Saturday, April 13, 2013

The things you create are no less legend.

It's funny how things important to writing can come and go. I've never really had a case of writer's block, I know what I want to write and I have several projects backlogged in concept. That's fine, but sometimes I think I push for things a bit more than I should, or have the mind or mood to write at the time. Like I can't do it justice or it feels bigger than I have the strength for.

I don't know if it's a problem, I'm just rambling a bit because I can and had an interesting sort of flow to the night. First off, it's funny sometimes when you go to do something that should be good and end up agitated and disappointed by it. That put a bit of a stopper on the writing flow for a bit. So went to scroll up through the sporadic add whatever to it music playlist I have and went as far as some tracks I haven't played in a while. Improved the mood somewhat, hearing them on my lovely new headphones.

Made me realise something though, and something everyone that writes or just reads should hold to. These characters you create or enjoy become as much a part of history and legend as any other, if within their own niches and circles among the writers and readers. This may just be the residual appreciation of characteristic aged history from my last story challenge talking but I think it's a nice thought.

Not to say they shouldn't be put through the worst you can deem appropriate or never lost, heck I started Cinders of the Soul on the premise of a sister lost in an era where there'd be next to nothing in support for her, but really appreciating what's developed and created is something easy to forget. I say that because it just came back and hit me while browsing music and realising I'm essentially creating the thing I wanted to try sometime but couldn't grasp where I would pull things from. I can't say much as to why or what for at this point since it's all very much stickynote level concepts and reminders, but one of those things I felt like writing about.

Maybe I'm putting too much into the train of thought I have, or thinking too wide from more common concepts of character and series worth and how the erotica medium is generally used but I don't know. I'm a hopeless romantic that looks to create things big enough to overwhelm and challenge my own strength and sole confidence, so it worries me that the ideas are somehow too involved for erotica, but I don't know.

I don't think there are really necessarily any boundaries or real lines where erotica as a genre tool must be set aside for what you want to write, or that it's essentially too cheap for a concept to run. I just worry trying to go so far with things will miss its mark too widely for being unexpected or irregular. Suppose it comes down to delivery, and there'll be a moral in here.


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