Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid II: Maid to Serve

Milenna Nightwhisper, the dark elven maid in a castle shrouded in darkness and intrigue alike, has no mind for the plots of nobility. Hers is a simple life of service, with simple desires that in time give way to greater urges. Having been confronted by a strange being that can mimic her appearance and allow her to disappear once her innocuous price is paid, Milenna is about to be sent on to fulfilling that desire. 

Down a winding secret passage between the walls of Castle Olvang, presenting herself to a crowd of men three times that of the nobility she is accustomed to, each and every one of the lusty maid's abilities are about to be put to the test in exactly the service she has longed to give.

There's a lot of things it's high time I get back into, and the Lusty Argonian Elven Maid is certainly one. Deciding when and what to do things is very much feeling around in the dark, but dark elves especially can see pretty well there and will eventually find their way along.

It actually still strikes me as funny how in what's essentially an intense gangbang of every hole with a seemingly endless crowd, just how much subtle life and back story comes to life along the way, just through the characters and races living at all. It may not be immediately obvious, but it's something I'm aware of as I went along, so it really helps build on things for the future.

One thing that the Lusty Elven Maid also does is run as a parallel to Huntsman, the next installment of coming soon. What it's allowing me to do is create a separate theme and style, but entwine their stories to a greater whole for those interested in both the more simple, straightforward hardcore erotic encounters Milenna goes through and the more heroic and romantic endeavours of the noblemen, knights and even Princess and Queen above them in Huntsman. 

The way they tie together isn't hugely important, so you won't be missing out on some big plot point, it just kind of fills in the little gaps of like where the doppel got the uniform from and what her place in the plots are, or in the next installment, how the situation has developed into where Milenna is taken.

But that's talking a little far ahead. Right now I'm looking to chase up my loose ends and get stories locked down and finished. I've found my footings and know what I'm doing, so going from here things are going to be much more interesting and consistent.

For now though, an excerpt of what this dark elven maid is getting herself into.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Soulflame III: The Invitation (Historic Lesbian Erotic Romance)

In the months following their audition to the stage, whilst change grips 17th century London, life for Annabel and Alice is good. Returning to privacy, the couple struggle to restrain the love of intimacy shared behind closed doors - until knocks come to those doors. 

Invited to a party of sorts in thanks for their audition, the young women will find themselves invited to the beginnings of an age of influence can be felt to this day, all the while secluding and enjoying the simple love and life that they share in the grand city of London.

I'll be the first to admit time has slipped by for writing this feature, and it's funny how that works. What was once yesterday is now last month, what feels like a recent, fond memory was ten years ago. What was once someone's current day is now ancient history, and the truths of it lost to the annals of time.

The passage of time and its affect on the world in its own subtle ways is a fascinating thing. I saw a picture on twitter recently that really drove it home. Looking at it, I can remember a time with all those appliances, and still grasp to justify that they still exist now and are likely more proficient than the smartphone that's sitting on my desk with probably more relative processing power than the first, albeit already unstable, PC I owned.

And of course they are still around and still have their uses, but what makes it interesting is you can't really pin a specific point when this technology really came around to what it is and stuck. Unless of course you're that sort of technophile that can recall productive history but the point is as months turn to years and those years sneak on, little technical things sneak into life at such an easily accessible way that you don't really think much of it.

This isn't really a new phenomenon. Back in the 17th century and before, not everyone was literate and romance novels just didn't exist. There was poetry and playwright, but things only really started developing into what would later be known of as a novel in the late 1660s, where Soulflame is set.

A lot of things happened in London around this time period, and this volume moves the timeframe forward some months to accommodate that. It also expanded to a point of where I couldn't really just wrap up on this volume because there's so much going on. 

So to really enjoy the richness of the period, and given that Soulflame is as much a story of the city as the two women within it, this volume covers the formal invitation women received to finally join the stage in employ. In a similar vein to other historic retellings for entertainment, I've taken some liberties with character and place, because it just makes it feel better, and who knows how far from the truth it really was?

What was once their present day, where things were slowly, subtly changing around them, is now several centuries history left to imagination and fancy. That's what I've really wanted to capture with the Soulflame series, a sense of things so inherently similar, yet still so different and distant.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Darkfallen: Demonic Slime (Futa, Slime Monster and Transformation, oh my!)

In the darkest reaches of the demonic prison that lays under Sarandin Isle, where demonic essence is at its greatest, the strangest of monsters can be found and formed. While the world above seeks to forget and seal those demons within their hold, none would even suspect to imagine the existence of the demonic slime in those depths.

Captured and held in one such darkest corner, one noble woman who'd come seeking fame and tall tales will learn first hand of a story none would believe, for whence she touches the dark matter dripping through cracks in the wall, it takes on a life and lust of its own, intent on bringing her unimaginable pleasure. The well endowed succubus drawn to the commotion will only aid in the slimes animate desire to mimic and please Victoria in this tale of those confined to the demonic hold.

Darkfallen: Demonic Slime makes the point of that basic entry-level D&D monsters need love, too. It also let me do something rather different to usual, which is one of the charms to my Darkfallen series, that I wanted to come back to once more.

While one of the charms of the Darkfallen series is an ability to just drop in at any place and not really need to know the other stories in sequence to appreciate them, I did start this one off with a little consideration to padding up the surrounding story, so it begins with giving you a pretty simple glimpse into how this volume's 'protagonist' came to be a part of the demonic prison, and how others have been winding up there in their stead.

Essentially, those beyond Sarandin Isle don't even believe the threats there are as real as they are, and ride out in hunting parties together for potential of fame and glory, which everyone loves. At least the people that wind up as the human captives for lovely stories of demonic corruption and sexual happenings.

This is one such story! And it's a little different. This time, I wanted to play around with a Slime monster, because they're squishy and can change their body entirely, which makes them a lot of fun for filling holes to the limit with and generally doing stuff you could never do in any other way, such as a tongue turning into a throat-fucking phallic tentacle or a succubus' demonic cock popping from between one participant's lips while they're kissing the other, clamping them into the kiss so that they can't help but have their mouth filled with cum.

Slimes are just fun like that! So I got a little carried away enjoying how this one played out in writing. 

Similarly, while I'm not really trying to make Kynthia from previous volumes a centrally key character that recurs constantly, I got thinking while I wrote. The previous two volumes have had futa, so people who've enjoyed those would enjoy more of it in this, and I could work it in easily enough. Practically, she empowered the Slime monster into acting as quickly as it did, and why not? 

It might not always be a thing that I include futa, but I figured for a third installment of a series where it works, it works!

Excerpt follows the pagebreak

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Boys Will Do Boys (Gay Male Menage)

When Daniel came to the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion in the company of his Mistress, he never anticipated the night leading him into the company of a pretty, effeminate boy and his more dashing partner. Due to a twist of circumstance that see him ushered into their company, that's exactly what's happening. Having already crossdressed to look the part, Daniel will spend the night with the couple as ‘Danielle’, earning a taste of an entirely different world of pleasure and submission. 

What began as sensual temptation, teasing and a question in A Carnival of Phantasms develops now into an intense night of pleasure only be shared between boys.

I'll start off by saying this one was a bit tough to write, and contributed to May being a pretty slow and dry month for me, so I apologise for not being around much! June is shaping up to change that, but this was the first real debilitating slump I've ever felt, hopefully the only one. Being stubborn isn't always the answer, but I got through it.

It's been planned since the beginning, along with every other side story in the Carnival series, and there's one more to come, but sometimes it's just plain difficult. That's kind of the charm behind it, though. It's difficult because what A Carnival of Phantasms has allowed me to do is to bridge characters that wouldn't normally interact or even be in the same universe, and drop them into some really unique sexual encounters. 

In this case, that proved more of a challenge than I'd anticipated since it was just so different for the new boy being introduced to them. There's not really a purely dominant figure between the three either, unlike how Jessica could direct the scenes from her position as the top perfectly in 'Tied up in Good Company'. That said, once things get going, it stops being a problem and moves into a pretty unique night.

So we have a man, an androgynous, feminine trap - both from the Femboy's Trap series - and a crossdressing boy who's never thought of doing something like this with other guys before, from Shoes of Glass, who usually has a Mistress that enjoys crossdressing and dominating him. Everything's been spun around tonight, and it makes for a fun night of easing him into the acts and pleasures that come with the sort of clothing he's decided to put on, including the more experienced pair teaming up on him from both sides at once.

Excerpt that also explains how I handle realising I've used the same name for characters that, at the time, were never going to clash and be an issue follows the pagebreak:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

For Love of a Succubus (Brother/Older Sister Incest)

Living with a succubus can be trying at the best of times, so when Theodore overhears the demonic woman shout his childhood nickname in the height of self-pleasure; their relationship is destined to propel past simpler, platonic affection for the love of a succubus. 

These lustful, blue-skinned demons come with many tricks and talents, however. After this sleepless night, nothing will be the same between this brother and sister.

First thing's first, the blue on the cover is because [this] is the sort of succubus I was going for. A slightly different sort from the ones I have in Daemonique. These are more 'traditional' in a way, the blueberry succubus butt is a tasty thing well known through ages.

Whenever I mention black (or any other colour) sclera, this is the sort of style I mean too. Sclera being the whites of the eye, having it black instead really gives a more exotic and demonic appeal to things, and again, very traditional succubus form. I can't complain.

But why succubus, why incest? It just came as a sort of story idea someone wanted to see, and after all the work Dhampyre took to put together, I wanted something nice and easy to work on, and it sounded fun. It also served as a sort of test, since due to how channels react to the idea of incest, I've been rather cautious and dubious about writing it at all. It's like asking to get taken down, and/or upset people. 

As is, I can't mention the incest factor anywhere that may be visible in public on most channels, which is stupid. I worry that 'what if someone really likes the idea of Succubus femdom with orgasm denial, but hates incest?' The best I can do is what I always do in putting content warnings in the front pages. This way, it's gotten out to every channel without a problem and won't be taken down, I can continue writing without fear and hopefully people who enjoy it can find it!

I went with Succubus - aside from being the idea - for a few fun reasons. As a lustful demon that practically lives on the energy of powerful emotions, predominantly lust and love, it seemed appropriate that she'd be a really lustful figure, and that her brother would be her biggest desire, with how close to her he was. To make it passable, I've had to edit one or two lines to seem 'pseudo-incest', but if you put that aside, Lizbeth's brother is very special and delicious to her exactly because he has their parents' heritage, while also being a man. There's just no one that could compare.

Throw in the chance to use some demonic magic, glowing eyes and a shadowy portal to introduce a short cameo, and it just adds that little bit of extra spice and life that makes it special and really fun to have written. Hopefully all the right people find and enjoy it!

Excerpt follows:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dhampyre: Blood Beginnings (Erotic High Fantasy)

In the peaceful town of Ironwood, a mysterious, darkly dressed woman answers the call for aid to watch over a farm after fears of a flying nightmare begin to circulate. Before long, this solemn traveller will be left with more questions than answers and a hunger that only one thing can satisfy. Seeking those answers will draw her deep into Ironwood Forest, entangling her at the mercy of monsters and plots she cannot even begin to understand.

The lives of common folk and the common monsters that live in peace together will change in her wake, but hers is a story in its blood beginnings. Hers is the path of a vampire's half-bred child; the Dhampyre.

The link section looks sparse in this case because this is infact an Amazon exclusive! That means readers with Amazon Prime can 'borrow' the book for free, and I have a number of tools to play around with.

Such as making it FREE as a short promotional event from the 20th to 21st!

This title is going to be one of my more interesting little projects, and the use of Amazon's Select feature is one instance of exactly how. In more interesting terms, contrary to the usual method of releasing serial volumes and gauging interest through time, Dhampyre will be a routine release of novella format length books with accompanying paperback on release, covering a full arc with several erotic scenes to drive the journey along.

What this does is give me the best of all worlds, giving me a place to write up the initial shorter chapter pieces one by one on a more-or-less weekly basis, get thoughts and feedback on the progression of those, then come back later and edit them all a second time to put into a chaptered novel book format where I can make full use of chapter breaks to shift the time, scene, character focus and even theme in a way that standard serial releases don't really allow.

So I'm really excited about this, but what's it all about? Fans of my other high fantasy titles - Daemonique, Deity of the Desert and Huntsman imparticular - will get some similar vibes from some of the content, and that's because it's set in the same world. There's strong connection to the Northlands and the history of the world that is only being teased out in whispers, so far, as well as using the same religious setting as in Daemonique. The town of Ironwood is far inland from Kinsport, where Daemonique's setting has moved to, and far south of the region's capital, but it is held under the same faith. 

This volume really sets up and gets you comfortable with the world and its inhabitants. There are a lot of monstrous types here, a lot of twisted creatures, spirits of nature and some more traditional types like the Vampire and the main travelling protagonist - the Dhampir, child of a Vampire and Human. Many of these monsters will be involved in wholly erotic encounters. 

Fans of my similar work and Monster Girls at large will find scenes including vampiric biting, Holstaurus cow girls, Alraune plant girl and Dryad wood spirit, a Manticore and more. These rich, varied monster types are a real driving force behind the setting,so their involvement and interactions with the girl who balances between worlds of monster and human will only get more intense from here on.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Dressmaker's Doll (A Dark BDSM Fantasy)

Fresh out of college, the opportunity to work under the reclusive bachelor, mysterious and renowned tailor Julian Landon in his secluded villa felt like a fairy tale for young Amy, yet here she is. This fairy tale is reality for her. 

As the days pass, Amy will be reminded those fairy tales were once much darker things. Circumstance will see her fall helplessly into a world of darker passion and submission to the man that swept her off her feet. 

His training will prove to be far more erotic and sensual than she could have ever imagined, drawing her deeper and deeper into his world. 

It’s a world Amy has no escape from. A world she no longer wants to escape.

I may have said this before - may have even said it a lot, knowing me - but this is one of those books on the side I wanted to write one day. One of the many twisted little dark things in the back of my mind. The opportunity arose for it to be a good time to write it, and so here we are.

The Dressmaker's Doll may seem innocent and innocuous enough at first, it begins as a nice story of how one little moment can set a person freefalling into the a world they'd never have expected. Once you get into someone's life a little differently, a little more intimately, a whole different side of them can come out. For Amy, this meant discovering Julian's dominance. As a dressmaker and designer he adheres to what people might expect, putting his passion into the creation of unique pieces while staying far and away from attention. He has his reasons for wanting privacy and there's as many rumours as stipulation to why.

As a man, he's a wholly different beast of dominance and power that takes Amy's breath away and lets her mind run wild over the dark, sordid pleasure of submitting to him and how he makes her feel like a doll with just some simple commands and a ball gag. This leads to showing her the darker side of clothing, making her submit not only to him, but his design. Through Amy's perspective, the seemingly simple act of putting on clothing manages to become its own powerful and erotic act of submission for her.

Her walk down this dark path is an interesting one, with a possibly controversial end that really makes it a dark fantasy. I left a lot of it essentially vague to not spoil the mood, as surreal and improper as it may be, but this story is as seen by the young girl. I might write 'the other story' surrounding it one day, depending on feedback and such, but that's all I'll say outside of the end-of-book author note. For now, enjoy this tale.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Year in the Rear with the Gear - One Year of Publishing Erotic Fiction

First image in my gallery.
A year ago to the day, Leona D. Reish appeared with Daemonique I: The Darkest Desire. Back then it was ‘vol.1’, a mess of formatting and with a different cover piece. Not to imply I know what I'm doing now, but my blog posts back then sure a mess, too.

A day later, Smashwords’ read an ebook week kicked off, so I pushed to release a second book that got in on the 7th. Seeing that come around again now brings back a lot of memories. I was really very easily disheartened back then when nothing really happened through that first week with its sale event going.

In some senses, I’m just as easily disheartened now, and certainly still learning. I'm aiming to tie up current projects before I really start on anything new, since now I've a better understanding of things, I don't have to be so scattered about it. So we'll see how things go. As much as they change, I think they're going to stay the same.

Sat in a different corner of the room, at a different desk, though, things have really come a long way. It's really been a year, huh...

For sake of index-browsing scroll fingers, the rest of this post is pretty long and getting put behind a pagebreak. First year anniversary though, should probably celebrate or something. 

Christmas at a military base with a disembodied brain.
My kind of fun.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hide With Him (BBW Paranormal Erotic Romance)

Lynne Hill is a girl haunted. Not by her past or circumstance, but a darkly handsome man. His passion and interest in her is something from her wildest fantasies, but can the big, shy girl handle living those unspeakable dreams out? Under his dominating gaze, she might not have a choice. Giving in to temptation and playing his games, even in public, she's starting to doubt she wants a choice.

It's a dangerously sexual game Lynne is playing, but she may not be able to stop.

This series started like many do, a sort of experiment in something a little different, and if my highly impartial and scientific measurements of looking at numbers and going "holy shit, what", people really enjoy this series too.

That's really awesome. The first volume, Hide From Him got a really nice five star review, which I don't doubt has helped with bringing it to other people's attention, and making me feel really good about my writing. That, combined with everyone else taking interest in and enjoying the first book is a really good way to get more and sooner. An so here we are! I love to hear back from people in any form, and I've been getting a bit more contact lately and I honestly think about it fondly day to day a lot.

So what's in this second volume? The story practically picks up where it left off, with Lynne being rudely awoken by having her breasts played with in bed until she's left with a pretty messy face because she wouldn't get up. From there, there's some introspection and development of just what this erotic ghostly figure is, more developments and a bit of shopping.

That might sound innocent enough, but around 'Him', the heat is rarely turned down for long. It's one of the things that makes writing this series fun, considering what he is, there's just all sorts of freedoms from a normal relationship and interaction that lets me dive into hard, fast and frequent sexual implications, and even some other things like humour and a little philosophy.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Darkfallen: Expanding Elena (Body Expansion Gangbang)

Far underground in the now demonic prison, countless tales of surrender to seduction and corruption are played out, unabated. While the world above seeks to forget and seal those demons within their hold, they are not left powerless and without pleasures of their own.

This is one such woman's story. Walking the halls after her last session of fun, the succubus Kynthia spots a petite noble lady all alone, and takes an interest. Her demonic lust to change and warp the things around her will see the small woman come to be much bigger and softer, tearing the clothing from her figure and gathering an audience to the show of boundless, sizeless depravity about to unfurl. It's an audience Elena soon wants little more than perform for.

This volume starts out with the same succubus lead as before, bearing the same demonic dick she took from playing with Jacob in the first volume. So, indeed, it's another futa/dickgirl volume. They're just fun! Succubus are very sexually free with demonic energy and body modification like that too, so it lets me jump straight in without being odd.

Now, in addition to that, I wanted to play around with expansion a bit. It's another of those kind of magical kinks you can only really do in fiction where someone's body rapidly grows and changes. As the subtitle may imply, this is about expanding a woman named Elena, another of the demonic prison's unwitting residents. 

So what's fun about it is what begins as clothes-ripping and button popping breast and butt expansion, making them big and soft to play with -- not to sound hipster, but I one day found out I was writing BBW before I knew it was a thing, far back as Hot, Wet & Tied Up. Bigger to any degree means softer and cuddly, who doesn't like squishy cuddles? -- following on into exhibition and inviting in the crowd of Incubus that have gathered to watch through the cell bars. That's why I like Darkfallen, I can just set it up with 'yep, demons everywhere', with ulterior world building in the Daemonique series, and get down to some good, hot erotic action.

Sometimes you just want something a little simpler and fast fun, I like to change the pace with writing like that too, and so here we are.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shoes of Glass: The Second Step (A Femdom Erotic Romance)

As the relationship between a self-conscious, injured young woman and the kind-hearted, easily manipulated man at her feet continues, the things he does to her heart are beginning to frighten Erica. Daniel is beginning to occupy her thoughts and actions more often, which will lead to Erica testing the strength of his pledge to her, both in town and in private.

Tied up in Erica's domain of leather dominance and lace submission, held firmly under the caress of her heel, Daniel can only endure her wishes to meet with the reward of passion to follow. Taking this second step of endurance to follow the first will show Daniel the cracks in a beautiful woman's defensive shell.

It's nice to come back to this series, and a good place to start the new year. With step puns.

Well not so much puns, but it was a funny idea in my head and in the moment. The title however is very serious, if changed from what it was in back lists. That's one of the reasons I added text to say those are subject to change, though. It's really amazing what you end up writing sometimes, and for all you plan ahead, enough little things changing can lunge it in a completely different direction.

Now, the end result is the same, and some of the merit in being the sole proprietor of the madness in my head is people don't know what it started out as. Some of those scenes I've moved forward into the third volume, with it looking like it can take up four total instead of the initial three I had in mind. Having said that, I don't think I really had three in mind, it just felt like after doing the things I had for the current volume, a third would wrap things up, but not so much now.

That's a good thing though, that means more plot, more romance and more of this funny couple that aren't really a couple exploring their kinks together under guises and fronts to hide from the feelings that are really starting to grow in them.

You might not expect that from something that started off as a femdom, crossdressing and foot fetish showcase story, but since the beginning, it really has taken off to be as much of an interesting romance as an erotic one. The important caveat is none of it would be possible if you took out those erotic connotations, since they're very key to the core fact that Erica hates her body, but enjoys dominating Daniel, and the things she gets to wear hide that body, giving her strength.

It might not go so smoothly forever, though. Wounds heal and things happen.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little things make big differences

This image is pretty much the only way to get across how awesome it feels to hear from people about my writing. It doesn't happen often, though even if it did, that wouldn't change how great and moving it is. So really, thank you.

I'm an emotional sort of person so it's easy to nudge that feeling one way or the other. I'll admit - while I don't expect it to happen to readers - my own writing and imagining future events for various books has brought me to tears from emotional investment.

It may also be an image to define that I'm going to try and worry less about what I think is and isn't appropriate to relate to for all that 'public image' shit. I mean, I write erotic fiction and have an 8bit banner & (vampire) monster mascot, a fear of discrimination over interests being further afield should get flagged a little sooner than this.

The fact that I haven't really met people that associate or openly enjoy things like this in these writing circles shouldn't leave me to think I have to leave them out of my appearance as a person. It has, for however long since things will always seem pretty ominous and unknown, but I don't know.

New year, so I'm going to worry about stupid things like that less. It's not to say I'm going to move into being obnoxious or offensive about use, but that should be obvious enough already in that I'm not an obnoxious sort of person.

Anyway, new author feature tomorrow for Shoes of Glass: The Second Step.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Ahead: 2014

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it's gone over well. It's funny how coffee tastes better after you've been drinking the night before. One of those mysteries of the universe I imagine people are all the more aware of today than per usual. You have my sympathies!

Now that I'm mostly awake and set to write something less bleeding heart personal history - it's a post down if you're curious, it was something I wanted to say and get out, but not something I'm going to draw attention to - and more relevant, the question is what can you expect from me in the coming year. Essentially; a lot of fun things. Pulling up my 'Other Books' section and filtering out the coming soon, we get something like this;

Becca’s Bondage Game – Contemporary Daddy/Daughter Incest (Coming Soon)
Soulflame III: The Inferno – Historic Sister/Sister Incest (Coming Soon)
Queen of Sands – BDSM, Orgy & More (Coming Soon)
Serpentine Seduction – Lesbian Lamia Monster Girl (Coming Soon)
A Latex Bunny’s Treats – BDSM & Gangbang (Coming Soon)
Daemonique VI: The Maid Within – Demonic Corruption & BDSM (Coming Soon)
Huntsman II: Mother Dearest – High Fantasy BDSM & Erotic Romance (Coming Soon)
The Lusty Elven Maid: Maid to Serve – High Fantasy BDSM & Gangbang (Coming Soon)
Shoes of Glass: The Second Dress – Femdom, Foot Worship & Crossdressing (Coming Soon)
Boys Will Do Boys – First-time Gay Male Crossdressing Threesome (Coming Soon)

Suffice to say I have enough plans to keep me going for at least a couple months. Breaking it down, what this list means is a return to Becca, my pretty controversial Daddy/Daughter incest story, looking at what happens after this path has been started. It's going to see the end of Soulflame, the historic lesbian tale that's taught me a great deal about some really monumental moments in history.

It'll see a tale of a desert monarch I've given a little glimpse into in a recent release, but otherwise can't say much about right now. Similarly, it'll see more monster girl stuff, with plans for a more normal sized lamia and the first time she meets a female adventurer in her cave, opposed to the usual manly men heroes.

I'll be doing a couple more Carnival side-stories in 'A Latex Bunny's Treats' and 'Boys Will Do Boys', that readers of Carnival and/or Tied Up in Good Company have the pretense for. My Demonic Fantasy series in Daemonique will continue, along with its sister-nation and parallel story tales in Huntsman and The Lusty Dark Elven Maid.

Lastly on that list, or perhaps firstly, I'll be continuing Shoes of Glass, the femdom erotic romance series I started as another of my little experiments. I like where it's gone, and have some fun things in mind for it. I say firstly because I'll be working on that first, so you can expect a release soon.

Beyond all this, there's so much I want to do that it's difficult to keep things buckled down and heading straightforward. There's going to be more intrigue, hierarchies, systems, ploys, angels among demons, factions and generally more erotically charged fun than I ever envisioned in 2013.

2013 I wanted to see if it was possible. 2014 I'll be making big things happen, and I couldn't do it without you.

Here's To You: Happy New Years

With 2013 moving into little more than memories, fond or otherwise, I wanted to share some of my own over the course of what's been a hugely monumental year for me.

To do that, and to get there, we have to go somewhere a little further back. It's a sensitive point, something I haven't really talked about and don't suppose I will. There's not much to say, but it's where it all began. Much like any first, it's the hardest to abridge.

It's also really long and I don't want to break peoples mouse wheels or turn them off finding other important posts, so here's a pagebreak. Note for people that read my posts direct, they only show up on the index, I'm not crazy in that sense.