Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daemonique: Darkfall

The full story of Sylenna Lightstride's journey into a sinister underworld of demonic corruption, intrigue and depravity that will ultimately change the elven heroine, and perhaps the world around her, forever.

Reminder: Deity of the Desert I and II (Monster Girl Breeding Erotica) on sale at Amazon for limited time. All books on sale at Smashwords until August!

Now that I've had some time to rest, I can look back on this release more fondly. It's been a troublesome release where nothing except Amazon has just gone according to plan. There's probably some irony in that, but nevertheless. This project is a culmination of work over months, so far back as the very first publication, Daemonique I: The Darkest Desire. I've changed a lot of things and come a long way since then, I think. Even looking back at the oldest of release posts compared to the now is a bit amusing. Darkfall brings with it all the lessons and improvements I've gained over those months and creates new ones for me to go forward with.

So, what's changed?

First of all, the first four volumes of Daemonique have had extensive editing and proofing passes after at least a month of publication. Only minor tweaks, fixes and formatting issues have been needed, but for anyone who's bought a serialised volume of Daemonique; the most up-to-date edition is perfected. 
For anyone who has not gotten into Daemonique and the darkly erotic story of Sylenna Lightstride as of yet, now is the best time, as all options are available. Tempted and want to sample the starter of the series? It all started here. Or enjoy the sound of a specific section's scenes rather than the whole overarching story? Not a problem, I write each serial volume of every series to make enough sense on its own merit, leading in on unique sexual encounters as a demonic gangbang of a massed crowd rubbing and fucking every inch of elven skin, or a spitroast best explained by the adjacent picture that inspired the idea. 

All four volumes have their own kinks and merits, so they're all easily accessible on their own, but perhaps none of that matters. You like erotic demons, pretty little elves and the dark, twisted corruption of that purity that comes with them meeting, and want to see her get dragged the whole nine yards. You want the whole story, uninterrupted with chaptered headings and even a glossary of terms used throughout. Darkfall is now available to do just that, saving about 25% on the price of getting the whole story through serial volumes alone.

Being such a large release, it wouldn't really work to take out one of the standard small excerpts as an indication of content or style, but I will leave this feature with the prologue preview to Daemonique V: The Succubus Within and reminder that the extra short story added in Darkfall, now Chapter 23 - A Red-Handed History, can be found here: The Darkest Memories. Over time, I'll be releasing some chapters and other material to personal social networks. Keep an eye on the blog and join me to watch out for those.

Prologue preview follows the pagebreak:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deity of the Desert III: Lamia (Interspecies Giantess Breeding)

Summoned by the Zo'qeth desert's Queen to investigate newly discovered ruins, Astrid and Nathan Feison finally find themselves traversing the caverns and halls of history undisturbed for centuries. What they find within is greater than they ever could have expected.

Deity of the Desert I: Author Feature 
Deity of the Desert II: Author Feature 

Get Deity of the Desert I and II at a reduced price on Amazon for a limited time. Get all books at 25%-50% off on Smashwords until August 1st.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again but I like monster girls. It's such an expansive set of fantasy races to play with, the likes of which is usually just relegated to werewolves, vampires and existing fairy tales. They're fun, sure, but what could be more fun than tentacles? How about a Scylla, seemingly charming sea-bound woman hiding a multitude of such octo-lengths beneath an elegant dress. As and when I come back to do the next Deity, that may be the mythical star. Similarly, everyone knows of mermaids but what about moving that symbiosis out of familiar grounds waters and putting entirely different twists on it than the classic tragedy of worlds and suchlike that comes with them. 

What about snake instead of fish? Now we have the lamia, and the focal point of my third release in Deity of the Desert. This third volume was the core of what brought the series to life, with the previous volumes full of more normal breeding desire and world building that I'll be adding to over time.

That's a matter for another time though, as this feature is about monster girls needing love too. And they do. Miia from 'Everyday Monster Girls' to the right is a good example of monster girls that need love too, and in part the inspiration for why I went with lamia. Lamia are fun, and pretty straightforward, since you can compare them directly to mermaids. They're not very disagreeable on form, either. For instance I could have worked with a Spider Girl, the latest addition to that monthly manga, but without its fanbase, I don't think that would have gone well as a starting point. She's interesting but not as easy to appreciate as a snake girl.

Now, in addition to lamia, the original story challenge that sparked this series asked for size play. That's where the giantess feature of this release comes in. I've gone easy on scale, she's not 'fit them both in the palm of her hand' big, since you wouldn't be able to do much with that. Most of the size of Eylissia, the lamia in my story, comes from her lower half that can coil around the chamber she resides in. I make some references on scale otherwise, and basically Nathan - full grown man - is about the size of a big toy, give or take. Something pretty snug or tight. That's entirely relevant for how the encounter with the giantess plays out. Similarly, it's important to the continuation with Astrid, who gets treated to an androgynous hermaphrodite extension that so much as deposits a clutch of ovipositioning eggs in her warmth. 

It all takes breeding that little bit further and bigger again, with a pretty happy feeling to the ending, and why not? When you're going monster girl and giantess already, you know you need to go wider. Excerpt follows the page break.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soulflame II: The Stage (Historic Lesbian Incest)

The year 1660 saw to a great many changes for England. The year also sees the growth of the love and intimacy so recently sparked between the two adoptive sisters, Alice and Annabel Rendall. As history is made, auditions are beginning. Both on and off the stage, the sisters’ love for one another will be both shown and put to the test. 

And finally a new publication is out. With this one I went back to the historic tale of romance and forbidden love shared between sisters in Soulflame, taking the story's timeline forward to the stage. It's been interesting since this time period is a lot more rich than my original intent for it showed. Time to raid wikipedia again and go into a history lesson for this feature.

Now, as my initial research brought up the return of Charles II to the throne and the first female actresses on stage, 1660 saw the beginning of the Restoration Period as a whole. About 200 years prior to the Regency period, and 200 years after Medieval period. So I can't really put it under either of those History>Era book categories, and there isn't one for 17th century Restoration, which is really annoying.

Why? Because while short, spanning 50 years of British restoration, it's very culturally rich. Just the allowance of women on the stage in England alone, never mind the restoration of the performing arts which were outlawed and shunned under Cromwell's Commonwealth Puritan rule, was a pretty big deal in terms of equality and cultural acceptance back then. "Unfortunately", in an age where life expectancy was much lower - which I touched on in the first volume - Cromwell died after only a few years, and his son was found incompetent and removed. After some years of chaos and scuffing feet, Charles II was returned to England and the rest is history that lacks a categorised era for fiction.

It's ironic though since the era also saw Restoration comedy notorious for sexual explicitness, which Charles II encouraged. So we have the beginnings of sexualising performances for entertainment, but it goes further. Aphra Behn was one of the first writers of Amatory fiction, which would "predate and predict" the invention of the novel. It was also an early form of romantic and erotic fiction written by and for women, which struck me as a big deal. The sort of thing we enjoy now had roots in those years, and I've just stumbled onto the fact midway through writing in the era. Better yet is how it's suggested that even back then, as many men as women enjoyed it. Over three hundred and fifty years and so little has changed in that regard, no matter how people chose to label things.

But enough on the era, the focus is the sisters themselves, set in that antiquated culture and time of growth. The love, tension, interactions and some of the scenes I've been able to work into this volume have been wonderful, but I'll let the excerpt speak for itself, to those ends.