Saturday, July 11, 2015

Darkfallen: Making Jacob

Far and away from the minds of the people, Sarandin Isle stands as host and home to countless demonic beings, locked away within its prison walls. Amongst them rests many of those foolish enough to venture onto the isle in search of wealth and fame, only to find darkness and corruption.

The fates of many amongst them may never be known, yet amongst the many are few whom catch the interest of their captors. Amongst them stands Jacob, a man once overwhelmed and taken by the whims of the powerful succubus Kynthia within those walls.

Now, Kynthia has returned with a new friend to show off her work to. As both enter Jacob’s cell, the already emasculated man will learn he has had only a taste of the succubus’ ability to warp and change the body. This time, Kynthia will do more than take him; she will make Jacob anew, and introduce him into a whole new world.

It's time for another visit to the expansive fetish hub of stories spun off from the prison island of Daemonique, and more so, a return to a no longer very familiar face in Jacob, who began it all. This time, as carefully safe worded synopsis may imply, things are going all the way. It's fun to see how things have shaped up, in the beginning I hadn't implicitly intended for characters to become such a strongly recurring point between volumes, but inherent force of habit and want for solidarity wins out.

It works well in Making Jacob since there's already a precedence for what his identity "was", though the previous volume isn't strictly necessary to enjoy this one, it gives some root to just how and why things are changing, and identity is really key in the sort of fetishes this volume covers.

Beyond the gratuitous and demonic femdom delivered by two wicked women - one our returning succubus Kynthia, endowed with a cock of her own, stolen from Jacob, the other another familiar face in Elena, with voluptuous curves perfect for smothering him under - his being is going to be warped from what little remains of his male identity into a female, leaving him to struggle with resisting the newfound pleasures and what they make of him, now her. 

It's a very special sort of corruption and struggle against humiliation rather unique to MtF transformation and bodyswap fetishes that I really enjoyed getting a chance to work out in this demonic prison where anything and everything could happen.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

“It’s no use trying to act shy now after you sucked on it like such a good little slut. You can’t wait to show off how much you love pleasuring a real dick, can you?” Kynthia purred her words into Jacob’s mind as she took Jacob’s wrist, pulling his hand up to brush and grasp her hardening shaft with a lurid grin. He hadn’t remembered it looking or feeling so intimidating, his lightly clasping fingers barely closing around its juicy girth. Tired of being left out already, Elena took the opportunity to slip in on Jacob’s other side, surrounding and pinning him against the wall with her soft bosom alongside Kynthia’s.

“Hey… play with me too, okay? You still like proper girls best, don’t you?” Grabbing his other wrist to shove his hand between her plump legs and into her purely womanly sex, Elena breathed a languid moan into his ear as he dug in. “Mmm, that’s right…” Shooting a wicked smile past him to the succubus she raised challenge against, Elena continued to breathe heavily in the cornered man’s ear. Placing her fingers over his and rocking her hips, Elena guided him into fingering her supple folds with one hand as Kynthia controlled the other.

“For one without her wings yet, you certainly have some fire in you.” Kynthia cooed, leaving Jacob to stroke her fully erected shaft, fluttering her wings and staring at her companion threateningly as she toyed with her man’s crotch lazily. From the other side, Elena giggled into a sharp moan as she pushed two of his smooth fingers deeper into her, licking her lips and smiling back.

“What can I say, Mistress? I’m a bad girl, I got it all from you, but I could tell the moment I saw him…” Elena cooed, turning her attention back to suckling on Jacob’s earlobe. “You want to bend me over and stick it deep in here like a real man, don’t you? That’d feel much nicer than just pleasuring her big, mean cock, right?” Elena’s tone was almost sickeningly sweet and cute, all but pleading for Jacob’s favour as she rode on his fingers, grinding into his palm with a contented sigh. For all his other hand didn’t cease in stroking of Kynthia’s member, the new girl and her reaffirming words did have his attention. If sticking his fingers in felt this good…

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