Saturday, March 16, 2013

Okay but for realsies what's next?

Yeah, I got a bit distracted and ran off on a tangent with the last post, but really I think it was something more worth saying than a vague idea of my plans anyway. To some extent I just needed to write it for myself, too.

Well, I've been busy with a number of things, both erotic and not, but it is a constantly running thought. Next up is a story challenge piece I'm still debating how to shift into published erotica. Really I could post it up free for sake of exposure to what I can do since it's written and posted free for sake of challenge and fun, so it can't hurt. Keep an eye out for that section on the blog, if I figure out how to better manipulate pages, I'll certainly have something fancy worked up.

The story challenge itself is essentially 6k words maximum with theme of 'corruption,' with optional 'madness' and ' inclusion of vial(s)'. Pre-edit it's come in at 6018 words but the previous months story challenge needed about 500 words cut off it, and editing tends to add or subtract about that much. I know where there are sections I can take a decent amount off anyway, so that's fine.

It's an interesting piece though, in some way spread a little thin but I like to think I work with using that thin coat well, leaving more things in the early story open to imagination and filling in. As well as that, just that what's been done to the character allows for quick and hard anal with some implied voyeurism I leave the reader to fill in the part of right there without draw of foreplay and suchlike that I might usually employ. Then it just goes all sorts of different places of crazy till effectively fading to black in the middle of a relatively pretty hardcore scene I won't spoil. It cuts there just because I can, but also because once I have the premise of it down, any additional narration of it would just be repetition best left to the imagination. It wasn't going to be ending any time soon, either.

You'll see what I mean when I get it edited and sorted out. That leads into my next point nicely too, as figuring out and managing things like this blog's layout and what I can actually do with additional pages is an interesting thing that can just devour an entire evening, so I try not to mess with that right now, but things could certainly get changed up.

Beyond that, I have several volumes worth of plans for Daemonique, at least a second for A Boy's Secret, and a number of other things in mind.

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