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Becca's Birthday Wish (May/December Daddy Daughter Incest Erotica)

Promises and birthdays are two important things in life. Some birthdays are to be celebrated more liberally than others, too. A year after the man who became Rebecca's Daddy since she was little misses her eighteenth and the promise she made with him, she still hasn't given up on loving him. 

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You have no idea how annoying the ribbon on the cover was to set. Pretty simple cover for a change too, but still took some time to set up. I like it, anyhow. While I like everything I do, since otherwise it isn't fit for publishing yet, I'm quite happy with how this story has developed. It's also been a little longer than I'd like since my last release but like I mentioned last time, I've been involved with a great interview and enjoying E3, the electronic entertainment expo. Things have been all over the place.

Becca's Birthday Wish is something I've wanted to write for some time - something a little fundamentally different. Initially, as I make a point of in the back-of-book author note, it was initially very different to how it's turned out, now. Initially, Rebecca was much more sinister, dominating and in charge. Basically the theme I was going for was that she was really the upper hand power player, and had the man in her attention literally by the balls. It would involve carefully shaving around his crotch to intimidate and using an aphrodisiac poison to keep him hard so that she could have sex whether he wanted to or not. 

I actually read a while back while this story was in the back of my head that the venom from Brazilian wandering spiders can cause erection for hours. Not as fun as it sounds past four hours, but still, the suspension of disbelief that a man can be forced to erection for a woman's interests and effectively raped is there. As I said, this started off a lot darker than it ended up, so bear with me if that doesn't sound like your thing. I'll admit it's something I play with in the back of my mind though, as much for the interesting reversal, subversion of common themes and writing femdom as because people are often adamant it's not possible, but it's not really present in this book.

So anyway. Things always change as you write and develop a story, that seems to be a pretty insistent fact of inspiration and development, and that's fine. I still have a good time and place for the things in mind, perhaps better than here, and so instead, Becca's Birthday Wish unwinds at a more natural and gentle pace. Her Daddy isn't completely against the idea of having sex with her, but he knows he's really disappointed and upset her the past couple of years, so - aside from being strapped down to a chair - he doesn't really try to get at her, or get out. If this is what his little girl wants, he'll let the birthday girl have her way.

There's more open dialogue this way, and it lets Becca open up to him about how the whole thing makes her feel. It's her first time having sex, so it's a very special occasion she's saved herself for since she was sixteen when she got cold feet over a boy wanting to go too far. Her Daddy calmed her down, and the young girl realised she loved her Daddy in a way that never faded. Confronting him now, she's still very much that little girl, but she has an edge of maturity and upset about her that lets her be the one straddling his lap and the one in charge, but still very much the inexperienced little girl wondering how she's going to make herself appealing to this older man who's slept with her Mother and whoever else.

I think she does a good job of it, and the more she gets into the pleasure of sex after the initial pain, the warmer she becomes with her Daddy while still being the one that calls the shots and set up the whole scene. Becca might only be a sweet little nineteen year old girl, but it's her birthday so she's the boss.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

*  *  *  *

Caressing his chest felt good, so warm and broad. It was a thing she could get lost in the feel of cuddling against and knowing it was her Daddy more than just some horny boy. She had saved everything in her heart for this feeling – for him alone. So much bigger and older, he had been the pillar of security in her life. No one deserved what she wanted to give more than he did, she had decided. Rebecca’s hand slid lower, and the kiss broke for a ragged breath. Paul hadn’t been inactive in the kisses, and that made it harder for her to keep her breathing and voice steady.

“I want you inside me, Daddy.” She whispered, her fingers playing with the belt of his jeans and rubbing down over the firm bulge. She wanted it badly. Paul just smiled quietly, unable to do much else as she undressed him.

“You’re sure about that, even now?” He asked, having expected her to just take his words for wisdom and find another when she was sure of herself. Rebecca just nodded astutely, pulling her hand from around his neck to help in unbuckling his belt and working the buttons open. With them out of the way, she was left to gently trace her fingers over his tented underwear. The rigid warmth beneath the cloth gave Rebecca a quiver of anticipation to have it in her hands. All it would take was pulling them down, too.

Getting the size of his impressive shaft set in her mind, and a little courage to hook her fingers on the cloth, it quickly slapped out and against her hand as she tugged. The suddenness and sight made her heart flutter and stomach twist with the feeling as her soft fingers looped around and gently squeezed on it. Steeling herself and gaining the confidence to get this far was one thing, but the feel of that juicy warmth and throbbing girth in her fingers was entirely another.

“I’m sure. Th-this is what I’ve wanted ever since, even a year since I was ‘old enough’ for the promise.” Rebecca explained, stuttering a touch and losing the edge in her voice now that she actually had it. For all her waiting and frustration, she still felt as small and na├»ve as a little girl in front of her Daddy, even with him tied up. She wasn’t going to let that stop her though, her body alone was starting to tingle and warm to the thought of having him plough that big cock into her. The desire to feel him split her open was enough.

Paul wasn’t trying to talk her out of it either. That was at least a good sign – if the throbbing swell of his cock being caressed by her gentle fingers wasn’t already one. With how her skirt was hiked up, there was little to come between her Daddy’s cock and impaling her innocence. Just the thong acted as a last line of defence to the purity she intended to give her Daddy.

Stroking her fingers up and down his cock felt good. It was going to be Rebecca’s first, with her in control of it all. It was going to happen nice and slow, with nothing coming between her and that big shaft. She couldn’t help but laugh a little at the feeling of how fully it filled her hand.

“You’re pretty big, Daddy. Twitching like this, all these little veins. You want it too? Want to make your little girl a woman? Maybe get me pregnant, too?” Rebecca teased, smiling cutely and making light of the situation to calm and ease herself through it as much as seduce Paul. He’d been with her Mother and who knew how many other women, so Rebecca needed something to get him interested in her, a silly little girl barely past her teens. That she’d drugged and kidnapped him to do it wasn’t important; the means justified the ends as far as she was concerned. Paul gave off a quick laugh as if he was aware of her whimsical thoughts.

“Hah, well as alive as the electric in this chair made me I rather not feel it again. You’ve put a lot of effort into your plan, too. I won’t talk you out of it if this is really what you want. Certainly can’t stop you, can I?” He pointed out coyly, making a point of struggling his arms in the thick straps of the seat. Rebecca barely managed to hide her nervous flinch in a cuddling motion, nervous that he might yet be able to somehow get out and stop her silly desires. Had he lost interest in her, or only made that promise on a whim, then? Rebecca’s heart clenched like the fingers around his shaft. She’d done this to have her way regardless, but she’d have liked to hear he wanted her, too.

“You could improve the view a little, though.” He muttered, softly enough as to not appear as if he was as into it as the throbbing girth in her tender grasp would imply. His firmer gaze moved down and nodded at the snug tank top Rebecca had chosen to wear, making her cheeks flush with heat as her eyes widened. He wanted to see her breasts? His little girl’s body? He could have been a little more honest about it, then! Rebecca didn’t care, the wash of embarrassment and excitement carried her anxiety and fears away. Daddy wanted to see his Daughter’s body.

The top peeled off and flew overhead quickly as Rebecca leaned back in his lap. It left her hair a ruffled mess and chest bare. She had decided against wearing a bra, and only just settled on the thong instead of nothing below. That showed off a rare sight – especially for Paul – in a set of perky, just-past-teenage growth spurt breasts that would more than fill his hands if his hands weren’t strapped down. A lot of Rebecca’s body would more than fill his hands if he wasn’t strapped down, but it was probably for the best to let her domineer and do things at her own pace after all the trouble she’d gone through. She deserved to have her way, on her birthday.

Not that he got long to appreciate those perky breasts with her nose rubbing back in against his, her lips swiftly binding in another hungry kiss. Well, the rough brush of his chest certainly enjoyed the plump mounds squishing down on him, and her kisses were a pleasure of their own. For all it was hard for her to get her lips to match up on his – leaving her to draw and tug on his lower lip – she was good at it. It was cute, in an endearingly clumsy way, and Rebecca seemed to enjoy the exploration and learning in it, too. That wasn’t to say the rest of her body was sitting idle through it all.

While she hadn’t removed the thong, she’d been stroking and pressing Paul’s shaft up against her mounds rather intently, and he could feel the heat of her body through that snug little flap of leather. All she’d have to do was pull it to one side and her Daddy’s cock would slot straight inside her.

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