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Deity of the Desert III: Lamia (Interspecies Giantess Breeding)

Summoned by the Zo'qeth desert's Queen to investigate newly discovered ruins, Astrid and Nathan Feison finally find themselves traversing the caverns and halls of history undisturbed for centuries. What they find within is greater than they ever could have expected.

Deity of the Desert I: Author Feature 
Deity of the Desert II: Author Feature 

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I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again but I like monster girls. It's such an expansive set of fantasy races to play with, the likes of which is usually just relegated to werewolves, vampires and existing fairy tales. They're fun, sure, but what could be more fun than tentacles? How about a Scylla, seemingly charming sea-bound woman hiding a multitude of such octo-lengths beneath an elegant dress. As and when I come back to do the next Deity, that may be the mythical star. Similarly, everyone knows of mermaids but what about moving that symbiosis out of familiar grounds waters and putting entirely different twists on it than the classic tragedy of worlds and suchlike that comes with them. 

What about snake instead of fish? Now we have the lamia, and the focal point of my third release in Deity of the Desert. This third volume was the core of what brought the series to life, with the previous volumes full of more normal breeding desire and world building that I'll be adding to over time.

That's a matter for another time though, as this feature is about monster girls needing love too. And they do. Miia from 'Everyday Monster Girls' to the right is a good example of monster girls that need love too, and in part the inspiration for why I went with lamia. Lamia are fun, and pretty straightforward, since you can compare them directly to mermaids. They're not very disagreeable on form, either. For instance I could have worked with a Spider Girl, the latest addition to that monthly manga, but without its fanbase, I don't think that would have gone well as a starting point. She's interesting but not as easy to appreciate as a snake girl.

Now, in addition to lamia, the original story challenge that sparked this series asked for size play. That's where the giantess feature of this release comes in. I've gone easy on scale, she's not 'fit them both in the palm of her hand' big, since you wouldn't be able to do much with that. Most of the size of Eylissia, the lamia in my story, comes from her lower half that can coil around the chamber she resides in. I make some references on scale otherwise, and basically Nathan - full grown man - is about the size of a big toy, give or take. Something pretty snug or tight. That's entirely relevant for how the encounter with the giantess plays out. Similarly, it's important to the continuation with Astrid, who gets treated to an androgynous hermaphrodite extension that so much as deposits a clutch of ovipositioning eggs in her warmth. 

It all takes breeding that little bit further and bigger again, with a pretty happy feeling to the ending, and why not? When you're going monster girl and giantess already, you know you need to go wider. Excerpt follows the page break.

 *  *  *  *

“That’s no wall…” Nathan breathed, getting a dumbfounded look from Astrid who’d been busy growling and trying to fix her damp clothes. A low, guttural hiss of a growl filled the chamber, much deeper than one Astrid could perform, making her freeze. Above them, the shadow of a rocky outcrop grew and expanded till it wasn’t a shadow of rock at all. Another shadow moved, wrapping around the tall outcrop. The far wall, made of scale, seemed to shift and heave.

Nathan finally managed to reignite the lamp.

Shadows dispersed, but the shape never changed. The mass over the outcrop was a set of scale-patterned fingers each as big as and bigger than a grown man’s arm. The mass above it shied back, and hissed loud enough to seem an overhead gale whistling through the opening shaft.

“Bringer of light, what are you to enter my chamber? Is the age truly come again at least?” The voice crooned, ancient and slow with what sounded like a morose caution. The words made little sense to Nathan, but rang true to Astrid on an instinctive level, if not fluently. The walls that were not walls shifted with sinuous writhing, and the face re-emerged, cautiously. A dangerously sharp and beautiful, glistening emerald of an eye observed the pair from a head several times larger than either of theirs over that rise, framed by a brilliantly light head of bleach-white hair. 

From what they could see of the thing’s face, the same soft pattern of scaling brushed up to its cheek and jawline, all but slight grooves. The complexion otherwise showed the figure to be an ageless, eternally beautiful woman. Her hair was ragged, frayed and seemingly endlessly long, spooling down and out of sight both behind the stone and in front of her face. Neither Nathan nor Astrid dared move an inch.

The thing they were in company of had no such compulsion to lay still, now that it had been roused. The cave walls seemed to shift and groan again with the draw of scale over rock. With a seemingly impossible speed for its size, the being lurched and slid into view, gigantic hands padding across the stone as she came into view. The being was as large as it looked from behind cover, if not larger.

A pair of heavy, bare breasts swung into view on a slightly glossy chest with no cloth or shame to hide them. Nathan imagined he’d be able to only just fully wrap his arms around a single one, such were their size. What was troubling, however, was they were perfectly proportionate to the rest of the creature’s body – very snug and tightly curved on her chest. Simply the measure of her body as a whole was monstrously different to their own.

“Blood and fire of the nine, it’s a Deity.” Astrid breathed, stuck between awe and terror. To claim distant heritage to them, to know your blood was that of what had been gods amongst men made them no less lost to legend or myth as though they’d never existed. The Deity shifted, torso rising up to show off a fraction of its size, and more importantly, the telling, exotic midriff. 

Blurring away from lightly scaled skin pigment into rougher, harder scales of the same bold red as the tone of Astrid’s dark hair – the softer front underside several tones lighter and softer, nearly matching the upper body’s skin pigment – the Deity combined and blurred the boundaries between worlds with the lower-body of a gigantic snake. A Deity of the Desert stood before them – a lamia.

“So, uh… friend of yours?” Nathan asked, lost for his usual wit in the presence of something so towering. While Astrid was similarly captivated, she still had the temperament to snap, especially when her heritage was made light of. Presented with a living being of that time, her own dark red hair practically stood on end in anxiety. Nathan’s light question gave her something to lash at, if only momentarily.

“Do I look like a flaming snake-legged lamia to you?! Just becau-hey!” Astrid shouted after Nathan, who was swiftly snatched up by an impressively quick hand, rudely interrupting Astrid’s berating. The Deity seemed very interested in Nathan, and her size alone allowed the swoop of her hand to scoop the man up before either knew what was going on. Bringing him up before her sharp eyes, several feet above the ground, she fixed him squarely with a considerable stare as he hung, her fingers wrapped around his chest to hold him aloft comfortably.

“I am Eylissia, and I have slept. I do not know the young-blood, but perhaps you are heralds to wakening.” The Deity cooed, a thoughtful hum to its voice and sharpening stare in its eyes. It smiled, and loosened the grasp on Nathan’s body to bring the other hand up and gently caress his body. It seemed strange for her to be so gentle with how deadly the predatory glaze in her eyes was, but the demurely human fingers rubbed and caressed Nathan’s front with naught but affection. She seemed to be exploring him as if having forgotten what men looked like, or as though inspecting a new toy.

The hook of a single claw saw the simple shirt Nathan wore tearing at the seams and pulling apart. The Deity peeled off his trousers with equal simplicity and smiled more broadly as her fingers traced up and down the warmth of his bared figure. Whatever the case for her inspection, it was clear the ancient creature was aware of simple pleasures.

It was a bit far of a drop for Nathan to even consider struggling, and Eylissia clearly didn’t speak their language, – whether she understood it in fragments akin to Astrid’s broken understanding of her words – so he simply hung in a stronger sense of terrified awe than Astrid had held on hearing and seeing such a distant ancestor. Astrid herself had snapped out of her transfixed fear and had taken to howling and yelling to have Nathan put down, instead. The giantess of a being ignored her for some harmless yapping animal, though did give Astrid a thoughtful glance and quiet smile. 

“He will serve as my first; you must wait your turn, childe.” Eylissia crooned, drawing Nathan close to her face and slathering a quick, forked tongue across his front. The feel of it sent an electric jolt of pleasure through Nathan, making him tingle and shiver as he grasped the fingers wrapping around him so as to not fall. Astrid only shouted and battered harder, scraping uselessly at the Deity’s lower body scales. So large was Eylissia that it was nigh impossible for Astrid to clamber up to scratch and nibble on her softer spots. There were no footholds on the perfectly smooth sides of her snake-bodied bottom to begin with.

“Patience, little one.” The giantess hushed at Astrid, picking the far smaller woman up to move and drop her into the lake they had landed in so that it might cool her off. Astrid spluttered and splashed to right herself as she was forgotten, the lamia returning to focusing her attention on the man in her grasp. While Nathan had already been wet from the dive, the lapping of saliva from the lamia was a much more viscous trail that seemed to leave him as warm as Astrid in heat.

Pursing and pressing plush lips to the man, Eylissia’s kiss covered all of his crotch and waist with a pillowy softness that set the shiver from her prior lick into a quivering tingle of pleasure. The lips tugged and squeezed softly, pulling his shaft to attention as though it simply extended on demand. For Eylissia the Deity, it did. Glancing to the man’s face with eyes unnervingly large, she hummed a sweet laugh in her throat whilst drawing such mind-numbing pleasure from her new servant and plaything’s midriff.

While the sensation was beyond anything he could put to words, it seemed to be numbing his body in kind. Between convulsing gasps and heaves, Nathan’s limbs were growing stiff in paralysis from her lapping licks seeping into his skin. The hand that had moved Astrid away had come back to tenderly rub at Eylissia’s front, just below her skin-toned naval. There, a puffed split in the scales was starting to show. Tracing a finger down the slit, Eylissia hummed a deep tune and smothered Nathan’s face with her lips before moving him down to her sinuous lap.


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