Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Ahead: 2014

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it's gone over well. It's funny how coffee tastes better after you've been drinking the night before. One of those mysteries of the universe I imagine people are all the more aware of today than per usual. You have my sympathies!

Now that I'm mostly awake and set to write something less bleeding heart personal history - it's a post down if you're curious, it was something I wanted to say and get out, but not something I'm going to draw attention to - and more relevant, the question is what can you expect from me in the coming year. Essentially; a lot of fun things. Pulling up my 'Other Books' section and filtering out the coming soon, we get something like this;

Becca’s Bondage Game – Contemporary Daddy/Daughter Incest (Coming Soon)
Soulflame III: The Inferno – Historic Sister/Sister Incest (Coming Soon)
Queen of Sands – BDSM, Orgy & More (Coming Soon)
Serpentine Seduction – Lesbian Lamia Monster Girl (Coming Soon)
A Latex Bunny’s Treats – BDSM & Gangbang (Coming Soon)
Daemonique VI: The Maid Within – Demonic Corruption & BDSM (Coming Soon)
Huntsman II: Mother Dearest – High Fantasy BDSM & Erotic Romance (Coming Soon)
The Lusty Elven Maid: Maid to Serve – High Fantasy BDSM & Gangbang (Coming Soon)
Shoes of Glass: The Second Dress – Femdom, Foot Worship & Crossdressing (Coming Soon)
Boys Will Do Boys – First-time Gay Male Crossdressing Threesome (Coming Soon)

Suffice to say I have enough plans to keep me going for at least a couple months. Breaking it down, what this list means is a return to Becca, my pretty controversial Daddy/Daughter incest story, looking at what happens after this path has been started. It's going to see the end of Soulflame, the historic lesbian tale that's taught me a great deal about some really monumental moments in history.

It'll see a tale of a desert monarch I've given a little glimpse into in a recent release, but otherwise can't say much about right now. Similarly, it'll see more monster girl stuff, with plans for a more normal sized lamia and the first time she meets a female adventurer in her cave, opposed to the usual manly men heroes.

I'll be doing a couple more Carnival side-stories in 'A Latex Bunny's Treats' and 'Boys Will Do Boys', that readers of Carnival and/or Tied Up in Good Company have the pretense for. My Demonic Fantasy series in Daemonique will continue, along with its sister-nation and parallel story tales in Huntsman and The Lusty Dark Elven Maid.

Lastly on that list, or perhaps firstly, I'll be continuing Shoes of Glass, the femdom erotic romance series I started as another of my little experiments. I like where it's gone, and have some fun things in mind for it. I say firstly because I'll be working on that first, so you can expect a release soon.

Beyond all this, there's so much I want to do that it's difficult to keep things buckled down and heading straightforward. There's going to be more intrigue, hierarchies, systems, ploys, angels among demons, factions and generally more erotically charged fun than I ever envisioned in 2013.

2013 I wanted to see if it was possible. 2014 I'll be making big things happen, and I couldn't do it without you.

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