Friday, March 8, 2013

Daemonique vol.1 The Darkest Desire (Demon MMF Menage & Succubus Erotica)

Published March 1st, 2013

Now that there's been time to let the dust settle, to let sites get their copies updated and for me to get profiling and my next publication done, I realised I hadn't really done a proper release post for Daemonique. So while I wait on that next project to finalize in publication, I'll get around to this.

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Daemonique takes place in a rather traditional fantasy setting. While our story may start slow, it serves to build on the world it all takes place in. Many years ago, a demonic host was summoned from inside the prison island, effectively destroying it. Mankind fought back against the darkness for years and eventually succeeded in sealing the demonic host underground in what remained of the sprawling prison complex. Now, being an island dedicated to incarcerating individuals, it was a far-spanning and impressive thing.

Now, I said the demonic host was sealed underground, and that's exactly where I mean. The prison complex managed to spider down under the ground as much as over. Things above ground are prey to wear of the elements and destruction, and indeed much of the island above ground is a ruin of former glory. Beneath the island's surface runs that network of many levels though, as deep and sinister as any mine or forgotten cave.

Down there, the demonic host has settled itself on inheriting the depths. The seals on their prison mean their dark souls will not simply return to the eternal void upon death. They are much more cautious about attacking, now that true death holds threat over them. Over the course of the story's beginnings, however, it comes to light that with the seals failing and demons roaming the surface again, that maybe they are not held all as firmly as mankind would like to believe.

Sylenna Lightstride is our stories Elven heroine situated on the cursed island as one of its Wardens. Not everyone in the outside world thinks too kindly of elves, discrimination is as rife as in any age, but on the island, not a person cares who or what you are. You serve and protect against a greater darkness on Sarandin Isle, and that's a bond thicker than blood.

Now Sylenna Lightstride is a very proud and capable Warden, and on finding a scouting party of demons, sets about dispatching it alone and ends up paying for her pride at the hands of an immensely sexual demon, commonly known as a succubus that traps Sylenna within the lustful dreams of her own mind. This is the first installment in what is set out to be a long running and darkly erotic series.

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