Friday, March 8, 2013

A Boy's Secret vol.1: The Delicious Trap (Gay Male Erotica)

Published March 7th 2013
A Boy's Secret vol.1: The Delicious Trap is a venture of mine into the realm of exploring sexual deviance between two men where not everything is as it seems. While it may begin with the sound of a typical man and woman romance, don't be deceived, like poor Alex is. The mysterious 'she', the 'woman in the red dress' is an androgynous, pretty, feminine boy of a man with some tricks and seductive charms up his sleeve. He's also put in a very vulnerable position, and Alex comes to realize that not everything is so simple and one-sided.

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Thoughout it all, Alex comes to realize the reality of his feelings for the boy, and can not bring himself to turn away from the invitation. This is about where the writing took itself out of my control and drove with sheer emotion and passion into what it is now. It's also gone through several iterations from the original plan it was. If you'd told me say a year ago that this is what I would be making of it, I'd probably believe you because you'd know what you're talking about, it's a reasonable conclusion and the logistics of time-travel would be another matter, but I'd still be incredulous. I never expected it to grow into this, but a lot of things have changed and all I can say is I'm both proud and happy with the result.

It's created a rather strong, maybe emotional and romantic piece. I've also tried to throw in the odd bit of humour but I can't claim that's a real feature since it's a very subjective thing. It's probably just as well that I only realised after publishing that I could have added a dialogue of Admiral Ackbar bursting into the room - maybe through a window - in Alex's mind and shouting "It's a trap!"

I may do that later, but I think the way I've handled the moment Alex realizes just what he's been kissing and touching is better off without it.

The difficulty of their relationship, the essence of who both of them are compliments the slow build of passions into a carnal climax that sees Alex's world changed completely. Under the delicate boy's hand, Alex has a time and place to let go of his worldly responsibilities and stature, to simply relax, stop being in charge and realize not only pleasure in submission to a dominant figure, but that love, lust and pleasure has no sense of gender or rights and wrongs.

In more ways than one, the story will end with Alex deep in this delicious trap, and I hope you'll have enjoyed it.

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