Friday, April 19, 2013

Daemonique volume 3: The Darkest Blessing (Demon MMF Menage Erotica)

Having been 'introduced' to the demonic horde, Sylenna lays limp in a pool of their collective lust, but she has a feeling it isn't over. Revitalised by dark magic, Sylenna will be proven right and introduced to such mind-breaking pleasure and depravity as she has never imagined. Impaled between two of Xianesh's personal servants, they will bestow upon her the darkest blessing.
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The third installment of my Daemonique series is now out, after much deliberation and editing. It's an interesting one in both content and just how I'm trying to go about handling things around its release.

How I handle things is probably only a more interesting one to me. It's early days though, so it's a matter of finding what works and how. Support means a lot, and why I'm as intent on just getting some writing out there where it can be easily accessible, but then I have to think about what I really want to do in the long run with those publications. Whether I should worry less about the social interaction side and more about the publishing side or what. I don't know, I inherently like to write for and know people enjoy it, and the story challenges were wrote as an aside, so it's been a strange thing to deal with.

So some things may change here and there, but nothing jarringly immediate. Down the Bunny Hole has been published for about a month and gotten to a nice peak that it's started to taper off on. With the release of this, it might be time for a shift in what I'm doing with that publication and sample releases in general.

That's nice and all but let's talk about THIS publication instead.

Content wise, Daemonique volume 3 takes on a singular scene to greater extent. We're already deep into the progression of the story by now so that's a little easier to pass off in favour of getting right into the erotically charged moments. At least it is for now, and it's not to say I don't keep the story in mind! Just that writing the content warning was a bit funny since it's not as sweeping or involved as it may usually be, which is still good, and possibly a better thing.

It let me focus on the sense of powerlessness Sylenna is subjected to in this volume, to the internal monologue that paints out her fall from grace and faith into accepting how inescapable the pleasure her body is being almost tortured with via double penetration spitroasting is. It feels much more real than anything she's known, so it can strip her of things like reason and decency to resist. Where she'll go from here is to be seen.

It brings me to a point though, and something I've realised between this and the last volume, as to just what sort of 'evil' I'm portraying the demonic host as, and what it means. Now it's always been a conscious effort, but to really stop and think about it as an overarching trait for them was another matter.

Usually, evil equates to wrath, death, destruction and all those bad things. I'm calling that the aspect of wrath. Xianesh and hers, or the demonic host under The Everlasting Darkness entirely however, are not subscribed to that trait. They can be wrathful and destructive as much as any other race, but as a thematic culture, they are bound by the aspect of lust. Their whim is just as deadly and evil, to consume, conquer and dominate, but also much more sexually charged.

To conquer and dominate is to demand worship, and Xianesh enjoys daydreaming of such things while her subjects see to violating and breaking the minds of mortals into accepting such a depraved and lustful mindset that is otherwise shunned and denied by their faith.

Where I'm coming from is essentially the seven deadly sins, except not seven, or as separated, but you get the idea. It creates the contrast and conflict between what the people consider good and evil, and what inherently drives this demonic host to sexual acts rather than maliciously destructive and murderous acts.

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