Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little things make big differences

This image is pretty much the only way to get across how awesome it feels to hear from people about my writing. It doesn't happen often, though even if it did, that wouldn't change how great and moving it is. So really, thank you.

I'm an emotional sort of person so it's easy to nudge that feeling one way or the other. I'll admit - while I don't expect it to happen to readers - my own writing and imagining future events for various books has brought me to tears from emotional investment.

It may also be an image to define that I'm going to try and worry less about what I think is and isn't appropriate to relate to for all that 'public image' shit. I mean, I write erotic fiction and have an 8bit banner & (vampire) monster mascot, a fear of discrimination over interests being further afield should get flagged a little sooner than this.

The fact that I haven't really met people that associate or openly enjoy things like this in these writing circles shouldn't leave me to think I have to leave them out of my appearance as a person. It has, for however long since things will always seem pretty ominous and unknown, but I don't know.

New year, so I'm going to worry about stupid things like that less. It's not to say I'm going to move into being obnoxious or offensive about use, but that should be obvious enough already in that I'm not an obnoxious sort of person.

Anyway, new author feature tomorrow for Shoes of Glass: The Second Step.

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