Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Darkfallen: Expanding Elena (Body Expansion Gangbang)

Far underground in the now demonic prison, countless tales of surrender to seduction and corruption are played out, unabated. While the world above seeks to forget and seal those demons within their hold, they are not left powerless and without pleasures of their own.

This is one such woman's story. Walking the halls after her last session of fun, the succubus Kynthia spots a petite noble lady all alone, and takes an interest. Her demonic lust to change and warp the things around her will see the small woman come to be much bigger and softer, tearing the clothing from her figure and gathering an audience to the show of boundless, sizeless depravity about to unfurl. It's an audience Elena soon wants little more than perform for.

This volume starts out with the same succubus lead as before, bearing the same demonic dick she took from playing with Jacob in the first volume. So, indeed, it's another futa/dickgirl volume. They're just fun! Succubus are very sexually free with demonic energy and body modification like that too, so it lets me jump straight in without being odd.

Now, in addition to that, I wanted to play around with expansion a bit. It's another of those kind of magical kinks you can only really do in fiction where someone's body rapidly grows and changes. As the subtitle may imply, this is about expanding a woman named Elena, another of the demonic prison's unwitting residents. 

So what's fun about it is what begins as clothes-ripping and button popping breast and butt expansion, making them big and soft to play with -- not to sound hipster, but I one day found out I was writing BBW before I knew it was a thing, far back as Hot, Wet & Tied Up. Bigger to any degree means softer and cuddly, who doesn't like squishy cuddles? -- following on into exhibition and inviting in the crowd of Incubus that have gathered to watch through the cell bars. That's why I like Darkfallen, I can just set it up with 'yep, demons everywhere', with ulterior world building in the Daemonique series, and get down to some good, hot erotic action.

Sometimes you just want something a little simpler and fast fun, I like to change the pace with writing like that too, and so here we are.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

“Now, I want to hear all about you. You want to tell me, don’t you?” Kynthia whispered, leaning in to breathe over the smaller woman’s lips, her dark gaze seeming to bore into her soul. They filled Elena’s mind with a soft whispering, a sensation of losing her footing and falling. The smouldering heat of the demon was all around her. Somehow, she felt secure and comfortable under it.

“I… I…” She muttered, her legs ready to buckle out from under her. Kynthia chuckled softly, leaning past the woman’s face to brush cheeks as her lips nuzzled in against the transfixed woman’s ear. From there, the demon all but took a simple, slow breath over them.

Just let it all go.” Kynthia whispered, before flicking her tongue out, drawing it over the lobe and letting the tip slip inside. It tickled and squelched into the enthralled woman’s ear, making her eyes bulge and roll up in her head as she whimpered quietly. The succubus’ will was already on her, its insatiable lust already trickling into her mind. The woman’s knees buckled and shook as the demon held her up, waiting for her to submit to that sweet temptation. It didn’t take long.

“Eh-Elena…” The woman whimpered, as if still struggling with the will to resist it, helplessly witnessing her own submission as her mind gave in to the velvety caress wrapping her up. Kynthia giggled a soft chime and unwound her grip, placing one of her slender, nail-tipped fingers against Elena’s riding pants. Smiling at how the woman twitched, the succubus simply pushed in until her finger hugged the curve of Elena’s crotch and whipped the digit upward.

Whilst she only brushed the woman’s body through her clothing, Elena’s knees gave out as she screamed in orgasm, falling to the floor. Kynthia only laughed cheerfully as she stood over the floored woman. Elena panted for breath with hazy and shocked eyes, fixed on the imposing girth of the cock that loomed over her.

“See, when you play nice, you get to feel nice.” Kynthia explained, as Elena’s head spun and throbbed with that sordid, corrupting lust. Her eyes all but crossed as she stared at the twitching length of cock flesh before her. She could smell the heady musk as if it was already between her lips, making her mouth water and slack open.

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