Sunday, March 24, 2013

Down the Bunny Hole: Erotic short story ebook format published.

Settled down to doing one thing at a time and gotten my recent short story down into an ebook format for publishing before getting into the grit of working through terminology and lore for Daemonique. It's also been a slow and busy couple of weeks dealing with some extraneous issues, but it should pick up momentum some.

The cover art didn't take all that long and I'm quite happy with it, really, but then it was easy enough when the ornate bunny mask was one of the main things I really wanted to capture with the cover in a way that possibly couldn't be conveyed in writing. Sometimes the image is just an easier way to put it across clearly.

Settled on greens and leaves vector with it fading into darkness because of the sense of nature and slipping into the wilds the story takes on at its main shift of worlds. Everything else just fell into place around it quite nicely, I think.

As to the story itself, I've talked about it a lot already, including in my previous post, but I'm interested to see where things will go with this. I've really captured a good number of aspects and kinks in this story, a lot of them just teasers for the imagination or promise of being fleshed out in future releases, and I think both this shorter publication of it and a longer, more expensively priced piece would work towards their own ends.

With this shorter piece, it leaves the reader to put themselves in the world as and where they please, to self-insert voyeurism of the window-pressing anal scene from another house that can see the couple, or using her unconscious body. It's shorter, so it won't fufil those kinks to the fullest, but it does tantalize them, and more, more exotic sorts later in.

I do intend to come back to doing more with this, and I'm going through past posts to edit and emphasise the changes I've made to the story's purpose. Those things would be more fleshed out and serve as events both before, during and after this story. For instance I already have a story branch for what would be the early voyeurism to potentially develop into blackmail, public encounters and cuckolding.

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