Saturday, May 3, 2014

For Love of a Succubus (Brother/Older Sister Incest)

Living with a succubus can be trying at the best of times, so when Theodore overhears the demonic woman shout his childhood nickname in the height of self-pleasure; their relationship is destined to propel past simpler, platonic affection for the love of a succubus. 

These lustful, blue-skinned demons come with many tricks and talents, however. After this sleepless night, nothing will be the same between this brother and sister.

First thing's first, the blue on the cover is because [this] is the sort of succubus I was going for. A slightly different sort from the ones I have in Daemonique. These are more 'traditional' in a way, the blueberry succubus butt is a tasty thing well known through ages.

Whenever I mention black (or any other colour) sclera, this is the sort of style I mean too. Sclera being the whites of the eye, having it black instead really gives a more exotic and demonic appeal to things, and again, very traditional succubus form. I can't complain.

But why succubus, why incest? It just came as a sort of story idea someone wanted to see, and after all the work Dhampyre took to put together, I wanted something nice and easy to work on, and it sounded fun. It also served as a sort of test, since due to how channels react to the idea of incest, I've been rather cautious and dubious about writing it at all. It's like asking to get taken down, and/or upset people. 

As is, I can't mention the incest factor anywhere that may be visible in public on most channels, which is stupid. I worry that 'what if someone really likes the idea of Succubus femdom with orgasm denial, but hates incest?' The best I can do is what I always do in putting content warnings in the front pages. This way, it's gotten out to every channel without a problem and won't be taken down, I can continue writing without fear and hopefully people who enjoy it can find it!

I went with Succubus - aside from being the idea - for a few fun reasons. As a lustful demon that practically lives on the energy of powerful emotions, predominantly lust and love, it seemed appropriate that she'd be a really lustful figure, and that her brother would be her biggest desire, with how close to her he was. To make it passable, I've had to edit one or two lines to seem 'pseudo-incest', but if you put that aside, Lizbeth's brother is very special and delicious to her exactly because he has their parents' heritage, while also being a man. There's just no one that could compare.

Throw in the chance to use some demonic magic, glowing eyes and a shadowy portal to introduce a short cameo, and it just adds that little bit of extra spice and life that makes it special and really fun to have written. Hopefully all the right people find and enjoy it!

Excerpt follows:

* * * *
“Then you’ll let me show you, right? Just why it makes sense, cause you’re my precious little brother who’s all grown up. I want you to see me as more, Teddy.” There was a subtle, sultry strength back in Liz’s voice as she asked that simple thing of her brother, gently pushing him off her to straddle his lap and stare down into his eyes. Not about to push her off, Theo could only stare dumbfounded as his big sister smiled down at him and leant in, cupping his cheeks to close her lips over his.

If she could do something like that so easily, he didn’t know what to think, anymore. His lips parted for her, letting that slip of a tongue into his mouth to slowly twine and curl around his own. Liz giggled a soft hum into his mouth, rubbing her nose against his as those sultry, lidded eyes held him.

Her lips felt soft as velvet on him, and left him wanting more by every second, regardless of how wrong it felt, knowing this was his sister. Theo’s hands moved all the same, stroking the gentle squish of her naked thighs and pushing her sweater up to feel the curve of her rear. Feeling him hug it tenderly, Liz giggled and rolled her hips to make his fingers sink into the soft cheeks invitingly.

Her kiss broke and squelched for all but the smallest of gasps and breathes, pulling in more air to share with her little brother as she raked her hands through his hair and held him close. That simple embrace, the twisting of lips and roaming of hands went on and on until the blue-butt succubus riding Theo’s lap finally found the will power to break off with a ragged, blissful gasp. The bright glow in her eyes said she wanted more.

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