Friday, December 23, 2016

Olvang's Huntsman

In the frigid Northlands, the untamed wilds test all with a ruthless cunning and ferocity, forging a rugged and sharp people. It is in the shelter of that wilderness that Olvang's Huntsman will take what appears to be his secretive lover caught in one of his traps to a night alone before the fire of a secluded hunting lodge. 

Before the night is out, the simple tranquility and bliss of a love shared will be broken by revelation of just how wicked and cunning those wilds have made some of its people, and what plans they have set in motion. 

Something ancient and primal calls from those wilds, drawing the young woman and down a dangerous path to discover a truth long lost. Only her Huntsman will be able to follow her trail and join her in answering the howling on the wind.

Huntsman has been an interesting journey for me, that I'm glad I've been able to shore up into a novel format with Olvang's Huntsman. It's taken longer than I'd have liked due to life circumstances going downhill hard and fast, but that sort of thing isn't for a release post that will exist long after the issue of time.

What is for a release post is how interesting a journey it's been. Huntsman began back in 2013 as part of a sweet little nothing I had to build on. A scene, a premise and idea. I had no definitive end, not much of a grand goal in mind, but I wanted to go forward with it, make it something real.

How it's ended up is a testament to my own journey through writing. It may not be a perfect path, it may not be by all the right numbers, it may be full of risks and dangers, but its characters took life as it came, realizing and accepting their flaws as they pushed on to accept what they were and what they could do. No one could show them the path to the end nor tell them what they would find, the journey to find the truth was one as much to create it by their own hands.

In addition to this it's been really interesting to look back on my writing from as far back as that - where I really started spreading and committing to too many projects at once - and just kind of balancing the urge to tear up everything I wrote in favour of how my style reads now and keeping its integrity in place. It's nice to think I've developed more of a voice and presence in what I write over the years, the second and third volumes being less of an issue to finalize.

The end result is a solid cornerstone of an era in my fantasy world filled with a people larger than life with women as wicked and dominant as their men in the right moment that in time, shifts into a more feral and wild capacity than any could have known.

It's been a great journey to get here, and I always really appreciate the support that's made it possible. In terms of excerpts, the first volume that fills its early chapters; Huntsman I is free on all market channels!


  1. Congratulations on your new work! 3 years on a project must certainly feel like a relief for you. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been having ideal real life circumstances, but I can guarantee you that your writing is phenomenal; some of the best I have ever read. The way you weave erotica so seamlessly in and out of stories is something that is golden rare.

    What's next on your schedule? I'm very interested!

    Oh and Merry Christmas. <3

    1. Ah, thank you, it really means a lot! Hope the holidays are treating you well, too! It hasn't been too intensive over the years, it's just that I got into too many varying stories at first so I'm still cleaning up all the loose ends I made, then tying them up into novel formats. It's nice to get fully through things though.

      For what's next, right now I'm going to do an end of year post - amazingly, things have managed to kind of get even worse, for many authors! After that though I've got a big excel book of important info and what needs done.

      I've got some stuff for Wight Snow that can go out soon, the three serial volumes of Lusty Maid, Huntsman's sister story to do a novel edit pass on, which Huntsman taught me takes a while and is better staggered between other things, then there's a few options.

      It depends a bit on the mood but I think it'd be good to start the year getting back into Daemonique proper. I've got the flow and scenes in mind so it's a matter of getting it down. Beyond that I want to finish the Hide series and Soulflame series, ideally all in January!