Friday, June 12, 2015

Umbral Coil Chronicles: Nightfall

Left to the shifting sands for dead, fate has chosen a different course for the men exiled to the remorseless desert’s nightfall. Retracing the steps of events among the living, a new perspective is given to the moment of wakening for one of the two men rescued and brought to the thriving, cavern village of Shejnal.

There, in the safe of the deep dark, the monstrous divine being bearing rich, purple skin and a seemingly endless half-snake body – Najae Noc’teria, surrounded by other lamia sharing in her image – will rekindle the flame of life and lust within the waking man, binding him in her endless coil for the long night to come.

I've held off a bit on doing the feature for this one for a number of reasons, for one to see how well the Kindle Unlimited feature works out that this series is a serial flagship test for, and I think it's going well, really. There's definitely support for it, so if I can get things out on a faster basis, we'll have something good - and, effectively, free with less risk to take interest in for applicable readers - running, and that's great. Getting these erotic stories out and being able to really live on the passion is one thing, being able to do all that more accessibly is even better. 

As mentioned last time, this series will later be bound into novel format and released in both paperback and on other avenues for sake of bringing that accessibility back to a broader market with all the usual fanfare.

With that said, this second volume brings in something that's been requested from various sources for some time - lamia. While Deity of the Desert / Goddess of Sands had some, it was... on a different scale and style to the sort people want to see and that I've wanted to get into writing, and it's as difficult to get a good position going as I'd expected. 

Lamiae are very neat and fun, but after a few twists, that big snake-bind length of a lower body kind of gets in the way. While to some extents it lives and acts as the point of contact itself, it's not really the same or as good as upfront touching and feeling from fingers and the lamia's more humanoid half. It's a real delicate balance, one that I may one day have to mull over with Centaurs who suffer a similar concern.

Combining those two extremities has worked out well in Nightfall, in part due to the sheer incapacitated nature of the man dragged back from the dead. It's okay if all his motion and changes of position are done by support of the lamia's lower body interaction, because he doesn't have the strength back to move himself. So over the course of the night, her body massages and squeezes some life back into him whilst also binding and holding him up for her entertainment.

As a side-note, I'd really like to thank Firaxis and X-Com for highlighting said difficulties, I mean look at her, she wraps around him maybe twice and bam, barely any space left to play with him! It's also awesome since they went with the same hooded cobra design. While mine is a different colour palette, a more humanoid face and upper body with hood frill running up the back, seeing more love of lamia and other mythical monster lady sorts is awesome.

Really awesome.

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