Friday, March 29, 2013

Daemonique vol.2 The Darkest Nest (Demon Gangbang Erotica)

Far beneath the ground, in the prison complex the Wardens watch over from above, the demonic host bides its time. Within every cell, succubus and other demons corrupt and twist mortal captives with sexual pleasure. At the core of this underworld, a familiar face stands before an eager crowd just waiting to give her a rough and messy welcoming. 

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Time for another release, and one that comes back around to what I started with: Daemonique. This book takes an entirely different spin on everything from the first, including the sex being very visceral and real, rather than the erotic little fantasy within a fantasy within a succubus' mind trap that set the main stage of The 'Darkest Desire'.

So suffice to say the pacing picks up a little with volume two, but doesn't quite run off into the distance and leave any sort of story and development behind. It's a little deeper, darker, and brought from the eyes of one who lords over the demonic host that remains locked away in the depths of the islands prisons. It's the problem with sealing evil; you dust your hands of it and assume it the end to all things, but not here.

Here, that prison has become its own underworld of pure demonic decadence and indulgence. It's been very fun to envision and write out that world, but also keep to my intention of trying to steer away from the purely traditional and add flare to things. I do that down to the fact that the narration of this book is from an evil figurehead in Xianesh the Underwarden, Xianesh the Avez’teria, a wickedly exotic pureblooded and powerful devil among demons.

Naming the demonic races, considering their qualities, purposes, interactions and especially how the mortal races of mankind view them was a pleasure that just made a lot of things fit together nicely. Xianesh uses her captive playthings for information about the world above her as much as more carnal delight, and to hear of creatures so similar to her own minions above  some of which are even worshipped openly  created some fun potential and real immersion with the world expanding above them. It's even resulted in making a secondary document for names and notes that I may post at some point.

Already I have some fun things in mind for using the developing world in stories that branch away from the main direction of Daemonique. For instance I plan to write a sort of running diary of a man who has a succubus captured and chained somewhere for research. He's a pious man with the best intentions, of course, but her every waking moment is driven to seduction and the pleasure being denied her, and over time, her pleading eyes may just erode his ability to resist her. Essentially "topping from the bottom", a story of how important the submissive is, of how easy it is to both hold and lose control, of how much can be done and felt without truly giving in to temptation, and what becomes of them for it.

Perhaps it's just how I enjoy corruption and demonic themes, but I think being able to apply it to Daemonique really adds some life and depth to it, just from merit of that stories of other places and people within the world and their own battles against the darkness exist. Producing this series is very fun, so I hope everyone that picks it up enjoys it just as much.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Down the Bunny Hole: Erotic short story ebook format published.

Settled down to doing one thing at a time and gotten my recent short story down into an ebook format for publishing before getting into the grit of working through terminology and lore for Daemonique. It's also been a slow and busy couple of weeks dealing with some extraneous issues, but it should pick up momentum some.

The cover art didn't take all that long and I'm quite happy with it, really, but then it was easy enough when the ornate bunny mask was one of the main things I really wanted to capture with the cover in a way that possibly couldn't be conveyed in writing. Sometimes the image is just an easier way to put it across clearly.

Settled on greens and leaves vector with it fading into darkness because of the sense of nature and slipping into the wilds the story takes on at its main shift of worlds. Everything else just fell into place around it quite nicely, I think.

As to the story itself, I've talked about it a lot already, including in my previous post, but I'm interested to see where things will go with this. I've really captured a good number of aspects and kinks in this story, a lot of them just teasers for the imagination or promise of being fleshed out in future releases, and I think both this shorter publication of it and a longer, more expensively priced piece would work towards their own ends.

With this shorter piece, it leaves the reader to put themselves in the world as and where they please, to self-insert voyeurism of the window-pressing anal scene from another house that can see the couple, or using her unconscious body. It's shorter, so it won't fufil those kinks to the fullest, but it does tantalize them, and more, more exotic sorts later in.

I do intend to come back to doing more with this, and I'm going through past posts to edit and emphasise the changes I've made to the story's purpose. Those things would be more fleshed out and serve as events both before, during and after this story. For instance I already have a story branch for what would be the early voyeurism to potentially develop into blackmail, public encounters and cuckolding.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Next Story Challenge & Daemonique

So hopefully people have been enjoying the free short story Down the Bunny Hole, and quick on its bobtail I get the next month's challenge. This one's quite interesting, really, and I've already got a good something in mind for it. Something I again could develop well past a margin of 6k words, but as is, it'd fit into that allotment quite easily. There's a lot of wiggle and cut I can put on it.

What was the challenge?

Creating a story that includes a theme, or tag, of 'Telekinesis'. Additional optional prompts include gloves, gunpowder and lipstick. A strange mix, you'd think? Well of course it doesn't all have to be used at the same time or even sexually, that might be a little dangerous, but mind you danger can be a very strongly erotic thing too.

So what am I doing with it?

I have a rather interesting idea, maybe a little off the wall and even creepy but I think that's what's going to make it good, and even potentially heartwarming. It'll touch on loss in a way that many of us are fortunate enough to never truly feel, and then how that loss and heartbreak leads to seclusion and a little soul searching. Doesn't sound very erotic yet, does it? Well, seclusion, sorrow, a little black magic and finding what you didn't think you were looking for can really twist the heart and mind.

Indulgence is a wicked thing, and who's to say the things we cling to for comfort in the darkest days are to be shunned? And is it really incest if it's only a doll?

I may have said too much, there.

Need to know more, when's it out?

At the very latest, April 18th is the deadline for it, but I have a pretty good feeling about this story and it's premise. I'd just like to get back on top of publishing releases a little. The second volume of Daemonique will take the tone and direction into a sharp, downward twist that lets me open up the underground kingdom within their demonic prison the host have cultivated. It's also something I'm going to have to be careful with since it includes a lot of cum and demonic rape that the first volume denied by force of will that won't be enough to protect Sylenna in this installment. 

What makes it difficult is I don't want to get too out of hand and offensive. The important things I'm looking to capture are demonic power, the overwhelming mass of a crowd's lust, and being shared between them to such a point as to be exhausted and covered from knife-ear tip to toe in the stuff.

You can get a hold of the prelude to that coming in "Daemonique vol.2 The Darkest Nest" from SmashwordsAmazonB&N Kobo Books and soon on the iTunes Store.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Profiling Profiles

Not nearly as important as my short story posted below this, but just a quick pointer that I updated pages a bit to add a better profile, including ways to contact me, where to find me on Twitter and where to find my publications. The default 'Full Profile' on the right was effectively just my Google+ bit, which didn't really cover it, so that's been replaced, ironically, with the profile/circles button.

I'm also in the process of prodding around with setting and finding things I can do like adding the Twitter feed, so don't be alarmed if something's drastically changed mid-browsing or looks completely different. Some changes have to be saved to be properly tweaked, and so far I think I like this layout more.

Down the Bunny Hole: An Erotic Short Story.

Story Challenge for March is done, so I'll be sharing it here and later on publishing it to the usual suspects. It weighs in on the shorter side at 5,958 words with perhaps less fully established scenes as I would usually like, but that's why I can post it this way for sake of sharing and familiarity with my style. Coming back to this post a month later, I've now shifted it to a cheap priced publication, and cutting this into a shorter sample. I intend to come back and work on Bunny Hole pre-and-post events into a higher priced publication soon.

That said, I'm really quite happy with the pace of it and how many effective scenes, kinks and themes I managed to jam in, so I almost wonder if it isn't publishable in this state already, but no. I try to get that little something more out of priced work, so I wouldn't accept publishing something strictly limited the way this was for sake of challenge when I know I could really fill out some of the 'only implied' kinks and moment.

Title: Down the Bunny Hole.
Synopsis: Michelle has grown almost dependent on Mike's strong embrace and dominance over her these past two years. When her Sister Beth comes to Mike with a little gift he'll need Michelle's help to concoct, it's no surprise that she begrudgingly accepts abusing her academic facilities for him. He promises it's a little something special, and she can't get enough of trying new things with him, now that she's grown used to their sexual relationship. This time her addiction and submission to him will send her deep down a different sort of bunny hole. One between reality and dreams, where the most lucid and unreal things can cross her.
Tags: M/F, D/s, Corruption, Anal, Vaginal, Slight Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Narcotics, Madness, Latex, Consentacles: Consensual Tentacles.

Story commences after the jump break. 
To fnd the whole publication in handy ebook formats, check with any of the following:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Okay but for realsies what's next?

Yeah, I got a bit distracted and ran off on a tangent with the last post, but really I think it was something more worth saying than a vague idea of my plans anyway. To some extent I just needed to write it for myself, too.

Well, I've been busy with a number of things, both erotic and not, but it is a constantly running thought. Next up is a story challenge piece I'm still debating how to shift into published erotica. Really I could post it up free for sake of exposure to what I can do since it's written and posted free for sake of challenge and fun, so it can't hurt. Keep an eye out for that section on the blog, if I figure out how to better manipulate pages, I'll certainly have something fancy worked up.

The story challenge itself is essentially 6k words maximum with theme of 'corruption,' with optional 'madness' and ' inclusion of vial(s)'. Pre-edit it's come in at 6018 words but the previous months story challenge needed about 500 words cut off it, and editing tends to add or subtract about that much. I know where there are sections I can take a decent amount off anyway, so that's fine.

It's an interesting piece though, in some way spread a little thin but I like to think I work with using that thin coat well, leaving more things in the early story open to imagination and filling in. As well as that, just that what's been done to the character allows for quick and hard anal with some implied voyeurism I leave the reader to fill in the part of right there without draw of foreplay and suchlike that I might usually employ. Then it just goes all sorts of different places of crazy till effectively fading to black in the middle of a relatively pretty hardcore scene I won't spoil. It cuts there just because I can, but also because once I have the premise of it down, any additional narration of it would just be repetition best left to the imagination. It wasn't going to be ending any time soon, either.

You'll see what I mean when I get it edited and sorted out. That leads into my next point nicely too, as figuring out and managing things like this blog's layout and what I can actually do with additional pages is an interesting thing that can just devour an entire evening, so I try not to mess with that right now, but things could certainly get changed up.

Beyond that, I have several volumes worth of plans for Daemonique, at least a second for A Boy's Secret, and a number of other things in mind.

Monday, March 11, 2013

So what's next?

What's next is a good question, but firstly I hope everyone enjoyed the Smashwords read an ebook week if you were able to take advantage of it. I've seen some spikes of interest and I really hope people enjoy what I have to write and offer. It's something I've kept at for years in one form or another and something I really enjoy being able to apply. More to the point, writing erotica is an amazing and wonderful thing, for how intimate and effectively private a thing it is, it draws up far stronger sensation. I can understand this is in part why it's still shied away from and subverted on places like Amazon with what's essentially seedy back-alley basement shop service on the author's end.

I'm going to ramble on a bit about why erotica is great.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Boy's Secret vol.1: The Delicious Trap (Gay Male Erotica)

Published March 7th 2013
A Boy's Secret vol.1: The Delicious Trap is a venture of mine into the realm of exploring sexual deviance between two men where not everything is as it seems. While it may begin with the sound of a typical man and woman romance, don't be deceived, like poor Alex is. The mysterious 'she', the 'woman in the red dress' is an androgynous, pretty, feminine boy of a man with some tricks and seductive charms up his sleeve. He's also put in a very vulnerable position, and Alex comes to realize that not everything is so simple and one-sided.

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Thoughout it all, Alex comes to realize the reality of his feelings for the boy, and can not bring himself to turn away from the invitation. This is about where the writing took itself out of my control and drove with sheer emotion and passion into what it is now. It's also gone through several iterations from the original plan it was. If you'd told me say a year ago that this is what I would be making of it, I'd probably believe you because you'd know what you're talking about, it's a reasonable conclusion and the logistics of time-travel would be another matter, but I'd still be incredulous. I never expected it to grow into this, but a lot of things have changed and all I can say is I'm both proud and happy with the result.

It's created a rather strong, maybe emotional and romantic piece. I've also tried to throw in the odd bit of humour but I can't claim that's a real feature since it's a very subjective thing. It's probably just as well that I only realised after publishing that I could have added a dialogue of Admiral Ackbar bursting into the room - maybe through a window - in Alex's mind and shouting "It's a trap!"

I may do that later, but I think the way I've handled the moment Alex realizes just what he's been kissing and touching is better off without it.

The difficulty of their relationship, the essence of who both of them are compliments the slow build of passions into a carnal climax that sees Alex's world changed completely. Under the delicate boy's hand, Alex has a time and place to let go of his worldly responsibilities and stature, to simply relax, stop being in charge and realize not only pleasure in submission to a dominant figure, but that love, lust and pleasure has no sense of gender or rights and wrongs.

In more ways than one, the story will end with Alex deep in this delicious trap, and I hope you'll have enjoyed it.

Daemonique vol.1 The Darkest Desire (Demon MMF Menage & Succubus Erotica)

Published March 1st, 2013

Now that there's been time to let the dust settle, to let sites get their copies updated and for me to get profiling and my next publication done, I realised I hadn't really done a proper release post for Daemonique. So while I wait on that next project to finalize in publication, I'll get around to this.

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Daemonique takes place in a rather traditional fantasy setting. While our story may start slow, it serves to build on the world it all takes place in. Many years ago, a demonic host was summoned from inside the prison island, effectively destroying it. Mankind fought back against the darkness for years and eventually succeeded in sealing the demonic host underground in what remained of the sprawling prison complex. Now, being an island dedicated to incarcerating individuals, it was a far-spanning and impressive thing.

Now, I said the demonic host was sealed underground, and that's exactly where I mean. The prison complex managed to spider down under the ground as much as over. Things above ground are prey to wear of the elements and destruction, and indeed much of the island above ground is a ruin of former glory. Beneath the island's surface runs that network of many levels though, as deep and sinister as any mine or forgotten cave.

Down there, the demonic host has settled itself on inheriting the depths. The seals on their prison mean their dark souls will not simply return to the eternal void upon death. They are much more cautious about attacking, now that true death holds threat over them. Over the course of the story's beginnings, however, it comes to light that with the seals failing and demons roaming the surface again, that maybe they are not held all as firmly as mankind would like to believe.

Sylenna Lightstride is our stories Elven heroine situated on the cursed island as one of its Wardens. Not everyone in the outside world thinks too kindly of elves, discrimination is as rife as in any age, but on the island, not a person cares who or what you are. You serve and protect against a greater darkness on Sarandin Isle, and that's a bond thicker than blood.

Now Sylenna Lightstride is a very proud and capable Warden, and on finding a scouting party of demons, sets about dispatching it alone and ends up paying for her pride at the hands of an immensely sexual demon, commonly known as a succubus that traps Sylenna within the lustful dreams of her own mind. This is the first installment in what is set out to be a long running and darkly erotic series.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Secrets Men Hide

He looks pensive because he's trying to help me figure out a good title, honest. Nothing to do with his latest shocking twist of falling for a pretty, pretty boy of a man.

Okay, so maybe it is. And maybe I enjoyed writing it enough to go on a rampage of typing nonsense in the middle of the night. The important conclusions from that post are to a point of that the emotion in the reasoning, dialogue and their interaction came across stronger than I'd initially thought it would, just because I had such a momentum for it.

Maybe it's what people call their muse, and maybe I just haven't subverted mine into a tulpa yet for it to be obvious. Could be why it's still a bit dazzling when you're essentially carried away on a whim and barely think of what you're writing, you just give it form.

A Boy's Secret is a Gay Erotica story of sudden romance and all the risks it holds in high-class London due to be published later tonight.

At some point it stops being typing and more becomes breathing.

So I'm going to ramble a bit here, because I can. And it's related to writing, which is what this is all for.


I raised the question on Twitter but between the text limit and not wanting to gush overtly into the back of my next book - that's a privilege reserved for readers - I thought I'd bring it here, if only for my own posterity. It's been quite interesting to write this next publication, because at first I had certain aspects and points in mind that were going to be laid out along the way with the self-assurance of that this is my fiction, I can bend the genre and concept of 'contemporary' normality into as much flare of fantasy as I can get away with justifying. With that in mind I set off on writing, editing and turning it into a publishable work.

Yeah, this is going to ramble on a bit without making much sense.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Under cover of darkness, evil stirs.

This took much longer than I thought, but I can appreciate every step of it and really see the difference in the formatting from what it began as. Publishing is a very serious stage, and now it's done.

Daemonique - Book One: The Darkest Desire on Smashwords

Amazon needs a day to review it, but then the Smashwords copy isn't authorized for Premium status yet, either. Review pending. I don't know. Come what may, I'm really happy and hopeful with this. Now to figure out how to add the listing to my own site and get on with the rest of it.

The Wheel moves as The Wheel wills,  but it is moving.

Friday, March 1, 2013

It starts with a cover.

Spent most of the day working on this. An when I say working on I mean trying to find a font that doesn't make the lower-case Q look like a G. Then dealing with the finer details of it, but I think I'm happy with how it's turned out. Now just some final proofing passes on the writing and I'll have my first publish.

The sound of progress is a mechanical keyboard.

Well, I just finished the finalizing edit pass for my first story to be published later today. It feels good, it's been a lot more fun than I thought it would to go through it, chopping up and reworking things. It also really encouraged me to go all out, which ended up in what was originally a short imagery prompt becoming about 3.8k worth of intense sexual pleasure. An that isn't even including the Succubus' involvement with the heroine after the scene. All that remains now is to thoroughly proofread it, format it into the relevant file types and set up accounts on any relevant site I haven't yet established. Now it's going to be purely graphical and administrative work for a little while. Just as well I have a history with that.

It's a step forward, and it's a start. What comes from here will be what it is, but this place is where the footsteps through time will lead back to.