Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wight Snow II: Nobility

To know the truth of a story, one must return to the root of events...

For the coastal city of Meirport, more politics, power and money trade hands behind closed doors than the unwitting common folk may ever know. Travelling as an Ambassador of the sovereign's inland nation, Lady Erys Wynthae stands at the heart of such matters, yet powers beyond the reach of mortal hands are already afoot. Played for a pawn in the schemes of others and stripped of all possession, the Lady will alone find but one escape from a future of slavery at the hand of nobility beyond any she has ever known.

Before the day is done, Lady Erys Wynthae will welcome the very beginning of events that will see the coastal city brought to its knees.

Wight Snow is a really fun concept and grounds for me to work from. Zombie apocalypse and survival horror are common, very popular concepts that often follow a pretty standard fomula, often keeping the source and antagonist a point of mystery. It works, there's no doubting that, but one thing I've found I always really like is having more of that side, the interaction and methods from the darker side of things.

Calling back as far as the first volumes of Daemonique, it's no secret I'm a fan of darker fantasy and enjoy tales told through what may be considered the evil antagonist's world. Wight Snow II: Nobility somewhat follows that trend from the first Daemonique volumes of starting the second volume leading in from a different perspective and world before converging on the present - but here it's much more prevalent.

Here, we're going all the way back to the first fateful day, before Julia fell ill and went unawares of the city's changing fate. There's good reason to, as the cast and machinations for what befalls Meirport are big and interesting. The survival horror type scene and a contagion that turns the populace into effectively mindless ghouls bent on a more carnal hunger is good, but looking at it unfurl from the seat of power is also good, and something I really wanted to do.

While there's threat of pulling back the Wizard of Oz's curtain, there's still a lot of power, mystery and intrigue you can develop from here, and it becomes a different sort of beast to that standard routine, and it's no less sexually charged. Writing all this I almost forget it's an erotic work and I need to make a point of that, but beyond the basics, it absolutely gives a great range for erotic acts. 

In Nobility, the focus mainly on BDSM and slavery. Meirport is a place of power and independent trade, which inevitably attracts other powers in time of unrest and strife. It's all about the movement of nobles, of how quickly power can be gained and stripped away and what truly counts as nobility. It sets up the ground work of how and a little of why the city turns into what it later becomes, and plays with bending the concept of good and evil or us and them.

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