Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wight Snow III: Duplicity

Freed from a future of slavery, the veil of deception has been pulled from Erys Wynthae's eyes. Brought to terms with the extent of her betrayal, Erys must make a choice and come to terms with the consequences of both her own actions and what has been done to her. As the night draws on, the once noble Lady may yet lose her mind to it.

Through her invitation, ownership of Lord Larson Moore's estate has changed hands unto a power beyond mortal reckoning that now bears her leash. With its residents rounded up and caged as specimens for the lich Eliza and her ghoulish companions' needs, the unliving host is free to establish its foothold within the sleeping coastal city.

A maybe slow start to 2017 but one I mean to kick off in good spirits with aspirations for the future, and that means starting with coming back to a familiar project that I've enjoyed developing. Similar to Daemonique, Wight Snow takes on the narrative of darker and what would be seen as more evil aligned types that exist above and beyond the realm of normal humans, giving a narrative of events as they unfolded from that more intimate angle, complete with all the erotic intimacies that come with them.

It's a very fun series to write and plan, but one I have to be equally as careful with. One of the charms of Fantasy and in turn creating my own world with every work is that there are so few restrictions. Restriction ensures a sort of safety in the norm that Fantasy and fiction at large will let you just throw to the wind. Wight Snow boasts a large cast already, one with the most intricate of differences between them all, from the social standings of humans to the types of monster and what each is capable of.

In Duplicity, that's really highlighted with the first real interactions between the largely paranormal cast alongside humans as plans are set into motion. It opens up scenes for how captives are held, what's being done and some glimpses into the motives of why and how things have reached this point, now that the influential puppet mistress that offered a change of fate has come on to the stage proper.

From here on, the pace of events will pick up, unraveling the whole truth of the epidemic witnessed in the first volume from the darker side of things, but for now, it sets up a good foothold for the new arrivals.

Excerpt after the pagebreak;

Finally reaching and pulling open the thick door, Neira’s senses were assaulted with the full force of what she had suspected. Guttural moans of both pleasure and agony wafted out of the conjoining chamber, indistinguishable squelches and slaps of skin joining them. In this room without light, the first of their captive subjects – the manor’s prior residents – were kept.

As many men as women occupied the room, chained to the walls, across blocks or free to roam and feast on lust as they pleased. Those so uninhibited were amongst the first and most receptive to the turning, much like Anna beside her. The crawling servant now mewled and panted with a base hunger as her clouded eyes wandered the dark, able to see as clearly as the elf through what little light filled the room.

Taking up a burst of initiative, it was Anna’s turn to pull on the leash, snapping Neira out of the stunned daze she’d fallen in on seeing the room first hand. It had not been a full night and yet their foothold within the mansion was so firmly set. She and her sisters had worked hard to gather the residents before any might escape, but to see the first seeds of progress sewn so readily was impressive.

Moving into the room on the leash’s eager guidance, Neira couldn’t help but admire the carnal array to surround her. Those freed held the same unliving light in their eyes that her sisters and Anna was growing to hold, each greedily bearing down on those still bound with their lust.
Some sat at the crotch of the one bound, fighting for room to lap and slurp at all the other had to offer. Others held them up, one girl’s ankles even touched her wrists with how she was pinned up and ravaged by a considerably muscular man. Neira hadn’t met him.

Those bound were not all resistant to the attention, as often bucking and grinding back against the assault under wailing moans of bliss as they too were taken and turned by the grip of lust turning their minds, but they had not been freed. Whilst many of those whom had took to the easy prey offered up to them, some took to one another in where ever there was room to.

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