Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Darkfallen: Expanding Elena (Body Expansion Gangbang)

Far underground in the now demonic prison, countless tales of surrender to seduction and corruption are played out, unabated. While the world above seeks to forget and seal those demons within their hold, they are not left powerless and without pleasures of their own.

This is one such woman's story. Walking the halls after her last session of fun, the succubus Kynthia spots a petite noble lady all alone, and takes an interest. Her demonic lust to change and warp the things around her will see the small woman come to be much bigger and softer, tearing the clothing from her figure and gathering an audience to the show of boundless, sizeless depravity about to unfurl. It's an audience Elena soon wants little more than perform for.

This volume starts out with the same succubus lead as before, bearing the same demonic dick she took from playing with Jacob in the first volume. So, indeed, it's another futa/dickgirl volume. They're just fun! Succubus are very sexually free with demonic energy and body modification like that too, so it lets me jump straight in without being odd.

Now, in addition to that, I wanted to play around with expansion a bit. It's another of those kind of magical kinks you can only really do in fiction where someone's body rapidly grows and changes. As the subtitle may imply, this is about expanding a woman named Elena, another of the demonic prison's unwitting residents. 

So what's fun about it is what begins as clothes-ripping and button popping breast and butt expansion, making them big and soft to play with -- not to sound hipster, but I one day found out I was writing BBW before I knew it was a thing, far back as Hot, Wet & Tied Up. Bigger to any degree means softer and cuddly, who doesn't like squishy cuddles? -- following on into exhibition and inviting in the crowd of Incubus that have gathered to watch through the cell bars. That's why I like Darkfallen, I can just set it up with 'yep, demons everywhere', with ulterior world building in the Daemonique series, and get down to some good, hot erotic action.

Sometimes you just want something a little simpler and fast fun, I like to change the pace with writing like that too, and so here we are.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shoes of Glass: The Second Step (A Femdom Erotic Romance)

As the relationship between a self-conscious, injured young woman and the kind-hearted, easily manipulated man at her feet continues, the things he does to her heart are beginning to frighten Erica. Daniel is beginning to occupy her thoughts and actions more often, which will lead to Erica testing the strength of his pledge to her, both in town and in private.

Tied up in Erica's domain of leather dominance and lace submission, held firmly under the caress of her heel, Daniel can only endure her wishes to meet with the reward of passion to follow. Taking this second step of endurance to follow the first will show Daniel the cracks in a beautiful woman's defensive shell.

It's nice to come back to this series, and a good place to start the new year. With step puns.

Well not so much puns, but it was a funny idea in my head and in the moment. The title however is very serious, if changed from what it was in back lists. That's one of the reasons I added text to say those are subject to change, though. It's really amazing what you end up writing sometimes, and for all you plan ahead, enough little things changing can lunge it in a completely different direction.

Now, the end result is the same, and some of the merit in being the sole proprietor of the madness in my head is people don't know what it started out as. Some of those scenes I've moved forward into the third volume, with it looking like it can take up four total instead of the initial three I had in mind. Having said that, I don't think I really had three in mind, it just felt like after doing the things I had for the current volume, a third would wrap things up, but not so much now.

That's a good thing though, that means more plot, more romance and more of this funny couple that aren't really a couple exploring their kinks together under guises and fronts to hide from the feelings that are really starting to grow in them.

You might not expect that from something that started off as a femdom, crossdressing and foot fetish showcase story, but since the beginning, it really has taken off to be as much of an interesting romance as an erotic one. The important caveat is none of it would be possible if you took out those erotic connotations, since they're very key to the core fact that Erica hates her body, but enjoys dominating Daniel, and the things she gets to wear hide that body, giving her strength.

It might not go so smoothly forever, though. Wounds heal and things happen.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little things make big differences

This image is pretty much the only way to get across how awesome it feels to hear from people about my writing. It doesn't happen often, though even if it did, that wouldn't change how great and moving it is. So really, thank you.

I'm an emotional sort of person so it's easy to nudge that feeling one way or the other. I'll admit - while I don't expect it to happen to readers - my own writing and imagining future events for various books has brought me to tears from emotional investment.

It may also be an image to define that I'm going to try and worry less about what I think is and isn't appropriate to relate to for all that 'public image' shit. I mean, I write erotic fiction and have an 8bit banner & (vampire) monster mascot, a fear of discrimination over interests being further afield should get flagged a little sooner than this.

The fact that I haven't really met people that associate or openly enjoy things like this in these writing circles shouldn't leave me to think I have to leave them out of my appearance as a person. It has, for however long since things will always seem pretty ominous and unknown, but I don't know.

New year, so I'm going to worry about stupid things like that less. It's not to say I'm going to move into being obnoxious or offensive about use, but that should be obvious enough already in that I'm not an obnoxious sort of person.

Anyway, new author feature tomorrow for Shoes of Glass: The Second Step.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Ahead: 2014

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it's gone over well. It's funny how coffee tastes better after you've been drinking the night before. One of those mysteries of the universe I imagine people are all the more aware of today than per usual. You have my sympathies!

Now that I'm mostly awake and set to write something less bleeding heart personal history - it's a post down if you're curious, it was something I wanted to say and get out, but not something I'm going to draw attention to - and more relevant, the question is what can you expect from me in the coming year. Essentially; a lot of fun things. Pulling up my 'Other Books' section and filtering out the coming soon, we get something like this;

Becca’s Bondage Game – Contemporary Daddy/Daughter Incest (Coming Soon)
Soulflame III: The Inferno – Historic Sister/Sister Incest (Coming Soon)
Queen of Sands – BDSM, Orgy & More (Coming Soon)
Serpentine Seduction – Lesbian Lamia Monster Girl (Coming Soon)
A Latex Bunny’s Treats – BDSM & Gangbang (Coming Soon)
Daemonique VI: The Maid Within – Demonic Corruption & BDSM (Coming Soon)
Huntsman II: Mother Dearest – High Fantasy BDSM & Erotic Romance (Coming Soon)
The Lusty Elven Maid: Maid to Serve – High Fantasy BDSM & Gangbang (Coming Soon)
Shoes of Glass: The Second Dress – Femdom, Foot Worship & Crossdressing (Coming Soon)
Boys Will Do Boys – First-time Gay Male Crossdressing Threesome (Coming Soon)

Suffice to say I have enough plans to keep me going for at least a couple months. Breaking it down, what this list means is a return to Becca, my pretty controversial Daddy/Daughter incest story, looking at what happens after this path has been started. It's going to see the end of Soulflame, the historic lesbian tale that's taught me a great deal about some really monumental moments in history.

It'll see a tale of a desert monarch I've given a little glimpse into in a recent release, but otherwise can't say much about right now. Similarly, it'll see more monster girl stuff, with plans for a more normal sized lamia and the first time she meets a female adventurer in her cave, opposed to the usual manly men heroes.

I'll be doing a couple more Carnival side-stories in 'A Latex Bunny's Treats' and 'Boys Will Do Boys', that readers of Carnival and/or Tied Up in Good Company have the pretense for. My Demonic Fantasy series in Daemonique will continue, along with its sister-nation and parallel story tales in Huntsman and The Lusty Dark Elven Maid.

Lastly on that list, or perhaps firstly, I'll be continuing Shoes of Glass, the femdom erotic romance series I started as another of my little experiments. I like where it's gone, and have some fun things in mind for it. I say firstly because I'll be working on that first, so you can expect a release soon.

Beyond all this, there's so much I want to do that it's difficult to keep things buckled down and heading straightforward. There's going to be more intrigue, hierarchies, systems, ploys, angels among demons, factions and generally more erotically charged fun than I ever envisioned in 2013.

2013 I wanted to see if it was possible. 2014 I'll be making big things happen, and I couldn't do it without you.

Here's To You: Happy New Years

With 2013 moving into little more than memories, fond or otherwise, I wanted to share some of my own over the course of what's been a hugely monumental year for me.

To do that, and to get there, we have to go somewhere a little further back. It's a sensitive point, something I haven't really talked about and don't suppose I will. There's not much to say, but it's where it all began. Much like any first, it's the hardest to abridge.

It's also really long and I don't want to break peoples mouse wheels or turn them off finding other important posts, so here's a pagebreak. Note for people that read my posts direct, they only show up on the index, I'm not crazy in that sense.