Monday, March 18, 2013

Next Story Challenge & Daemonique

So hopefully people have been enjoying the free short story Down the Bunny Hole, and quick on its bobtail I get the next month's challenge. This one's quite interesting, really, and I've already got a good something in mind for it. Something I again could develop well past a margin of 6k words, but as is, it'd fit into that allotment quite easily. There's a lot of wiggle and cut I can put on it.

What was the challenge?

Creating a story that includes a theme, or tag, of 'Telekinesis'. Additional optional prompts include gloves, gunpowder and lipstick. A strange mix, you'd think? Well of course it doesn't all have to be used at the same time or even sexually, that might be a little dangerous, but mind you danger can be a very strongly erotic thing too.

So what am I doing with it?

I have a rather interesting idea, maybe a little off the wall and even creepy but I think that's what's going to make it good, and even potentially heartwarming. It'll touch on loss in a way that many of us are fortunate enough to never truly feel, and then how that loss and heartbreak leads to seclusion and a little soul searching. Doesn't sound very erotic yet, does it? Well, seclusion, sorrow, a little black magic and finding what you didn't think you were looking for can really twist the heart and mind.

Indulgence is a wicked thing, and who's to say the things we cling to for comfort in the darkest days are to be shunned? And is it really incest if it's only a doll?

I may have said too much, there.

Need to know more, when's it out?

At the very latest, April 18th is the deadline for it, but I have a pretty good feeling about this story and it's premise. I'd just like to get back on top of publishing releases a little. The second volume of Daemonique will take the tone and direction into a sharp, downward twist that lets me open up the underground kingdom within their demonic prison the host have cultivated. It's also something I'm going to have to be careful with since it includes a lot of cum and demonic rape that the first volume denied by force of will that won't be enough to protect Sylenna in this installment. 

What makes it difficult is I don't want to get too out of hand and offensive. The important things I'm looking to capture are demonic power, the overwhelming mass of a crowd's lust, and being shared between them to such a point as to be exhausted and covered from knife-ear tip to toe in the stuff.

You can get a hold of the prelude to that coming in "Daemonique vol.2 The Darkest Nest" from SmashwordsAmazonB&N Kobo Books and soon on the iTunes Store.

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