Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Daemonique Covers

Playing around with covers last night and a bit today, after having done the cover for 4 I wanted to try something a little more thematic. I like it, too. I think it tells the story a little better, for one. Originally I didn't have the brushes, models or couldn't make them work the way I wanted. For instance I wanted to use II's cover model but couldn't settle happily on the skin-tones and such. This is good, though.

Half the reason I went back to them was that just about the whole series has been hit by the ADULT filter on Amazon, which I'm getting really tired of being afraid to bother doing anything in thanks to, so I'm reworking and republishing after I do the extra style and edit passes for the singular novel version.

Relatively "not much" has actually been filtered, and things I would have expected to get filtered over others haven't. I guess their sense of judgement really is skin deep and shallow, so I can just be more careful to work with that. A bit stifling and frustrating to feel like walking on thin ice with work you want to be proud of.

Cover for Volume III is a little intentionally sarcastic since (upper, of course) male nudity is fine, so have TWO. There is actually two naked men involved in the book, but still. Female with breasts entirely covered by hair instead of clothing, though? Nope, get out, filtered. I also didn't dare risk how pedantic they are about how much ass being shown is "too much" and turned the rear-end cleavage mark into a black void zone of doom. Her rear is clothed, and it's not much, but really...

It's a couple other things, too. For one, it's a precedence. I want to do some wallpapers out of covers, the sort of thing where I'm not restrained by bounds. I figure people might enjoy something like that. An secondly I wanted to make a string of the four covers to send to Ellen Dominick for the coming interview. Not this string, it'd need some more tweaks, but still. That was also very fun.

Putting them all next to each other is good for comparison's sake, too. I've just noticed the subtitle for Volume I is a touch higher than all the rest. OCD, easy to manage layers and ruler guides triumph again.

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