Friday, March 29, 2013

Daemonique vol.2 The Darkest Nest (Demon Gangbang Erotica)

Far beneath the ground, in the prison complex the Wardens watch over from above, the demonic host bides its time. Within every cell, succubus and other demons corrupt and twist mortal captives with sexual pleasure. At the core of this underworld, a familiar face stands before an eager crowd just waiting to give her a rough and messy welcoming. 

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Time for another release, and one that comes back around to what I started with: Daemonique. This book takes an entirely different spin on everything from the first, including the sex being very visceral and real, rather than the erotic little fantasy within a fantasy within a succubus' mind trap that set the main stage of The 'Darkest Desire'.

So suffice to say the pacing picks up a little with volume two, but doesn't quite run off into the distance and leave any sort of story and development behind. It's a little deeper, darker, and brought from the eyes of one who lords over the demonic host that remains locked away in the depths of the islands prisons. It's the problem with sealing evil; you dust your hands of it and assume it the end to all things, but not here.

Here, that prison has become its own underworld of pure demonic decadence and indulgence. It's been very fun to envision and write out that world, but also keep to my intention of trying to steer away from the purely traditional and add flare to things. I do that down to the fact that the narration of this book is from an evil figurehead in Xianesh the Underwarden, Xianesh the Avez’teria, a wickedly exotic pureblooded and powerful devil among demons.

Naming the demonic races, considering their qualities, purposes, interactions and especially how the mortal races of mankind view them was a pleasure that just made a lot of things fit together nicely. Xianesh uses her captive playthings for information about the world above her as much as more carnal delight, and to hear of creatures so similar to her own minions above  some of which are even worshipped openly  created some fun potential and real immersion with the world expanding above them. It's even resulted in making a secondary document for names and notes that I may post at some point.

Already I have some fun things in mind for using the developing world in stories that branch away from the main direction of Daemonique. For instance I plan to write a sort of running diary of a man who has a succubus captured and chained somewhere for research. He's a pious man with the best intentions, of course, but her every waking moment is driven to seduction and the pleasure being denied her, and over time, her pleading eyes may just erode his ability to resist her. Essentially "topping from the bottom", a story of how important the submissive is, of how easy it is to both hold and lose control, of how much can be done and felt without truly giving in to temptation, and what becomes of them for it.

Perhaps it's just how I enjoy corruption and demonic themes, but I think being able to apply it to Daemonique really adds some life and depth to it, just from merit of that stories of other places and people within the world and their own battles against the darkness exist. Producing this series is very fun, so I hope everyone that picks it up enjoys it just as much.

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