Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sizzling Ghost Stories Anthology

From some of the bestselling names in erotica comes a book full of sizzling encounters with ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, guaranteed to leave you breathless in more ways than one. Authors like Selena Kitt, Carl East, Delilah Fawkes and more, bring you paranormal chills with the sexiest of thrills - stories that are sure to raise your temperature a notch or two! 

Warning: not for readers of a delicate disposition - these stories are likely to set the heart racing and fill the reader's head with wild and erotically charged sexual fantasies. You are advised to read these on your own but be sure to keep the lights on - just in case!

So this post is going to be a little different. I can imagine some are looking at the cover art and thinking anything from "what the hell is that?" to "Ah, one of those?"

Short and simple of it is in addition to my own release, Hide From Him was set to be part of an erotic ghost story bundle I had about two weeks to cook up - right before christmas. Looking back at it, it may have been crazy, alongside editing and formatting for Goddess of Sands and Christmas shopping, but it was doable for me and I really wanted to get in on this opportunity.

There's some real big names in it, which feels like a pretty fucking awesome way to end the year on being associated with, if also really anxious. I'll talk about the year gone by later and tomorrow but suffice to say I haven't been at this nearly as long or prominently as some of the names.

I can't really tell you anything about their stories, and mine is detailed with excerpt below, but bundled promotional sets like this are a generally safe bet if you know what you're in for with even one. 

This month alone has been really amazing for me, so I'm really hopeful about the future going forward from here. If this is the first you've heard of me - through the bundle no less - or one of the first to have found what I was beginning; thank you for reading.

Hide From Him (BBW Paranormal)

Lynne Hill feels like she's being watched in her apartment since receiving a small statue gift through her college's Secret Santa. Consulting a friend in the New Year, she's advised to play a simple game with the 'devil' haunting her. Deciding to try it and hide from him, Lynne will discover the game is anything but simple. The feeling of eyes on her body isn't just her self-conscious shame. 

He’s been waiting to play with Lynne.

This one has been a fun little project to work on alongside editing and formatting Goddess of Sands, hence having both of them out at just about the same time. I've been juggling chainsaws that concept a bit of late, infact I started editing Deity of the Desert I-III before I was done with Darkfallen: Taking Jacob, the quick hot series started for what I might make a consistently futa/dickgirl series. I'm not sure, I rarely settle or fix something down. It's at least going to be my demonic prison erotica series while the Daemonique plot ploughs along on longer, slower releases. That's the charm, too. I get to release some of the best of both worlds without getting in the way of the other, like with this!

Hide From Him is a paranormal, ghostly story that hits home with that feeling of being watched, or not being alone. Those incorporeal feelings that gnaw at the back of your mind, like the chill up your spine. What this story does is asks; what if it was real? Who's to say it isn't?

For Lynne Hill, a lovably soft, deliciously rounded and cuddly girl who doesn't think that highly of herself, it becomes more than real. Playing a simple, silly game of hide and seek to handle her seemingly irrational fear and effectively convincing herself it doesn't exist through autohypnosis, everything goes wrong. That feeling of being watched was a very real ghost, and as soon as it finds her - winning the game - it makes short work of enjoying her paralyzed and trapped body, as per rules she wasn't aware of.

By the end of the night, there's a nice undertone of worrying less about looks and just enjoying what comes, carried on an air of having no choice and being held down by a ghostly man who comes to resemble all her darkest fantasies. 

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goddess of Sands (Novel Format Monster Girl Erotic Romance)

The full story of Nathan and Astrid's journey into the harsh Zo'qeth desert in a world where monsters mingle with mankind on a daily basis. Summoned by royal invitation, the couple will meet a hard ruler and handle the unquenchable lust shared between one another before heading out to explore the archeological history of newly unearthed ruins.

What they find within will be beyond reckoning, for the deity of the desert, a being of divine fable sleeps within. A giant lamia, a Goddess with the lower body of a snake will rise to greet and ultimately bless them as her own. Their journey for truths will provide answers they never thought to find.

Happy holidays, everyone! Unless they've long since passed, but there's always one around the corner. At time of writing, this saw the closing one of my last projects of 2013, which has been a pretty interesting year.

That's not for now, though. Now is talking about this book, which is pretty straightforward. Essentially I could just link the Deity or Monster Girl tags, the latter of which a little wanting, but this has always been a thing that I build on and adjust as I go.

Goddess of Sands is the novel format culmination of my Deity of the Desert monster girl series, spanning three volumes of varying kinks and characters, beginning with a simple introduction to the world full of monster girl types, moving on into some Daddy/Daughter roleplay, erotic spanking and what makes it special when really done right, meeting the desert city's Queen which is going to spawn its own novel, maybe two! 

Then it all ends with moving down into the unearthed ruins, where I could make any number of size jokes, and maybe some snake ones, but really, once it gets into the third volume, things do get a lot bigger, including the size of insertions being put into Astrid, or that Nathan is being used as. One post down gives you an idea of scale. Maybe a bit bigger, but the general concept of that she could pick up and put a man into her to suck out all his cum isn't so farfetched when she's that big.

Now being a novel format release, an excerpt is a bit redundant again - as much because there's already three excerpts, a couple reviews and other things in the backlog. Instead, I'll be sharing the short new prologue I gave it, so any of the awesome people to have picked up the series when it was in serial, telling me the people that want to read this sort of thing are out there, don't feel left out. It's also available in the reach of preview pages, so can be downloaded in book formats from Smashwords, for instance.

Prologue follows the pagebreak.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Size, Scale & Coming Soon

For those familiar with my Deity of the Desert series, this is a pretty good idea of the scale I had in mind for the giantess in the third chapter. It's relevant because I'm in the closing stages of having that series re-edited and formatted into its novel format. It's also a really nice picture, and obviously, rather than legs, the lamia in my story's lower half would be considerably longer, but the upward, humanoid scale is about this. Maybe a little bigger, but I like this scale of Giantess, compared to ones that make you cringe over what would amount to standing on lego when they're shadowing a city.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Darkfallen: Taking Jacob (Futanari on Male)

Whilst the world works to forget what happened to the underground prison island of Sarandin Isle, it's demonic host remains. The succubus to have captured one such man will drain him down into little more than a sissy on his knees, repurposing the stolen masculine energy, putting it to better use and showing him just how deep it can go, with a little determination.

I'm really quite happy with my publishing schedule for December, things feel a bit on the up. Maybe it's partly due to the festivity of the season, I don't know, and while this cover may not look very festive, there is a little air of that in it. 

One of the little sideline themes I've gone for in this book is the that of gifts and giving. Suffice to say, a succubus taking a man's essence and giving his new, pretty little sissy form the gift that keeps on cumming with it certainly gives someone a white Christmas. I really love the effect I got on the title too, though I might try to highlight its background a bit to make it stand out more.

It's a fun little side series I'm going to do between bigger projects, and the charm of it is really in the sealed demon prison I created in Daemonique, specifically the Darkfall chapters, which is what ultimately inspired this spin-off series name. What it means is, as the synopsis suggests, I have this massive, endless supply of sexual demons and prison cages to play with.

That's great.

I went for Futa on Male to begin with as a sort of gift to a friend who complained that "I'll never write futa mind control on femboy". The niche complaint was a little more of a grouped up thing over stuff I haven't really written seperately. Futa has its time and place - which this certainly is, femboy and sissy I've dabbled with a bit in both Gay and Straight forms and it's fun, but again has its place.

Mind control is very difficult to work with too, at least the headfuck way I would usually want to do it but one night I just wanted to sit down and start writing something without worrying about start point or any real context. I wanted to write that futa mind control on male, and this is how it ended up. It's a pretty fast, hard story of demonic fucking. I'm really happy with how I can just drop in and get going with any sort of demonic violation in this series.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tied Up in Good Company (Lesbian BDSM Threesome)

When Erica and Daniel (from Shoes of Glass) met the Mistress and pet couple Jessica and Kimberly (from Hot, Wet & Tied Up) at the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion, they hadn't expected to end up dancing in the palm of Jessica's hand. 

Having left the main hall with Kim's leash in hand to guide her, that's exactly what's happening. With Daniel ushered out of the picture, Jessica can enjoy the rest of the night to the fullest – behind a closed door with her cuddly lesbian lover and the new girl she's tempted into submitting to the wilder side of pleasure.

 I've been focusing quite a bit on my 'A Carnival of Phantasms' series lately, though for a few good reasons. For one, the stories are wildly different and independent, which makes them interesting to write with that slight background tag that ties them to a greater origin to launch from. It was part of the idea when I wrote A Carnival of Phantasms, one that became very evident as I went along, I just wasn't going to have time to fill out the whole story I wanted while entertaining all these side stories. 

And besides, I spent an hour debating keywords for this side story alone, there was no way in hell I was going to make that sort of box of content hit the right audience being a section of a bigger book. I wouldn't have been able to write up 15k worth of hot lesbian action, either.

The font for 'Tied Up in Good Company' might look familiar, and that's intentional. The leading couple are the same girls as from Hot, Wet & Tied Up, with a new friend to play with in this story of what happens after they get behind closed doors. With that pretext already in place, and a little warming up, it lets me write what I think is one of the more intense things I've written so far, with barely any stops in the erotic exploration and fun the three women have with one another until Erica has satisfied both Kimberly and Jessica.

So of course, there's lots of cunnilingus and tribadism, there's shackles and rope bondage to keep the new girl where Jessica wants her.  There's facesitting from both the petite little blonde domme and her pet girl Kim whose big ass practically smothers and suffocates Erica until she's let up for air. Perhaps most controversially, there's anal play and giving Erica an enema slipped in, though I've been very careful to focus more on the urgency and pressure of it than anything more graphic. The last thing I want to do is put people off, so there's no real focus in how that ends.

More importantly, there's just a lot of lesbian fun, forced orgasms and Jessica making the girls compete for her that I really went the distance to make even more hot and wet than its predecessor. I hope people give it a look and enjoy it!

Excerpt follows the pagebreak: