Sunday, June 1, 2014

Boys Will Do Boys (Gay Male Menage)

When Daniel came to the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion in the company of his Mistress, he never anticipated the night leading him into the company of a pretty, effeminate boy and his more dashing partner. Due to a twist of circumstance that see him ushered into their company, that's exactly what's happening. Having already crossdressed to look the part, Daniel will spend the night with the couple as ‘Danielle’, earning a taste of an entirely different world of pleasure and submission. 

What began as sensual temptation, teasing and a question in A Carnival of Phantasms develops now into an intense night of pleasure only be shared between boys.

I'll start off by saying this one was a bit tough to write, and contributed to May being a pretty slow and dry month for me, so I apologise for not being around much! June is shaping up to change that, but this was the first real debilitating slump I've ever felt, hopefully the only one. Being stubborn isn't always the answer, but I got through it.

It's been planned since the beginning, along with every other side story in the Carnival series, and there's one more to come, but sometimes it's just plain difficult. That's kind of the charm behind it, though. It's difficult because what A Carnival of Phantasms has allowed me to do is to bridge characters that wouldn't normally interact or even be in the same universe, and drop them into some really unique sexual encounters. 

In this case, that proved more of a challenge than I'd anticipated since it was just so different for the new boy being introduced to them. There's not really a purely dominant figure between the three either, unlike how Jessica could direct the scenes from her position as the top perfectly in 'Tied up in Good Company'. That said, once things get going, it stops being a problem and moves into a pretty unique night.

So we have a man, an androgynous, feminine trap - both from the Femboy's Trap series - and a crossdressing boy who's never thought of doing something like this with other guys before, from Shoes of Glass, who usually has a Mistress that enjoys crossdressing and dominating him. Everything's been spun around tonight, and it makes for a fun night of easing him into the acts and pleasures that come with the sort of clothing he's decided to put on, including the more experienced pair teaming up on him from both sides at once.

Excerpt that also explains how I handle realising I've used the same name for characters that, at the time, were never going to clash and be an issue follows the pagebreak:

He could only imagine the sort of fun Erica must be having under that petite blonde, far more wicked than his own Mistress, and much more intimidating than either of the men he was in company of now. He had to admit, the other Daniel was entirely too pretty and nice to look at, for all it still embarrassed him to think.

“Hm, how about Danielle?” The other – or now the only – Daniel smiled, a finger tracing the bare thigh below those high-cut hotpants that made the other boy shiver softly. Danielle? The name was so similar and comfortable, yet undeniably altered and different, saying a lot about his position. The tingle from Daniel’s finger ran up into his hotpants, making the less assured boy shiver slightly as it caused a twitch of pleasure.

“I… ah…” Danielle sounded nice, but putting that to words wasn’t quite as easy under the gloss-lipped grin of the other boy who certainly knew what he was doing, and certainly looked the part.

“Alright, don’t tease him too much, now.” Alex chided, bringing over the tumbler of a glass for ‘Danielle’, two more plucked between fingers in the other hand as he sat down, taking a quick kiss from the boy between them. Danielle couldn’t help but watch, bringing the glass to his lips to stop from biting them or looking too anxious. They looked good, natural and loving together. It was somewhat soothing, and the kick from the scotch warmed him immediately.

“Mmm… but really, two boys to play with, aren’t I lucky?” The effeminate Daniel chimed with a playful grin, looking to his new playmate who blushed all the harder. The warmth from the drink made it much easier and more intense a feeling as he smiled and laughed breathily, Alex chuckling into his own drink.

“Just bear in mind Jessie said to be nice.” Alex pointed out, somewhat to Danielle’s surprise. The petite girl felt like a wicked little demon, but it seemed she had a kindness to her too. Perhaps that was what let her be so villainously playful. Daniel only laughed, sipping from his glass, putting it on the coffee table aside the cosy leather couch and humming sweetly.

“I’m always nice, aren’t I?” He asked with an innocent sounding pout of being accused otherwise whilst in the same breath moving his freed hands to a crotch each. Those delicate fingers went straight to work, caressing and fondling the hardening ridges in either lap as he gave off a soft hum of pleasure.

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