Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Secrets Men Hide

He looks pensive because he's trying to help me figure out a good title, honest. Nothing to do with his latest shocking twist of falling for a pretty, pretty boy of a man.

Okay, so maybe it is. And maybe I enjoyed writing it enough to go on a rampage of typing nonsense in the middle of the night. The important conclusions from that post are to a point of that the emotion in the reasoning, dialogue and their interaction came across stronger than I'd initially thought it would, just because I had such a momentum for it.

Maybe it's what people call their muse, and maybe I just haven't subverted mine into a tulpa yet for it to be obvious. Could be why it's still a bit dazzling when you're essentially carried away on a whim and barely think of what you're writing, you just give it form.

A Boy's Secret is a Gay Erotica story of sudden romance and all the risks it holds in high-class London due to be published later tonight.

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