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Deity of the Desert II: Discipline (Monster Girl Breeding Erotica)

The morning after ‘Arrival’, Astrid already has her man tied to the bed in their guest chambers, ignoring what they ‘should’ be doing. The desert’s Queen will wait, Astrid’s instinctive need to feel Nathan inside will not. The spanking that follows for “being a bad girl” is worth every minute of the pleasure. Little do they know, soon Lady Naiqeth will show them the harsher discipline of a monarch.

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This release has some interesting story behind it, and I'm really happy with how it's all worked out. It's been a bit of a challenge for me, but very enjoyable. Initially I pushed to see if I could finish it off in May so I could have four published in that month. Didn't quite hit the mark, but considering when I really got down into it, the turnaround has been very good - even for the better.

While I don't really expect anyone to know of 'Monster Girl Quest', the massive 'eroge' RPG series from Japan, it's something with a pretty big fan base worldwide and acclaim for its story and music as much as erotic content. The third installment - reportedly larger than the prior two games combined - released yesterday on June 1st. Once I'd found that out, I made it a mission to release this next installment of my own 'Monster Girl' erotica in tribute, and just managed to hit the mark.

'Monster Girls' in general is a pretty big take on classic fantasy creatures like the more commonly known mermaid and minotaur, and many others like the half-snake lamia I have planned for the next volume. While there's nothing Japan won't turn into a cute girl, it creates some interesting mythos and creatures (that can of course have male equivalents penned in) you might not have considered. Kind of a step beyond the standard paranormal vampire and werewolf fare. While my mascot sprite is a vampire, it's the model from 'Monstergirl Encyclopedia', so there's some subtle ties to that broader range of mythical creatures and fantasy for me. 

Now while I draw inspiration from those mythical fantasy cross-races, and do cameo some of them in unaltered form to give a relatable, 'different' world, I do what I always intend to do with my writing. I adapt and take it further out into being purely original content and my own work. As you might see from the cover image or having read either volume of Deity of the Desert, there's nothing all that 'monstrous' about Astrid. She has a pretty mean temper sometimes and a monstrous desire to breed, sure, but she's very human. What I've done in Astrid is taken one of those fantasy races and shift several generations of breeding with humans down the line with it. 

This makes her more accessible and sexy while keeping her wild and exotic nature. It also gives her some backing to what she's doing and how vulnerable her character can get. She's neither ancient salamander or perfectly human, but Nathan still loves her. Similarly, the race she's descended from is little more than legend now, so the desire to breed and continue her bloodline is pretty strong in her on that bestial level.

Content wise the synopsis covers it to the most part. I'm reluctant to use words like 'breeding' and 'Daddy' on Amazon incase it triggers getting filtered, but that's a big part of it. With how the couple relate, there is a bit of a 'Daddy dom' or 'Daddy's little girl' air between them that Astrid enjoys playing with all too much. I had to stop and consider whether I wanted to tag it as pseudo-incest, but not quite. I used Daddy's Girl as a keyword, so I'm sure people will get the idea without crossing too many wires

Excerpt to better explain follows the pagebreak:
*  *  *  *

She knew as well as he did it was better for him to give up, lay back and enjoy it.

Sliding her lips back up and off the veiny length slowly, Astrid savoured that taste that belonged only to her man, smiling cutely as she pressed the shaft against her cheek and murred. There really was a certain inhuman charm to the simplest of things she did, but that was what he adored in her.

“Mmm, you can put me over your knee for it later, Nath, but you know what I want.” She crooned, and of course, he knew. Shifting up the bed a little, Astrid grinned and pressed the head of his cock between her breasts, rubbing her saliva off on the supple skin. He could so much as feel the drum of her heart through that soft press of skin. That was certainly something to keep him erect. She didn’t stop there for long, though. What she wanted lay considerably lower down on her body, and saw to her prowling up across his chest like a wild, copper-skinned leopard.

“I want you inside me, breeding me till I can feel your babies kick.” Astrid purred. Her playful grin full was of lustful intent. Well, if she was going to put it like that then there was little Nathan’s shaft could do but twitch and grind at her firm stomach. He certainly couldn’t do anything with his hands, bound as they were and leaving her to enjoy this of her own accord. Astrid’s laugh was a precious and wistful thing, her stare taking on a quizzical slant.

“Mmm, maybe even till they’re calling you Daddy, and then breed me some more. Maybe I should call you Daddy, huh? Get you used to it.” Astrid teased, snorting and giggling softly as Nathan simply stared dumbly at her. It had been cute, yet somehow all too sexual coming from her lips.

“What… say that again?” Nathan requested, monitoring his tone to seem not too attracted to it. He loved Astrid but if she got her claws into knowing she could seduce him any easier than she did by whispering Daddy in his ear, there’d have to be new ‘training sessions’ to curb her lust. Astrid’s eyes lit up with wonder and a coy smirk at the request all the same.

“Mmh? Daddy? You like that, Nath?” She asked. Astrid was all innocence and smiles while tracing clawed fingers that could do serious harm in delicate patterns over his chest. Nathan had to cough a quick laugh and deflect it with words alone, for all he couldn’t distract her in foreplay.

“Hah, well it is cute, but it made me realise a little just how dependant you’ve been on me to guide and train you into being a good girl. Like you really were a little lost girl or a daughter looking up to her Daddy.” He said, and while the glimmer in Astrid’s eyes didn’t precisely fade, her cheeks did flush and make her look down in a moment of insecurity, digging the tips of her claws into his chest to prickle it.

“Nnh, Astrid! There’s nothing wrong with that, relax. You know I’ve loved that about you, it’s cute.” Nathan had to talk quickly or any number of things would happen. Astrid rarely lost the mood, but her heritage and history was a soft spot that often worried her. Those hands could have sunk deeper, scratched and marked him or simply left him to curl up and mope to herself about a feeling of being too inadequate or inhuman for him to accept. Astrid prided herself on being his equal where she could.

Luckily, Nathan seemed to have averted any such crises. Astrid’s claws retracted, smoothing the soft of her palms over the skin as she forced a little laugh and perked herself back up again. Her kind were at their most volatile with emotion so early in the morning, but Astrid had been informed that was as much a human trait as any other species, and to not worry about it.

“Hm, you’re right. Then just this once, I’m gonna call you Daddy. An when I’m done with this…” Astrid cooed, quickly regaining the heat of her mood as her thigh rubbed and guided Nathan’s cock up against the clammy heat between her legs, “You can put your little girl over your knee and give her a good spanking, Daddy.” She purred, and swallowing hard was all Nathan could do to stop his cock taking on a life of its own and diving into her. The woman really was impossible first thing in the morning.

“I’ll even give you a good view of it, Daddy.” She chimed, giggling and carefully pushing herself off Nathan’s chest. Astrid was heavy for her size, in part due to the sections of her body bearing heavier scales adding a little weight to her figure. They did nothing to mar her beauty, and even so much as added rather exotic love-handles to her hips and a pattern Nathan had played with sketching down her back till she squirmed. The small of her back – where her ancestors had rather thick, lizard-like tails – was nothing but a highly sensitive and softened indent on her.

It was that spot he was given to look at as she turned around, righting herself and shifting to sit with her back to him. The light scaling ran like a rough brand of a T up her spine, and Nathan supposed it would have ran down the tail if she were several generations senior. That didn’t matter – she was what she was, and he loved her for it.

It wasn’t an unsightly marking, and barely held a different pigment to the skin around it. It even so much as pointed downward to the firm swell of her dark rump that squared in Nathan’s view, just as Astrid had promised. It was a good view. That got another rise out of him, even before she’d settled in to slowly pumping her hand up and down the shaft again, staring over her shoulder with one eye at her lover and a playful glint.

“Mmm, your little girl wants this big cock inside her, Daddy. Can she have it?” She asked, and with a raised brow, Nathan resolved to spank her just for being so cute and sweet about this, knowing he couldn’t distract or stop her. He only nodded to restrain his desire, and Astrid giggled in that cute little girl act she was enjoying far too much.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She cooed, shifting her hips just once.

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