Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ellen Dominick's Interview with a Vampire

I recently had the opportunity to write something a little different. Rather than directly erotica, I was asked if I'd be interested in an interview with Ellen Dominick - talking about myself. Dangerous thing with how I can carry on given the chance, but so it was, and I took up the opportunity quite happily. It's a touch different to what you may usually expect from an author interview, but I think that's what made it quite nice and interesting. 

Being more of a look at the life behind the writing and what gets it out there than the content itself, it gives you a different sort of look into an author's workings. Everyone has their own processes and tools. Regardless of what genre they get out, there is a lot of work and tech behind making the magic of storytelling work. This interview brings a little light to the method behind my madness.

It's also been one of the things keeping me busy of late that doesn't quantify as a direct publication, so the next to release are coming a bit slower. You can always find what I've been doing with the Author Feature search tag and browsing the Library here, and rest assured I'm still at it. There's a number of things I'm itching to work on and a number I can't begin to wrap around the vastness of options open to me. It's a fun time.

One of the other things seeking to distract, of course, has been E3, rather special once-a-year thing for people with gaming at heart. Thief going back to its roots after fifteen years and a new Batman keeping the core of what made the previous games work so well? Very happy. 

Today Leona D. Reish joins us for the very first installment of the How I Write Erotica interview series. It's a little different than your normal interview. If you're a writing geek like me, I think you'll enjoy this in depth look into how one erotica author gets the job done. 

- Ellen Dominick
Read the full interview here.

Give it a look, share it around and leave some comments for us here and there. It's great to be able to share some insight less tied to a specific publications and more to the general process and touch on the timeless love for storytelling.

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