. It worked until that hand, disengaging from hers, rose up to cup her cheek and lift her back to greeting Erica’s gaze and her quiet – if not all as innocent as it had first appeared – smile.

“Head high, sister, you’ve everything to be proud of.” She spoke, softer and all the more sincere than her prior whim. It left Lisa in a daze for a moment, blinking and nodding as she shuffled on spot, licking her lips.

“I… I’m Lisa, pleasure to meet you.” She managed, nodding her head and smiling a little more relieved in turn. Erica’s quick breath of a giggle was enchanting and sweet. She had an air of magic about her that seemed more than the costume alone. Not something you could put a finger on, just a feeling akin to infatuation or natural charm.

“Well, enjoy the party, sister Lisa. Come on, pervert, you can’t hide all night.” Erica called, looking over her shoulder to address someone in her company, it seemed. Leaning on her walking stick, she slowly hobbled on into the hall.

“Mistress…” The voice to follow her was a strained, boyish call of pleading, though its owner was anything but. Despite the small twin tails back and below the ears, the heavy makeup flushing the cheeks and plumping the lips. Despite the light pink vest that seemed stretched across his chest, and what must have been faux pads filling out breasts inside the bra hooped over bare shoulders. Despite the cheap, glossy petticoat, cut-away denim hotpants and pantyhose, the dirty blonde-haired boy was exactly that.

“Mistress, wait.” He called again, getting her to stop and glance back over her shoulder at him this time. The glint of pleasure in her eyes for the sight was wicked to a point, but she did wait. His one saving grace from the humiliating costume was that there were no heels that fit him, so catching up to his witch and ducking down to let her loop an arm around his neck for better support than her walking stick was an easy matter.

“Good boy.” Erica murmured, leaning in to kiss his cheek and rest more on his support than the stick she had with her as they continued into the hall. Lisa simply stared after the couple, dumbfounded. This really would be a night to remember, if only she could find the moment to stop being breathless with shock and talk with the others that were looking around and talking amongst themselves in kind about it all.

Around such a vivid range of people much more confident and open with themselves, the poor girl felt in over her head.

“Hey, cute dog, is she allowed petting?” Among the bustle, two unlikely couples – or perhaps more likely, more alike than any other – had met. Sat on her knees in front of her owner, the muzzle-masked girl was nuzzling the offered thigh as her owner giggled softly and looked up to the newcomer.

“Mmm, well, if she earns a treat. Think you feel like doing a trick for them, puppy?” The woman asked, staring down at her pet with a loving smirk about her thinned lips. Unable to speak, just as any pet would, the dog-eared girl nodded eagerly as she looked to the couple behind her – the witch and perversely crossdressed boy.

Good puppy. She’s allowed. Come sit down, call me Jessie.” The puppy’s owner offered, smiling cutely at the couple and nodding to the rest of the couch. Little more than wide enough to fit two, they would manage to squeeze three on, if intimately. Nudging her companion ahead in front of her, Erica smiled and nodded for him to sit in the middle so as she’d have an easier time easing down to the far side. Smiling deviously at the boy, Jessie moved aside to give a little more room for them both in kind.

“Cute boy, what sort of tricks does he do for you, hm?” Jessie asked, glancing past him as Erica eased herself down into the seat, twisting and leaning heavily on the arm as she breathed a quick, dismissive laugh.

“Oh, I don’t know. He makes a good dressing doll, but I haven’t thought to train him in much, yet. He tends to be a bit of a pervert, so I think he’d enjoy that all a bit too much and get out of hand.” Erica explained, giving the boy a sharp and considering look as she traced a finger along his stocking-clad thigh. Sat between the two dominant women, Daniel barely dared to breathe as he looked down at the beautiful girl sat at his feet in her kinky suit of tight straps and fetish gloves.

Placing her ‘paws’ and chin on the boy’s knees, the puppy girl looked up expectantly, whining a soft, throaty tone as she watched both her owner and his mistress tease him. He still didn’t dare reach out, but Erica chuckled softly and reached down to run a hand through the girl’s hair.

“There there, good puppy. Mmhm, so very cute, does she have a name?” Erica asked, smiling over to the girl’s owner whom smiled in return and nodded as she eyed the boy she was snugged up against consideringly.

“She’s my little Kimmie, slut puppy or ‘Kimmie-pet’ when I want to embarrass her and make her squirm. Well, call her that name or do… this.” Jessie explained, the girl on her knees blushing and wriggling under the attention before her owner took out what seemed to be a small remote from her pocket, pressing one of the little switches on it.

Immediately, Kimmie bucked and whined in the back of her throat as her hips shook and eyes lidded. A faint buzzing was audible from her lap – a toy that would have had to be very strong to be audible from between her legs over the music and bustle of the party.

“Mmm, isn’t she the cutest little thing, boy?” Jessie asked, grinning openly at the boy that watched, transfixed in clear arousal. He simply nodded – with the puppy suit and glasses on her, there was no denying she was cute to a point of being trained and tailored to it. Jessie giggled happily and reached down to pet Kimmie’s head in kind.

“Mmm, well, there are ways to fix that, if your boy is being naughty, Erica. What’s your name, cutie?” Jessie asked as she leant back up, using a single finger to guide the boy to face her by his chin. Smiling up at him with a belying innocence, she stared intently into his nervous eyes as though the answer would give him her soul.

“Ah… D-Daniel.” The feminized boy finally spoke, leaving Jessie to grin quietly and pat his cheek while Erica stroked and petted Kimmie’s head, watching the girl wriggle and mewl over the vibrator buzzing away behind her chastity.

“Mmm, say, Daniel, you wouldn’t mind if I made out with your Mistress, would you?” Jessie asked, her tone as sweet and passing as if discussing perfectly normal, everyday affairs. For the little blonde, it likely was. Daniel was speechless, however, and tried to glance to Erica who was trying not to look as stunned as she focused on the cute puppy at her feet. Jessie’s finger on his chin sharply pulled him back to facing her with a soft tut.

“Ah-ah, I’m asking you, cutie. My little slut puppy likes you, and so do I, so I wouldn’t mind teaching your girl some tricks. Meanwhile I’ll let you enjoy some of mine, but it’s up to you. Think very carefully about your answer.” She cooed in a near whisper, her eyes narrowing into an almost demanding and expectant glower of seduction. Not daring to look away, Daniel paused in wonder for the longest moment, wondering just what he was getting into. Eventually, after what was as likely a single breath as a single minute, he simply nodded acceptance – slowly.

“Mmm, good boy!” Jessie chimed, giggling and leaning in to kiss his cheek, just at the edge of his lips to leave an impression of her taste without intimately pressing against him before patting his cheek and turning off the vibe remote, handing the device to the boy.

“Here, the top buttons are for her little nipple electrodes, the dials for the two vibes. Play around with it while she gives you a lap dance, but don’t let her cum. Oh…” Jessie explained, smiling darkly and leaning to whisper in Daniel’s ear as her hand traced down to stroke a slow circle on his inner thigh, intimately close to his crotch through the cut-away hotpants.

“Don’t touch her, or your Mistress and I are leaving here with your balls as souvenirs, okay?” Jessie explained, the simple, matter-of-fact tone was enough to put the fear of death in Daniel’s spine. No better was that when he glanced to Erica, she was all but trying not to laugh, and couldn’t hide the glint of appreciation in her eyes for the idea. She would be wholly behind the idea, then.

When that gaze caught with Daniel’s, all it took was a questioning, raised brow from her to clench that ominous fear into a chilling dread. Daniel simply swallowed hard and nodded obediently, to both the women’s pleasure. Giggling softly, Jessie squirmed off the couch and tugged on her leash, snapping her fingers up above Daniel’s lap.

“Hup, come here, puppy. You know what to do, don’t you?” Jessie asked, stroking her pet’s cheek as the girl clambered up to straddle Daniel’s lap and nod. Up off the ground, she was far bigger than she looked on the floor, her voluptuous curves squeezing on the soft leather padding of her suit intimately.

Daniel could see the little intends for what must be the metal plates over her nipples in what otherwise looked like nothing but a thick band of leather. It must have had a small battery around the back, in the buckle or some other section of it. The thought of his Mistress getting her hands on such fancy toys made him shiver as he eyed the big girl up approvingly.

“Mmm, see, give him a little treat, but show him you’re boss, and you’ll keep him in the palm of your hand. Now, you are mine.” Jessie explained as she moved over to sit herself into Erica’s lap, smiling quietly up at the dark-robed girl she slid an arm around the neck of. Erica was watching the couple aside her thoughtfully, sucking and biting down on her lip before she even truly noticed the other girl’s owner in her lap.

“Oh, yes… I could really learn from you, but everything has a price, doesn’t it?” She murmured, gently putting her hands around the smaller woman’s waist affectionately as she eyed the more assured and tried dominant up. Jessie giggled softly in the back of her throat with the attention, tilting the witch hat back and caressing the girl’s cheek softly.

“That it does. Say, Erica, have you ever kissed another girl before?” Jessie asked, her face now under the broad hat enough to make Erica’s breath draw sharp at the question. For all she’d heard them talking, what Jessie intended hadn’t quite sunk in. There was a wicked power in the woman’s assurance Erica only wished she had such a strong grasp over.

“I… n-no.” She blustered, looking back at the other couple enjoying themselves. Daniel hadn’t seen her get so flustered, then, for all they were rubbing shoulders. That was good. Jessie’s laugh was another sweet, soft chime as she leaned in, close enough to brush her nose against the other girl’s and stare intently into her eyes. There was no sign of resistance or displeasure in Erica’s gaze, only the dazzled anticipation that matched the quick breaths coming from her wetted, parted lips and a wanting to know more.

“Lucky me.” Jessie whispered, cupping Erica’s cheek just firmly enough to guide her slowly into the kiss. Their lips met tenderly, moulded and squished against one another in an intimate embrace. Jessie gently tugged on the supple taste of Erica’s lips with assurance, the dominant girl lidding her eyes and shifting to snuggle comfortably into the other’s lap. She made it clear the kiss was to be enjoyed in relaxation.

Erica’s eyes did not lid down, and the woman barely relaxed as she gave in to the feel of those soft and gentle lips playing with her own. Rather, subtle mewls and erratic slurps came from her side of the kiss as she adjusted and tried to ease into the feel of it all the more clumsily for how new and different it all was for her.

Everything had happened so fast that she could barely rationalise it all, but it was a ride she didn’t want to get off. She was cuddling and kissing not just someone else while sat beside her boy, but another woman. All the while that pervert had the woman’s pet-girl grinding in his lap, leaving him to play with her vibe toys. She didn’t know how it should have made her feel, but as she moved her tongue to meet and twist around the gentle invasion of the other girl, she couldn’t think to mind it at all.

Jessie was a good kisser, and the feel of her soft lips tugging and suckling, the playful tongue lapping at hers and even the subtle caress of her fingers against Erica’s cheek were a soothing thrill. She couldn’t help but want to submit to the woman, to relax and drink in the taste of her kiss while cuddling her petite figure fondly.

Jessie was more than happy to oblige and explore this new girl’s mouth with the tenderness of her tongue and firm smacking of lips. Her own pleased hums vibrated from her throat into Erica’s mouth intimately as she rolled and gently slid her tongue across the inside or Erica’s mouth, teasing the tip of her tongue, pushing it up to tickle the underside and tracing down the sides of it slowly with her own.

Beside them, Kimberly was intently taking to her task of both performing for Daniel and keeping his eyes on her. For all he wanted to look at the intimate smooching of lips and soft, suckling mewls emanating from his Mistress and the other woman cuddled up in her lap, he got little more than glances of the unlikely couple before a paw pulled his gaze back and straight into a smothering pair of breasts that Kimmie hugged his head into.

He wasn’t to touch, but she could do whatever she wanted in her performance, pushing him back into the lover’s couch and smiling quietly with her eyes as her body swayed and moved to the slow and smooth music from the stage. Focusing on the girl, Daniel wondered as to the remote he had, deciding to give one of the buttons a test.

Kimmie’s back instantly bowed backward, her hips bolting into a ragged sway that all but lightly rubbed his body as she squeezed down on his shoulders for support. Daniel could almost hear the gentle crackle of electric buzzing through the metal pads assaulting her nipples, making the girl dance practically on reflex alone.

She was beautiful, and to see her squirm and dance under his control was likely as new a thrill as Erica’s intimate and lengthy kiss she was enjoying. Daniel couldn’t know when she was going to cum, though, and the thought of even a little electric tingle on nipples made him shiver, so he turned it off to give the girl a little mercy.

From the relieved mewl Kimmie mewled out, shivering and squirming in such a way that made the heaving bosom shake and squish against its binding, she certainly seemed thankful. Smiling softly to her as she began her more natural swaying grind – not at all perturbed by the lack of legs to use in her dance as they straddled his lap comfortably – Daniel thought to test the beautiful puppy girl further, and cranked one of the dials up into an active, if low, state.

Flinching lightly from the sudden buzz coming to life, Kimmie continued her exotic lap dance uninterrupted, if with a more vividly twitching and pushing rear. The puppy-suited girl even so much as turned in Daniel’s lap, sitting so her back was to him. It was only then he saw the relatively short, fluffy tail plugged between her ass cheeks. The rest of her chastity belt ran around it as though the tail was a socketed extension in a hole on the leather strap, as it likely was.

Balancing precariously on the seat, with her hind paws dug in behind the cushion and thighs clamping down on Daniel’s lap, the girl leant forward, off the seating to push up her rear and waggle it from side to side. Cranking up the dial again made the girl’s soft ass cheeks twitch and clench on the anal plug, practically causing the tail to lift and waggle in a show of natural pleasure.

The temptation to touch the fluffy tail was almost more overwhelming than the want to grab her big rear and sink his hands into the soft skin, but he knew better. Glancing to his Mistress and the other girl, now twisting their tongues around one another’s in plain sight, drool beading and dribbling off their tongues and chins alike with eyes closed in bliss, he knew better than to disobey not just one, but two dominant women.

Whining softly, Kimmie smothered her hips into his crotch and grinded hard to get his attention back, and to great effect. The girl’s performance right beside the sight and mere thought of his Mistress cuddling and passionately kissing another woman was leaving him frustratingly horny without any hope of relief for the throbbing swell of his cock outlined more than clearly in his slutty cut-off hotpants Erica had put him into.

Rather than simply take it alone, he’d let the girl share in his frustration a little, and focus more on her performance and what he was allowed to do to her. He could lightly hear the buzzing from the vibe between those plump ass cheeks, now. That meant the dial he’d played with was responsible for the tail-plug’s vibrator. The other dial, then, could only mean one thing.

Cranking the anal one down and the other up, he realised it could mean any number of wicked things, but as luck had it, seemed to mean exactly what he thought it did. The puppy-girl’s raised thighs twitched again, her hips bucking and grinding in the air as she mewled, almost falling from her precariously balanced position of swaying and bobbing her hips for show.

With the second toy buzzing away in her sex, the puppy girl needed a little more stability as the damp scent of her arousal filled the little corner of the hall they occupied. As such, she pushed herself back and up to rest herself against Daniel’s chest, waggling and grinding her dampening hips into his lap and arcing her back to push her breasts out in front for show.

Her Mistress beside her had gone back to pushing her tongue down the other girl’s throat, their slurping kisses all the more slick and wet from the shared saliva that made each moan and smacking suckle deliciously wet. Jessie was paying no attention as her pet rode and grinded on the boy’s crotch, rubbing and dampening the pantyhose with her arousal as she pressed and smothered his rigid crotch with the plump squish of her rear.

The soft, mewling whines she gave off from behind her mask as she leant back, pushing her chest out to make the breasts bulge around the band were more than sweet. It was clear this was getting her off as she hugged an arm around Daniel’s head, pulling him closer and over her shoulder to look down at her swelling cleavage as she stewed and wriggled in her erotic little lap dance.

Kimmie was much bigger than Erica – not that he had seen his Mistress’ chest much beyond their first chance encounter – so much that, left to only look, he could only wonder what it must feel like to stuff his cock between the doughy mounds and titfuck the submissive girl until he made a mess of her breasts and face. He could just imagine her smiling up at him as he buried himself in her warmth and painted it a sticky white.

This was bad though, he realised. If she kept doing what she was, he was going to cum in the panties Erica had put on him. They were already softly rubbing him every time the girl moved. Between that, the supple press of her rear grinding him and the assorted mewling slurps and moans around him, it was getting harder and harder to hold back beyond knowing better than to touch the girl.

The swelling only got worse, his crotch throbbing and threatening to blow with each twitching grind. Kimmie had stopped her erotic dance and settled into sitting herself squarely on his lap. Only her leg was truly twitching and vibrating as she held tightly to the boy under her, panting and grinding her supple rear into him.

It was then that he felt Jessie’s hand in his, taking the remote and turning both the vibes off. Glancing over to the woman, wondering if he’d done something wrong, she merely winked and smiled around the sensual embrace she was sharing with Erica, parting the kiss just enough for him to see his Mistress’ tongue loll out and chase Jessie in an intimate, wet twisting as the pair gasped and moaned for breath.

That, then and there, atop all the rest was enough. More than enough – too much. The throbbing swell in Daniel’s hotpants came to a head, rushing from his cock in a relentless flood of relief. Bucking into the mewling, relaxing puppy-girl’s rear, Daniel couldn’t help but grunt and groan in pleasure as that sticky warmth flooded into his panties shamelessly.

Only then did Jessie break the kiss properly with a lurid, slurping smack of reluctance. Erica practically chased the lips to have it back for a moment before collecting herself, her tongue hanging limp from the workout it had gotten. Thick stands of saliva bridged from one tongue to the other before Jessie pulled hers in. Licking her lips and humming like a content little kitten, Jessie scooped the drool from Erica’s cheek to press her finger into the other girl’s mouth teasingly.

“Mmm… I think your boy just came, Erica.” She cooed happily, waggling and letting the breathless girl sitting limp under her catch her breath and play with the finger for a moment until focus came back into her eyes.

“Mmm… they do smell of sex, so it wouldn’t surprise me. Pervert.” She murmured, smiling weakly as she looked to her lover with a hazy, playfully accursing glower. Daniel’s cheeks felt as hot as his lap, for entirely different reasons, but the boy could do little more than blush in rightful shame and try not to meet his Mistress’ gaze as the big girl lay exhausted across him as though he were just part of the love-seat, now. She’d only gotten to the brink of orgasm and been working her body in an erotic dance for the boy all the while. She needed a rest of her own accord.

“Mmm, they do. How about we take them to a room and get them cleaned up, hm? I want to play with you some more, and I think puppy deserves a treat for that trick.” Jessie cooed, making her pet perk up and squirm, smiling around the muzzle-gag as she looked to her owner bashfully. Erica licked her lips slowly, savouring the experienced woman’s taste before nodding slowly and swallowing hard. It was a special night to be enjoyed, after all.

Good. Oh, Erica? What if I invite some boys for your little slut to play with? He looks the part, and he was okay with letting another girl play with you, so it’s only fair. Your call.” Jessie chimed, smiling in that demurely cute manner that said there was very little about her mannerism that would be satisfied by being called cute, demure or harmless. This sudden, if not unfounded twist of direction was proof of her frightening nature.

That Erica was staring at her in thought did little to reassure Daniel. Don’t listen to her! Don’t be tempted! Don’t say it! That was what he wanted to shout and say, but the red-handed reminder of his climax stopped him. She was right, he had let it happen – been perfectly okay with another woman being intimate with his woman for his impulsive desire of seeing it, and Jessie’s lover had made him climax.

In his hasty, internal defence, he had let it happen as much for faith in that Erica would have turned it down if she didn’t want to, and didn’t need his say. She was the Mistress, after all. Did he really have a right, then, having watched them and enjoyed the woman’s pet, to shoot down the question when it was turned on him? Did it even matter?

That dangerous thought made him swallow hard as Erica hummed in amusement. He truly did look the part to be played with by men, a real feminine slut of a boy. Maybe he would enjoy it, in the privacy of a room under the watch of these women, on this night where everything was turned on its head. Erica pursed her lips, smiled, and sealed his fate.

“Mmm, alright, but nothing too rough. He’s a pervert but I don’t want him whining about not being able to sit down or actually turning gay on me.” Erica mused, giving him an all too accusing glare, her lips twisted into a playful smile. Jessie laughed and leaned over to pat Daniel’s head, ruffling his hair.

“Hear that, boy? You’ll get to play the part, lucky you! But oh, don’t worry too much about him getting a one-track mind for it. One of the boys is a real pretty little thing you would think was a girl anyway. He’ll be all over that cock before you know it, but not because the cutie is all manly and hot.” She cooed, grinning teasingly and slowly pushing herself up off Erica’s lap to stand and smile, taking the vibe controller from Daniel as she did. The key on her necklace waved and glistened in the lamplight as she leant in to kiss her pet’s cheek and pat the side of her breast.

“Puppy? Take them to our room, okay? You can both pet her all you like till I get there with the boys, so hurry on.” Jessie declared, winking to them and turning to skip off through the hall to the bar. For all the time that had passed in their own little world, the hall had filled with a nice, lively bustle of people.

Sat at the open bar was a number of people, including the tall, fur-cloaked man too tall to sit on the stall, the young lady aside him to sat as if the soft leather seat was a throne to talk with the pale elven ranger-costumed woman behind the bar and the copper-skinned redhead beside them.

Whom Jessie had her eyes set on were a different couple though. They were a pair that would stand out in any place due to the brilliant, bareback red dress one wore. The other was wearing a much more boring, stiff suit that did suit the occasion with class, if not creativity.

That, she knew, was Alex, the manager from another branch. While his companion had the slender, pretty look of feminine charms that let them wear the dress with long red hair trailing down the back, Jessie knew them both as men, and she was going to have them both wrapped around her little finger for a little fun, before long.

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