Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid II: Maid to Serve

Milenna Nightwhisper, the dark elven maid in a castle shrouded in darkness and intrigue alike, has no mind for the plots of nobility. Hers is a simple life of service, with simple desires that in time give way to greater urges. Having been confronted by a strange being that can mimic her appearance and allow her to disappear once her innocuous price is paid, Milenna is about to be sent on to fulfilling that desire. 

Down a winding secret passage between the walls of Castle Olvang, presenting herself to a crowd of men three times that of the nobility she is accustomed to, each and every one of the lusty maid's abilities are about to be put to the test in exactly the service she has longed to give.

There's a lot of things it's high time I get back into, and the Lusty Argonian Elven Maid is certainly one. Deciding when and what to do things is very much feeling around in the dark, but dark elves especially can see pretty well there and will eventually find their way along.

It actually still strikes me as funny how in what's essentially an intense gangbang of every hole with a seemingly endless crowd, just how much subtle life and back story comes to life along the way, just through the characters and races living at all. It may not be immediately obvious, but it's something I'm aware of as I went along, so it really helps build on things for the future.

One thing that the Lusty Elven Maid also does is run as a parallel to Huntsman, the next installment of coming soon. What it's allowing me to do is create a separate theme and style, but entwine their stories to a greater whole for those interested in both the more simple, straightforward hardcore erotic encounters Milenna goes through and the more heroic and romantic endeavours of the noblemen, knights and even Princess and Queen above them in Huntsman. 

The way they tie together isn't hugely important, so you won't be missing out on some big plot point, it just kind of fills in the little gaps of like where the doppel got the uniform from and what her place in the plots are, or in the next installment, how the situation has developed into where Milenna is taken.

But that's talking a little far ahead. Right now I'm looking to chase up my loose ends and get stories locked down and finished. I've found my footings and know what I'm doing, so going from here things are going to be much more interesting and consistent.

For now though, an excerpt of what this dark elven maid is getting herself into.

There was no one here, after all. Slipping in past the store room’s cask frame on silent feet, Milenna quietly pulled it shut. It came easy and clicked quietly from this side, leaving no sign that the wall or wooden shelves before it came away at all. Dusting down, Milenna took the moment to catch her breath, realising she had been holding it back. A bolt of electric ran up her spine when she then realised what else she had done.

She did not know how exactly the passage opened from this side. No, even her experienced doppel struggled with whatever lever was hidden, so she would have no such luck finding it at all. She was trapped here now, with no way of turning back. That tingle of electricity danced in her stomach until swallowed down. Surely she could excuse herself and slip out if she was having second thoughts now, but could not be certain, and the simple finality of her situation told her this was real.

She could only continue going forward, out into the hall to appear amongst the men from nowhere, as if a fairy – a surreal dream. Milenna’s silent steps through the back of the store room certainly left her to imagine this was all a dream. The place seemed all but abandoned. The men down here truly had no on-hand servant, and the place was not well-kept beyond storage. Dust and cobweb would do no harm to barrels of much harsher drink.

All that was left was to introduce herself, as naturally as possible. Taking a tray from near the door that went through to the self-serving bar of their commons room, Milenna’s breath once again caught and lunged back down her throat, her ears vibrating and stiff on end.

Two, three times as many tables, at least. The room was large, the bar long and open-ended, practically little more than a table for hosting the barrels, meats and trays. At the sight of her, setting her tray down to gather a number of hefty mugs so she might go about her job as was natural, the bustle of the room died down a tone – never ceasing entirely, but her appearance did draw the attention of many, as she walked amongst them as though the most natural of things.

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