Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid: All In A Day (Rough Oral Erotica)

In the high reaches of Castle Olvang in the chilled Northlands, many servants and maids man the halls about their tasks. Whilst expected duties range from the mundane to the carnal and literally breathtaking, something feels missing from one elven maid's days. An overheard conversation will put an idea in her head on how to get it, and a chance meeting see things put in motion.

I'll get this out of the way first; Argonians need not apply. Only lovely dark-skinned elves here. But yes, for those that know of Elder Scrolls, I couldn't help but borrow the title format for this release. It's purely coincidental otherwise, this all takes place in my own realm as a sort of (highly erotic) side-story to the scene that consisted of my excerpt from Huntsman two posts down. 

What that means is there's some crossover between tales, looking at things from different angles and lives, and leaving much less to implication. The characters in this story, down to the surprise appearance at the end are all very relevant in their own way to my writing of the realm, and will continue to both cross over and only have scenes perhaps relevant to the other story in the adjacent story. 

I'm not going to go too overboard on it, it'll be primarily little things that help enrich who and what's going on while letting me seperate the tone and strengths of each tale. For instance, the suffocating deepthroat in this tale, and the implication of what's to come would have been entirely jarringly out of place (and taken much longer to release) if it had been a focused scene at the start of Huntsman, which took a gentler direction of romantic sex. 

Sure, Huntsman still included some oral sex, but it wasn't roughly deepthroating the girl to point of her fainting around it. Different stories, different paces, independant tales twined to a common theme. I'm going to be doing something a little similar going into October with my Halloween specials, effectively telling the same story from start to end but via different perspectives and places. It'll make more sense when I get down to it. If you're interested in contributing to making the erotic horror a little more personal or real, I made a post here to better explain how. It's always possible to post Anonymous.

 Excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Question of Fear

I just had a thought, while finishing off some touches to my next release and pouring over plans for October, and it stuck me as something I could really branch out and interact on, and so I have a question for you all. As October is known for Halloween, I'm going to be doing a series of suitably themed stories throughout the month.

More than just paranormal or costume play, I do that throughout the year. What I'm looking to do is work on more of a darker angle on actual horror erotica to suit the month. I have a good number of ideas, kinks and scenes in mind, but it begs the question; What are you afraid of?

What little creaks in the dark makes your skin crawl and mind race? I've always said erotica is a very intimate and powerful genre that works its way closer to the core of people, but what about when it touches on the darker things down there? The sort of things people never want to be plucked, yet can't help but be morbidly fixated to letting it happen, as if they're now captives of their own desire.

Aside my own plans, it'd be interesting to hear the sort of things others, for lack of a better way to put it, wouldn't want to see. Not just sexually, that's a matter for my writing to spin into an erotically charged scenario that can't be put down, I mean fears in general.

I'd love to make this project a touch more interactive and personal in places if I can, and then perhaps that broader, more intimate closeness to home will make the stories a little more powerful than they could be through my work alone. An author exists by grace of readers, so for all I'm a very reserved and quiet person I thought it'd be fitting to put this out there and circulate on that strength that others who take an interest create.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Huntsman Volume I: Lodge (High Fantasy Erotic Romance)

In the rugged Northlands, the hunt is both sacred and necessary to survival. Retiring to his lodge after a hunt, the Huntsman finds something ensnared in one of his traps that no other man would ever dare to imagine taking. His prey is one the rugged man more than expects, however. The night will not be nearly so cold for the couple, now.

I like to think she's dubious about the title, it was one of those that the more I tried to find a good font for it, the less I liked the damn thing as a whole. Then I just cut it back to 'Huntsman'. Like Batman, only... not at all. 

That said, it published in the sort of speed to imply the Bats was behind it. It passed review in under an hour was up on Amazon quicker than B&N, and that never happens. Between that and Deity of the Desert vol.3 and Darkfall publishing before vol.1 on iTunes, I'm wondering if someone in the review stage likes my work and has seen it enough to just move it along. I don't know, it sounds silly but I really wonder what sort of process books go through in the 'review' stage, especially erotica. Is there a bunch of private cubicles where people with their own "massage" toys "scrutinize" every submission?

Anyway. This tale goes back to some good, old fashioned high fantasy setting, in a frozen north. One thing I wanted to do with this story, but only lightly so it's not off-putting, was link it back to other books I've written. From the start, there's reference to creatures previously only touched on in Daemonique in a foreboding but off-handed sense. The Blackguard Hounds weren't present on the Isle, but they are in the Northlands.

It doesn't impede on story, the Northlands are leagues away from the island over tall mountains and kingdom borders. At the same hand, the Zo'qeth desert from Deity of the Desert is an indeterminate distance off to the east. Perhaps on another continent even, I haven't decided, but the point is I get to weave and knit these worlds together into one cohesive fantasy realm that people can enjoy expansion of lore, life and consequence within it. I think that's pretty cool.

As for the story itself, it's a bit of a two-part thing and pretty vanilla or sweet compared to some of what I do. The initial part has some Dark Elf maid action in the background that I'm already working on building in The Lusty Dark Elf Maid, Argonians need not apply. The latter half is a private affair between a very special couple, with the young lady getting caught in one of the Huntsman's binding traps, a humiliating start to an otherwise heated night of love.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shoes of Glass: The First Pledge (Femdom Erotic Romance)

Erica Nylund is a woman struggling with injuries that changed her world. When she stumbles across a man searching through her bag in the women's changing rooms, things change in ways neither would ever have expected.

Shoes of Glass is, as commented in a post last night, a bit of an experiment for me. Time and again I'll say I enjoy connecting and talking with people who enjoy what I do - I'm a person before author but I'll leave that talk for the retrospective post later on.

Point is Shoes of Glass has come about predominantly through talking and discussing things with people interested in this sort of thing. A premise was suggested, molded and later made to fit the monthly story challenges I take a part in. This month wanted addiction and stockings as prompts. It fit all too well.

Originally, the story challenge piece was going to be a chapter for 'Queen of Sands', expanding the monstergirl universe from Deity of the Desert, after the 5 star reviews the first two got, making me want to develop on the story of Zo'qeth and its Queen. After I got talking about this premise though, it took over.

It was nice to get back into writing some BDSM stuff again, if only really in principle. Erica is just beginning her venture into really trying and enjoying the title of Mistress, for her very personal reasons. There's a lot of focus on the thrill of power, manipulation and control that comes with dominance for her. For Daniel, of course, he's wrapped around her little finger and can't seem to stop wanting it. The freedom he gains from being with her is its own rush, and while he might not quite understand it yet, he likes the way she looks at and talks to him compared to other people. 

It's a story that's going to go places, and it's starting here. Now you're wondering where the usual excerpt is - that's where this release is a bit of an experiment too. The next post down has the story challenge version of this publication in full. Releasing a full story on the blog and selling it at the same time? I must be mad! Well, chances are you're right. 

There's some method though, it's the story challenge version which has a 7k word limit. I've had to cut some things out and other things short. I've gone back and extended those for publishing, maybe not doubled in content as with Hot, Wet & Tied Up or Deity of the Desert expanding into three volumes, but it's not quite the same story. It's a sample, or a short, an idea of the sort of content and emotion I put into my work.

There are other factors, such as the the number of people that have influenced the story, it needed to be publicly shared with them, the connotations of ownership and support that come with buying, that this is the start of what could develop into several volumes and that traffic is very transient. If you're still with me, check the next post down for the lightly abridged blog post version.