Thursday, September 4, 2014

Soulflame III: The Invitation (Historic Lesbian Erotic Romance)

In the months following their audition to the stage, whilst change grips 17th century London, life for Annabel and Alice is good. Returning to privacy, the couple struggle to restrain the love of intimacy shared behind closed doors - until knocks come to those doors. 

Invited to a party of sorts in thanks for their audition, the young women will find themselves invited to the beginnings of an age of influence can be felt to this day, all the while secluding and enjoying the simple love and life that they share in the grand city of London.

I'll be the first to admit time has slipped by for writing this feature, and it's funny how that works. What was once yesterday is now last month, what feels like a recent, fond memory was ten years ago. What was once someone's current day is now ancient history, and the truths of it lost to the annals of time.

The passage of time and its affect on the world in its own subtle ways is a fascinating thing. I saw a picture on twitter recently that really drove it home. Looking at it, I can remember a time with all those appliances, and still grasp to justify that they still exist now and are likely more proficient than the smartphone that's sitting on my desk with probably more relative processing power than the first, albeit already unstable, PC I owned.

And of course they are still around and still have their uses, but what makes it interesting is you can't really pin a specific point when this technology really came around to what it is and stuck. Unless of course you're that sort of technophile that can recall productive history but the point is as months turn to years and those years sneak on, little technical things sneak into life at such an easily accessible way that you don't really think much of it.

This isn't really a new phenomenon. Back in the 17th century and before, not everyone was literate and romance novels just didn't exist. There was poetry and playwright, but things only really started developing into what would later be known of as a novel in the late 1660s, where Soulflame is set.

A lot of things happened in London around this time period, and this volume moves the timeframe forward some months to accommodate that. It also expanded to a point of where I couldn't really just wrap up on this volume because there's so much going on. 

So to really enjoy the richness of the period, and given that Soulflame is as much a story of the city as the two women within it, this volume covers the formal invitation women received to finally join the stage in employ. In a similar vein to other historic retellings for entertainment, I've taken some liberties with character and place, because it just makes it feel better, and who knows how far from the truth it really was?

What was once their present day, where things were slowly, subtly changing around them, is now several centuries history left to imagination and fancy. That's what I've really wanted to capture with the Soulflame series, a sense of things so inherently similar, yet still so different and distant.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.
Lost to her dreamy fluster, she hadn’t quite noticed Alice’s shift, but assuredly felt it when her sister’s hand cupped a breast, tenderly squeezing and hugging it while wrapping her lips around the nipple. The pleasure of it sent a warming throb through Annabel’s body, enough to make her gasp and move her hand from her sister’s back to head, cradling and holding her there as she took a quick, sharp breath in.

“Aah… A-Alice, this is no time for such promiscuous behaviour!” Annabel complained, whispering in a low tone as though they might yet be discovered, but neither did she remove her hand from her sister’s head, tangling fingers in her hair and squeezing gently. Alice was accustomed to reading her sister’s signals and actions for what they were, now, and only giggled through closed lips as she flicked her tongue over that stiffening teat, twirling around it to make her sister shiver with soft tingles of bliss.

“I do swear I shall spank you for this, one day…” Annabel murmured, leaning back and closing her eyes to focus on the pleasure of her sister’s ministrations. Giggling into the soft breast, Alice only continued to kiss and twirl her tongue around the sweet areola, lavishing in the taste of her beloved sister as she cupped and stroked the other breast with her free hand, gently brushing her fingers over the hardened nipple.

“Mmm, your hands are much too delicate for such a thing, sister, I would not believe it.” Alice declared, happily confident with herself as she squeezed on her sister’s nipples with lips and fingers alike, making her gasp and whimper a soft moan from the pleasure of it, balling her hand in Alice’s soft blonde hair.
Shaking her head and humming sweetly into Annabel’s chest, Alice responded to the clenching gasp with a tender suckling, pulling and flicking her tongue over the tortured nipple. The simple scent and taste of her sister was something she would enjoy much more often, given the chance. Making the older woman gasp and sigh in delight as she adorned that beautiful bosom with her gentle caress was a simple pleasure Alice could live for.

“Ooh… God’s teeth but I shall, it is the middle of the day, Alice, control thy urges!” Annabel complained, through a ragged and sharp whisper as her sister not only refused to listen, but also sunk her teeth into her sister’s nipple, pinching the other and rolling it between her fingers to make her sister give off a strangled, quivering moan.

The sound of her drumming heart was loud through her supple chest, and she could not help but cradle and seemingly encourage her sister with one hand, raking her fingers over Alice’s pert rear with the other, smacking her rump playfully. The teasingly reprimanding smack only encouraged the insatiable woman to continue, giggling and relenting with her teeth to suckle tenderly on the abused nub of a hard nipple, twirling her tongue around it incessantly.

The feel of it all was starting to make Annabel’s lap tingle with a sordid heat and need, but this was no hour for satisfying such urges, she thought, biting her lip and moaning softly in the back of her throat. She never could resist her sweetest little sister, when push came to shove.

Luckily for her, whence that shove came to an actual knock at the door, shoving back was much easier. Alice relented in kind, looking up with a disgruntled pout as Annabel quickly squirmed out of the seat, fixing her dress and smoothing it down in a vain attempt to calm herself.

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