Monday, March 11, 2013

So what's next?

What's next is a good question, but firstly I hope everyone enjoyed the Smashwords read an ebook week if you were able to take advantage of it. I've seen some spikes of interest and I really hope people enjoy what I have to write and offer. It's something I've kept at for years in one form or another and something I really enjoy being able to apply. More to the point, writing erotica is an amazing and wonderful thing, for how intimate and effectively private a thing it is, it draws up far stronger sensation. I can understand this is in part why it's still shied away from and subverted on places like Amazon with what's essentially seedy back-alley basement shop service on the author's end.

I'm going to ramble on a bit about why erotica is great.

It's a big medium though, and not something that can really be left neglected for sake of not wanting to, say, openly promote and spend development time on orientating kinks, which is as far as I can understand why it happens. Very bashful and quiet thing they don't want to draw attention to, almost cute, but it proves a point of sensitivity. Sex, sexuality and every emotion in its spectrum is such a delicate and precarious thing that to effectively 'glamourise' and portray it in an entertainment at all is still shunned, since it can be a dangerous thing if taken out of hand.

What this means - to me, at least - at the same time is those who do aim to embrace and portray it, and those who avidly embrace and consume it are a league of their own. You may not (okay, generally) take open pride in it around others but that's its charm in delicacy and power. You're tapping something as strong and stronger in its own right than many other genres can really hit; if only for the desensitization or method of portrayal they get that erotica doesn't openly hit in everyday life.

It might not be making much sense but it's the sort of thing always running through my head when I write, an intent to really get into something intimately erotic and special in a way that just wouldn't work without it. Daemonique is a good example of this. I could write it without the erotica perfectly fine, sure, it'd be paced a touch faster and I'd have to fill the gaps with 'normal' things that while effective for moving the story at a similar pace, if differently - I don't want to sound as if I wouldn't be capable of writing non-erotica after saying all this - it wouldn't have the same impact. The power of the succubus' hold over Sylenna would be considerably lost, the scene playing through her mind would be considerably dampened and altered into something just more brashly abusive or fear inducing rather than so slowly erotic and sinister at the same time, knowing it's an illusion in her mind, leaving her at the demon's mercy.

A Boy's Secret falls into much the same problem. It could be written as just a rather soft romance and such without the sex, but that's really what makes a lot of the emotion in it move. It's what makes Alex realise he can really let go and enjoy a different side of life with the boy.

Short of it is; Read it or write it but never stop enjoying it. It's a priceless thing to be able to do and the audience is as important as the author. Neither would go far with the other deterred and this is an excellent genre to be involved in.

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