Monday, May 27, 2013

Daemonique volume IV The Darkest of Things (Demon BDSM & Futanari Erotica)

Dragged through the denizens and depths of an unholy nest of demonic lust, Sylenna Lightstride's fate now hangs by a thread before the ruler of them all, naked and alone. Chances are she won't last the night under the wicked ministrations of their demonic Queen. Xianesh enjoys the games she plays, and she has many in store for the little elf at her mercy.

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First thing's first, as I make a point of in every synopsis, The Darkest of Things brings an end to the story of Sylenna Lightstride and can be enjoyed both as an independant book or more fully as a continuation of the series. I talked recently (here) about how I ensure it's approachable for everyone, so don't worry about getting completely left out by the volume number.

As said, this release brings an end to Sylenna Lightstride's story so it's really wrapping up a big chapter for me. This is the series I started with, and a series I'd written in a way you'd only barely recognise ages ago. It's come a long way and I'm really happy with what I've made of it.

As such, I've wanted to really make something of this last volume, especially the ending. That's something I ironically can't really share here, but it's one thing I'm really happy with how it shifted and hit home. It gives light to some of the decisions I made when I started this series. 

That said, it's not the end of the series as a whole. I'm kind of hoping no one throws up their hands and claims it's too cliffhanger, unresolved or something, though getting so much emotion from its impact would be neat. This wraps up the current arc and will eventually be released as a single novel, so I put a lot of heart into finishing it as is for those purposes.

One of the things about it I was quite happy with early in is Xianesh's reaction to the revelation of Sylenna's past. Without spoiling so much, Xianesh, this being of darkness and evil sealed away under the ground feels pity for Sylenna and so much as hugs her. Against everything that's happened to Sylenna so far, that seems really weird and uncharacteristic, but there's reason. The desire Xianesh has to conquer is as much to bring those people into accepting a freer, much more honest and sexually rewarding life. Sylenna's unfortunate past in the world above was devoid of lust, passion or pleasure and instead subjugated under show of emotionless power and discrimination against what was seen as a lesser race. So it goes that the demoness sets about showing the elf just what pleasures she could enjoy, free of such restraint.

Xianesh is still very wicked and dominative about it. She's playing games with the elf, bending her just so far before letting her cool off so she can be bent further next time without breaking. Those games include sexual biting, clawing whip-marks down her back, smothering Sylenna between her legs and more. Her plans for the little elf are bigger and broader than little games though, and what becomes of it towards the end is something else entirely. Being the entity of demonic lust she is, her dark magic allows flesh-grafting a cock of her own, adding a little transgender / futa or futanari / shemale action, whichever namesake is most appropriately relatable  to fully and finalistically dominate and draw Sylenna into a world of decadent pleasure.

There's some fun details around that scene that make it all the more powerful and meaningful, but I'll leave you with some opening excerpts in the post below for now.

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