Monday, April 29, 2013

Hot, Wet and Tied Up - Lesbian Bondage Erotica

A steamy tale of a rope bondage loving mistress and her big slut of a pet experimenting with a silly idea to spice up their showering by adding soap-dipped rope to the mix. Featuring light bondage, a lifestyle of dominance, a little SM, and gratuitous kinky lesbian sex; this time the shower will be that much hotter.

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Why yes, two release posts in a row. I'd make a joke about being on fire but this release was handled under a torrent of water in the shower, with my patented rubber duckie laptop. I'm trying to cut back on the sleeptalking posts too, but I have had a couple interesting thoughts to carry while writing.

It's a very fun story, with a little history both in its characters narrative and development. It also now has the history of being a bit awkward for me to release. Now, yes, I realise this cover was a bit explicit and that was my fault. That's alright, I worked on fixing it and I'm quite happy with what I've gotten out of the process, but as such, yes, I have had to re-release this book with a different cover and title as a workaround for issues with flagging. But I like this title better anyway. It'll show up on Amazon at some point soon now, links are back in business, and ideally not trip any filtering. I'll talk about what happened another time.

For those that know of what I've done with story challenges in the past, this was my first. As such, it creates a good example of what I intend to do with my story challenges when I come back to and flesh them out. While the original piece was a 6,000 maximum, this one has bridged over 14,000 if you discount the license note and author dialogue in the back. I like to take that moment to connect with people who've read through something of mine, but I can't claim it's entirely book content.

So what's changed, and what makes this good? Well, to compare it to Down the Bunny Hole, I do a lot of editing and reformatting of existing content. Comparatively  Bunny Hole is just pulled straight from its posting, formatted and published. That doesn't at all mean Bunny is bad or lacking attention, I do of course run edit and proofreading passes on everything I write regardless of where it ends up, but I did release it initially free and later at a lower price range where I earn 35% of sale because it's not getting the full nine yards of reshine - yet. That's fine, and serves its own purpose, however much I'm only understanding the purpose as I go along.

In addition to giving 'Hot, Wet & Tied Up' that much more love and attention to the base of content I had to build up from, it's given me something to launch momentum on, and I've enjoyed that quite a bit. End result is giving the core scene of shower sex and the two girls involved in it more build up with completely different sexy scenes. Jessica loves tying her girl up, so now that I'm not restrained by word limit, I could really work in the scenes of their interaction, including Jessica's dominance and their shared love of just a little toe-curling pain dished out in punishment after leaving her petgirl tied up alone for an hour with a wand vibe set to low for company.

There's both orgasm denial and forced orgasms, BDSM lifestyle, kinky and possibly silly use of rope in bondage, lots of soap and loving lesbian sex. A nice change from some of my darker erotica while still being that little bit different and kinky in its own right.

Extended excerpt follows:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Daemonique volume 3: The Darkest Blessing (Demon MMF Menage Erotica)

Having been 'introduced' to the demonic horde, Sylenna lays limp in a pool of their collective lust, but she has a feeling it isn't over. Revitalised by dark magic, Sylenna will be proven right and introduced to such mind-breaking pleasure and depravity as she has never imagined. Impaled between two of Xianesh's personal servants, they will bestow upon her the darkest blessing.
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The third installment of my Daemonique series is now out, after much deliberation and editing. It's an interesting one in both content and just how I'm trying to go about handling things around its release.

How I handle things is probably only a more interesting one to me. It's early days though, so it's a matter of finding what works and how. Support means a lot, and why I'm as intent on just getting some writing out there where it can be easily accessible, but then I have to think about what I really want to do in the long run with those publications. Whether I should worry less about the social interaction side and more about the publishing side or what. I don't know, I inherently like to write for and know people enjoy it, and the story challenges were wrote as an aside, so it's been a strange thing to deal with.

So some things may change here and there, but nothing jarringly immediate. Down the Bunny Hole has been published for about a month and gotten to a nice peak that it's started to taper off on. With the release of this, it might be time for a shift in what I'm doing with that publication and sample releases in general.

That's nice and all but let's talk about THIS publication instead.

Content wise, Daemonique volume 3 takes on a singular scene to greater extent. We're already deep into the progression of the story by now so that's a little easier to pass off in favour of getting right into the erotically charged moments. At least it is for now, and it's not to say I don't keep the story in mind! Just that writing the content warning was a bit funny since it's not as sweeping or involved as it may usually be, which is still good, and possibly a better thing.

It let me focus on the sense of powerlessness Sylenna is subjected to in this volume, to the internal monologue that paints out her fall from grace and faith into accepting how inescapable the pleasure her body is being almost tortured with via double penetration spitroasting is. It feels much more real than anything she's known, so it can strip her of things like reason and decency to resist. Where she'll go from here is to be seen.

It brings me to a point though, and something I've realised between this and the last volume, as to just what sort of 'evil' I'm portraying the demonic host as, and what it means. Now it's always been a conscious effort, but to really stop and think about it as an overarching trait for them was another matter.

Usually, evil equates to wrath, death, destruction and all those bad things. I'm calling that the aspect of wrath. Xianesh and hers, or the demonic host under The Everlasting Darkness entirely however, are not subscribed to that trait. They can be wrathful and destructive as much as any other race, but as a thematic culture, they are bound by the aspect of lust. Their whim is just as deadly and evil, to consume, conquer and dominate, but also much more sexually charged.

To conquer and dominate is to demand worship, and Xianesh enjoys daydreaming of such things while her subjects see to violating and breaking the minds of mortals into accepting such a depraved and lustful mindset that is otherwise shunned and denied by their faith.

Where I'm coming from is essentially the seven deadly sins, except not seven, or as separated, but you get the idea. It creates the contrast and conflict between what the people consider good and evil, and what inherently drives this demonic host to sexual acts rather than maliciously destructive and murderous acts.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The things you create are no less legend.

It's funny how things important to writing can come and go. I've never really had a case of writer's block, I know what I want to write and I have several projects backlogged in concept. That's fine, but sometimes I think I push for things a bit more than I should, or have the mind or mood to write at the time. Like I can't do it justice or it feels bigger than I have the strength for.

I don't know if it's a problem, I'm just rambling a bit because I can and had an interesting sort of flow to the night. First off, it's funny sometimes when you go to do something that should be good and end up agitated and disappointed by it. That put a bit of a stopper on the writing flow for a bit. So went to scroll up through the sporadic add whatever to it music playlist I have and went as far as some tracks I haven't played in a while. Improved the mood somewhat, hearing them on my lovely new headphones.

Made me realise something though, and something everyone that writes or just reads should hold to. These characters you create or enjoy become as much a part of history and legend as any other, if within their own niches and circles among the writers and readers. This may just be the residual appreciation of characteristic aged history from my last story challenge talking but I think it's a nice thought.

Not to say they shouldn't be put through the worst you can deem appropriate or never lost, heck I started Cinders of the Soul on the premise of a sister lost in an era where there'd be next to nothing in support for her, but really appreciating what's developed and created is something easy to forget. I say that because it just came back and hit me while browsing music and realising I'm essentially creating the thing I wanted to try sometime but couldn't grasp where I would pull things from. I can't say much as to why or what for at this point since it's all very much stickynote level concepts and reminders, but one of those things I felt like writing about.

Maybe I'm putting too much into the train of thought I have, or thinking too wide from more common concepts of character and series worth and how the erotica medium is generally used but I don't know. I'm a hopeless romantic that looks to create things big enough to overwhelm and challenge my own strength and sole confidence, so it worries me that the ideas are somehow too involved for erotica, but I don't know.

I don't think there are really necessarily any boundaries or real lines where erotica as a genre tool must be set aside for what you want to write, or that it's essentially too cheap for a concept to run. I just worry trying to go so far with things will miss its mark too widely for being unexpected or irregular. Suppose it comes down to delivery, and there'll be a moral in here.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cinders of the Soul - A Short Story

This month's story challenge piece ended up a bit different. Different from my initial intent and different from what I started writing it as, even. Initially, I wrote it beginning from in the midst of a serving girl's 'service' in Theater Royal, but due to the intricacies of the time, a lot of what I was writing didn't really match up. For reference, I wanted to place the story around the Great Fire of London, 1666. I wanted to use the fire as a central focus for the shift in life and the tragedy that sets things in motion, but the more I researched to do it justice, the more it pointed out things that disjointed my writing. 

In the end I could likely have worked around it easier than the way I did, but as with it being a story challenge of 6k maximum, and ending on 5,999, available pacing and timeline is something to be considered. Also why I post these as more a sampler of style and content than a fuller publication. As with Down the Bunny Hole I have a wealth of things in mind for this story, but more so than that piece, even.

I have around 3k words worth of pre-story written to go in on what is essentially Alice's life as an aristocratic whore. A serving girl in the theater, if you like, as historians agree they delivered more than drinks and messages to the nobility. I have ideas for expanding on her life on returning to London, of her relationship with the two men, one her own age and one his Father. Perhaps he'll have her call him Daddy while  twirling the waxed edge of his moustache and giving her bottom a good thrashing. I say.

Be that as it may, what I have to offer today is something a little more odd, and of course cut short. It's incest, but is it really incest is what I wonder. No, not "pseudo-incest" to get it past publishers, I mean... well, you'll see.

Tags: F/F-kind of, Telekinesis, Marionette, Paranormal, Historic, Incest, Phallic Toy, Vaginal, Lipstick, Elbow-length gloves