Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dhampyre: Blood Beginnings (Erotic High Fantasy)

In the peaceful town of Ironwood, a mysterious, darkly dressed woman answers the call for aid to watch over a farm after fears of a flying nightmare begin to circulate. Before long, this solemn traveller will be left with more questions than answers and a hunger that only one thing can satisfy. Seeking those answers will draw her deep into Ironwood Forest, entangling her at the mercy of monsters and plots she cannot even begin to understand.

The lives of common folk and the common monsters that live in peace together will change in her wake, but hers is a story in its blood beginnings. Hers is the path of a vampire's half-bred child; the Dhampyre.

The link section looks sparse in this case because this is infact an Amazon exclusive! That means readers with Amazon Prime can 'borrow' the book for free, and I have a number of tools to play around with.

Such as making it FREE as a short promotional event from the 20th to 21st!

This title is going to be one of my more interesting little projects, and the use of Amazon's Select feature is one instance of exactly how. In more interesting terms, contrary to the usual method of releasing serial volumes and gauging interest through time, Dhampyre will be a routine release of novella format length books with accompanying paperback on release, covering a full arc with several erotic scenes to drive the journey along.

What this does is give me the best of all worlds, giving me a place to write up the initial shorter chapter pieces one by one on a more-or-less weekly basis, get thoughts and feedback on the progression of those, then come back later and edit them all a second time to put into a chaptered novel book format where I can make full use of chapter breaks to shift the time, scene, character focus and even theme in a way that standard serial releases don't really allow.

So I'm really excited about this, but what's it all about? Fans of my other high fantasy titles - Daemonique, Deity of the Desert and Huntsman imparticular - will get some similar vibes from some of the content, and that's because it's set in the same world. There's strong connection to the Northlands and the history of the world that is only being teased out in whispers, so far, as well as using the same religious setting as in Daemonique. The town of Ironwood is far inland from Kinsport, where Daemonique's setting has moved to, and far south of the region's capital, but it is held under the same faith. 

This volume really sets up and gets you comfortable with the world and its inhabitants. There are a lot of monstrous types here, a lot of twisted creatures, spirits of nature and some more traditional types like the Vampire and the main travelling protagonist - the Dhampir, child of a Vampire and Human. Many of these monsters will be involved in wholly erotic encounters. 

Fans of my similar work and Monster Girls at large will find scenes including vampiric biting, Holstaurus cow girls, Alraune plant girl and Dryad wood spirit, a Manticore and more. These rich, varied monster types are a real driving force behind the setting,so their involvement and interactions with the girl who balances between worlds of monster and human will only get more intense from here on.

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